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Star: N/A

Origin: Island Nations


Position: Pirate

Born: IS 278

Death: IS 302

A young pirate who travelled with Edgar, Brandeau, and Kika. He possessed a great knowledge of machinery, and so was a great asset to them, as it made up for his lack of fighting ability. However, during the final confrontation with Steele, Peck was disfigured greatly by the same Rune of Punishment blast which killed Edgar. He left with Brandeau after the incident (not wanting to return to civilization in that condition), serving as his assistant as they terrorized the seas. Eventually, Brandeau was defeated on the seas by Razril Knights and decided to use the Rune of Punishment to destroy everyone on board. Seeing this, Peck tried to get everyone on board to escape, but was killed by the blast. - KoRnholio