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Star: N/A

Origin: Kooluk

Events: Fall of Kooluk

Position: Crown Prince

Born: IS 270

Death: IS 309

Eldest son to Julius, husband to Miranda, and father to Corselia, Crown Prince Martin is known as a loyal man and excellent fighter, but somewhat of a brute. He is usually away at battle, which leaves his wife lonely, and gives opportunity for Iskas, the leader of the Patriarchal Faction, to seduce her.

He is tricked by Iskas and believed his daughter kidnapped by Kyril, up until seeing his her at the Mido Shallows. She finally convinced him Iskas was playing him for a fool. So after a duel to ensure that Kyril was fit to protect his daughter, he decided to personally confront Iskas, who was waiting for him in the palace.

Walking right into Iskas' trap, Martin was turned into a fish monster by the Evil Eye. Now not in control of his body, Martin runs out of the palace and attacks the first person he sees - his daughter Corselia. However, Kyril defends her and slays him. - KoRnholio