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Star: Chisyu

Origin: Unknown

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Gambler

Born: IS 267

Death: N/A

Gunter is a professional gambler who enjoys travelling from town to town plying his trade with the locals, usually to great profit. In Obel he decides to join Lazlo and moves his business to the ship. Here he finds even greater success - the other gamblers on board the ship can't hope to match his earnings, and gains some popularity with the ladies like Lo Fong. However, the sea breeze annoys him, as he likes to stay clean and then must take baths very often. After the war, he quits gambling and uses his earnings to open a restaurant in Middleport. - KoRnholio

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: Speak with Gunter in Middleport near the beginning of the game and later just after [Na Nal]'s liberation. After liberating Obel, speak with Gunter near the rune shop in Obel.