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Star: N/A

Origin: Falena

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: General

Born: N/A

Death: IS 450

General Dilber Novum, or "Dilber of the West", is known to be an extremely skilled, competent soldier and Lord Marscal Godwin's most competent man. He has a professional rivalry of sorts with General Boz Wilde.

General Novum is often at odds with General Bahram Luger during the Godwin campaign against the Prince. General Luger thinks some things, like the appointment of Childerich as a Queen's Knight, need to be questioned, while General Novum does not.

General Luger initially meets the Prince during the Second Battle of Rainwall, and joins forces with him to fight off Armes. After fighting them off, Dilber returns to Sol-Falena to inform Gizel. Dilber serves during the second assault of Lelcar, as well as the defense of Doraat, where Luger dies helping him. Dilber relocates to Stormfist with Childerich, where he meets the Prince on the steps of Godwin Castle. Dilber defends it but to no avail. The Prince strikes him a mortal blow.

As he lies dying, he is asked why he is defending the castle with his life when Lord Godwin isn't even there. Dilber responds that Lord Godwin's late wife's body rests in the castle, and that is why. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)