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Star: Tenei

Origin: Unknown

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Bodyguard

Born: IS 433

Death: N/A

The bodyguard of the Prince, Lyon is a kind, positive young lady with a dark past. She was originally kidnapped by Nether Gate, and trained to be one of their best assassins. Her name was Mismar, and she was close to Michafute, currently known as Dolph. When she was still a child, she was found by Ferid, who adopted her and gave her the name "Lyon." After this, she was indebted to Ferid and served him faithfully.

Lyon and the Prince were inseparable. They always did things together, like sneaking off to explore Lordlake's woods. Even when they were older, Lyon almost never leaves the Prince's side, accompanying him both inside the safety of Sol-Falena and whenever he goes on a royal tour. She is content with this role, though. She expresses as such to Sialeeds that she will protect the Prince even if he is in a place where he is extremely safe.

There are only a few times when Lyon will leave his side: If she is about to do something dangerous, like search for Toma in Lordlake's wastes, she plans to leave the Prince in the safety of town and search. However, usually, the Prince ends up accompanying her in such an event. She will also leave his side if he goes someplace she cannot enter, like the Rune Room of the East Palace, or if another member of the royal family wishes to see the Prince in private.

Lyon continues her role to accompany the Prince everywhere as his bodyguard. Whether it's recruiting Raftfleet's aid, delving into the [Sindar] Ruins of Ceras Lake, or running into the flames of an attacked Beaver Lodge, Lyon is never found far from the Prince's side.

She will never subvert her duties as the Prince's bodyguard. During the Queen's Campaign war, Roy, who would be disguised as the Prince, asks Lyon to accompany him to assist the illusion. However, her duties require that she accompany the real Prince, not the fake one.

During the war, she is attacked by Dolph after Sialeeds's defection. Angered, Sialeeds orders Galleon to patch her up. However, her condition worsens until the Prince nears her. The Dawn Rune stabilizes her body and keeps her alive until Dr. Silva can attend to her. Lyon spends the time between the Queen's Campaign and the siege of Sol-Falena bedridden, visited by both Roy and the Prince. When the Dawn Rune gains more power from the Prince's journey to the Twilight Forest, one of the first things he does is to use the new power on Lyon to help her recover.

Lyon accompanies the Prince to meet Sialeeds at the Sol-Falena dam. Although Lyon protests, she fights Sialeeds in battle, and beats her. After the Prince and Sialeeds seal the power of the Sun Rune with their runes, Sialeeds collaspes and the rune selects Lyon as a host. Lyon carries the rune alongside the Prince and uses it to open the secret passage in Lunas, and again in the [Sindar] Ruins in the Ashtwal Mountains.

In the ruins, Lyon confronts Dolph one final time. She fights him, and reads his moves. However, Dolph cannot be beaten by a simple assault. Lyon prepares to defend the Prince, but he shoves her out of the way and takes care of Dolph himself. They continue on to Marscal. Lyon stands beside the Prince to defeat the incarnation of the Sun Rune. After it, Lyon's injuries catch up with her, and she collaspes.

However, the Sun Rune's light changes from a destructive power to a nuturing one, and restores Lyon's body. The power of the Dawn and Twilight Runes, combined with the power of the Stars of Destiny, are what caused this change. After she recovers, Lyon removes the Twilight Rune from her hand and places it back on it's statue, which is moved back to the Sun Palace. Lyon returns to her normal duties after the war, and always stands by the Prince's side. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically at the beginning of the story.

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Weapon Strength 10 20 35 50 75 90 110 125 140 160 170 180 190 210 230 250
Weapon NameDeutziaTrifoliate OrangeOrchid