<< Badeaux Bahram Luger Bang >>

Star: N/A

Origin: Falena

Events: New Armes Invasion, Sun Rune War

Position: Naval General

Born: IS 398

Death: N/A

A skilled naval commander who was taught under Admiral Raja of Raftfleet, General Luger handles the Godwins navy onboard the Feitas River. Upon first training under Raja, Bahram felt that she, being the daughter of a fisherman, was below him, until he saw her in action, and served her as assistant and student. The two worked together to repel Armes when they invaded under the newly crowned Queen Arshtat's rule.

When war breaks out between the throne (backed by Luger's Falenan Royal Navy) and the Prince (backed by Raja's Raftfleet), neither master nor student wishes to fight each other, but each has a strong sense of duty, and cannot let their personal feelings get in the way. General Luger leads the attack on Raftfleet when they refuse to surrender their autonomy, but Admiral Raja, Lucretia Merces, and the Prince repel his attack. Originally, Lord Barows had constructed a dam near the area Raftfleet currently occupied, but construction was abandoned. Lady Merces had other dams aroudn the Feitas opened, lowering the level of the water and causes the debris from Barows's dam to serve a sandbar-like function to run Luger's ships aground. Raftfleet's lighter ships would not be affected, but Luger's would. Unable to win, Luger retreats.

General Luger begins to question his allegiences, after Childerich is made into a Queen's Knight, and seeing his actions toward the innocent citizens of Falena. Bahram even verbally lashes out at Childerich, but ultimately shuts his mouth and continues to serve Childerich because he doesn't want to be branded as a traitor. During the Godwin's defense of Doraat, General Luger tries to buy time by ramming his ship into the Dahak and boarding it, his unbending loyalty to the throne and his masters letting him do this even though he knows full well that both student and master would not survive the ordeal. He ends up dueling the Prince, and is defeated, giving his life to allow Dolph and Childerich to escape, dying before his master. - Matt620, KoRnholio (article), Basel (image)