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Star: Chiei

Origin: Scarlet Moon

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Knight

Born: IS 420

Death: N/A

The assistant, or slave, to Lady Isabel of the Maximillian Knights, Mathias is never far from Lady Isabel's side. He was first introduced to serving her because his father served her father in the Maximillian Knights, but he is quick to state that is not the reason why he does so. He serves Lady Isabel faithfully and devotedly, claiming he would exact swift and final retribution anyone who dare raise a sword or even insult Lady Isabel, and deposit their loathsome corpses into the nearest body of water.

Mathias was introduced to the Prince when he was attacked by some street punks in Estrise. Isabel saw them and jumped in, eager to destroy evil. However, Isabel was in Falena to kill the Prince, overhearing that he was raising arms against his little sister. They were contacted by Euram Barows, who offered toset them up with a meeting. But Isabel sides with the Prince after asking around, and after Euram perverts the name of justice, the justice Maximillian Knights pride themselves on. Mathias wants to attack, but Euram escapes. When the Prince asks Isabel if they can fight evil together, Isabel accepts, and Mathias goes with her.

Mathias, despite his devotion to Isabel, is not romantically interested in her. His devotion has to do with Isabel as a person, not a woman, and would serve her just as he does currently if she were a man. He is quick to point out this difference between himself and Dinn.

After the war ends, Isabel decides to fight injustice in Armes, getting there through the assistance of King Jalat and Shula Vayla. Mathias travels with her, assisting her until the end of his days. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins with Isabel.

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Weapon Strength 10 20 35 50 75 90 110 125 140 160 170 180 190 210 230 250
Weapon NameIsabelIsabel +Isabel ++