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Star: N/A

Origin: Stormfist

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Lord

Born: IS 392

Death: N/A

The lord of the House of Godwin, which is based in Stormfist, Marscal Godwin is one of the two most influential and powerfil nobles in the Senate, the other being Salum Barows. Marscal is a militant man who believes that the only way to have successful country is to have unrivaled military strength, rigid order, and centralized government.

The Godwin family took over Stormfist from the Aethlebald family in roughly IS 350, one hundred years prior to Suikoden V. Since then, the Godwins became one of the most influential noble families of Falena.

The Godwins had men married to both Queen Olhazeta and Princess Shahrewar. When the rival Barows faction feared the reduction of their influence, Salum pressured Princess Falzrahm, Shahrewar's younger sister who had a Barows husband, to seek the throne for herself. This would spark the civil war between Falzrahm and Shahrewar. The Godwins would lose several members of their family, including Shahrewar's husband Madras and Rosalind, Marscal's wife.

Because Stormfist is the sight of the arena, where the Sacred Games are to be taken place, Marscal is the one who hosts them, bringing the royal investigation party: The Prince and Lady Sialeeds, and letting Gizel give them the tour of the area.

Marscal knows that Gizel, an applicant for the Games, is scheming heavily to make himself win. He warns Gizel after his first successful plan to eliminate Barows's gladiator Zegai. He tells his son not to engage in intrigue so heavily: To do it decisively and discretely.

Marscal doesn't engage in the intrigue, leaving that to Gizel, while he handles the ceremonial duties his position requires, such as seeing off the royal party after the Games have ended. As the royal ship leaves the harbor, Marscal comments that, although Gizel was successful, people do change. Marscal notices the Prince's countenance has changed completely since this incident. He will become a problem in the future.

Marscal does not come to Gizel's engagement banquet, but, after Gizel springs his trap to take over the Sun Palace, Marscal hurries over, arriving early because he was feeling anxious. He asks Gizel how trying to bear the Sun Rune went, because he knew that Gizel would try that first.

Marscal takes more of a backseat to Gizel's plans eliminating the Prince. He focused more on the Sun Rune, having [Sindar] scholars research it. Marscal learns how to tap into the Rune without bearing it. The first time it is used to attempt to destroy Sol-Falena's southern dam and wash away the rebels, but Sialeeds counters this strategy. When this plan fails, Marscal takes the Sun Rune and flees to the Ashtwal Mountains.

Marscal taps into the power of the Rune and melts the glaciers there a little, to give the Prince incentive to follow him. When the Prince and Lyon show up to talk to him, he responds he would never flood Falena like they thought, he loves the country too much. There, he and the Prince talk. He realizes he has lost, but he looks at why. He mentions that, just like Arshtat, he was tempted by the Sun Rune's power. But he doesn't blame the Rune for that, he states that he willingly let the power intoxicate him. He believed that using the Rune's power would be the best way to better Falena. But he was wrong. He realizes just how dangerous the Sun Rune is, and forces the Prince to swear that the people of the Sun Palace will never fall under the influence of the Sun Rune. The Prince's swears, but Marscal taps into the power of the Rune and brings out an incarnation of the Sun Rune's power for the Prince to prove it. The resulting backlash of the power disintegrates Marscal.

Marscal is seen among the shades the Prince sees after he defeats the Incarnation. He salutes the Prince wordlessly. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)