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Star: Tenjyu

Origin: Kyaro

Events: Dunan Unification War

Position: Martial Artist

Born: IS 445

Death: N/A

Nanami is the step-sister of Riou and adopted daughter of Genkaku. As a young girl she mainly played with her brother and Jowy, and really nobody else, so she became an outcast along with the other two. She is an adept user of the three-piece-rod and her agility in battle is rarely bested. Following Genkaku's death, she tried hard to re-establish his dojo, but this did not work, which resulted in Riou's decision to join the military.

Upon Riou's return, she was imprisoned along with him, but escaped and joined Viktor's Mercenaries. Since then, she was always by Riou's side as his protector, but after Riou accepted his role as the leader of the Unification Army, she began to wonder why her brother must be the leader.

Following that point, she tried to convince Riou to quit fighting and run away many times, but Riou kept on fighting. Eventually, she decided to simply let Riou fight out his war, but secretly she was hurt by the fact that her brother had to fight against their childhood friend, Jowy Atreides. During the siege on Rockaxe, Nanami was heavily injured by an arrow shot from Gorudo's Knights. She was thought to have died shortly, but this was her ploy to get away from the war. She was tired of having to watch her brother suffer and she didn't want to fight against Jowy. Thus, she stayed in Kyaro until the end of the war. After the war, she travels with Riou and Jowy. - Blue Moon

Gameplay Information for Suikoden II

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after escaping from the Execution Grounds in Kyaro.
Alternate Method: Joins automatically after being denied entrance in Muse City after the Mercenary Fortress is destroyed. Nanami will join at this point if you chose not to save her in Kyaro.

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Weapon Strength 7 9 11 12 17 22 37 44 51 59 69 78 91 125 145 165
Weapon NameFlower RodBlossom RodEden Rod