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Star: N/A

Origin: Falena

Events: New Armes Invasion, Sun Rune War

Position: Queen

Born: N/A

Death: IS 449

The Queen of Falena after her mother, Falzrahm, Arshtat became the queen after a long and brutal civil war between her mother and her aunt, Shahrewar. Even though Arshtat's mother was the younger of two sisters, she demanded that her daughter Arshtat's Sacred Games should take place before the Sacred Games of Shahrewar's daughter, Haswar. This was provoked by Falzrahm's husband, Kauss Barows. Because both the current Queen, Olhazeta, and Shahrewar's husbands were from the Godwin family, the Barows feared they would lose their influence in the Senate. With so many Senators on Falzrahm's side, Arshtat's Sacred Games would indeed come first. Many were expecting either a Godwin or a Barows to wed the Princess, and the result would be more political war. However, a traveling swordsman from the Island Nations named Ferid was the one who won.

After Olhazeta's death, the two sisters Falzrahm and Shahrewar would feud over the throne, using Nether Gate to assassinate many influential Senators, not to mention both husbands of the two princesses. Finally, Shahrewar, tired of the long battle, gave up her right to the throne to Falzrahm. However, Falzrahm construed this as a plot and had Shahrewar assassinated. Falzrahm would die two years after ascending to the throne due to illness.

Determined not to repeat the mistakes of their mothers, the three princesses of Falena: Falzrahm's two daughters Arshtat and Sialeeds, and Shahrewar's daughter Haswar, entered into a pact. Arshtat would become Queen, and the other two would surrender their right to the throne. To prevent any further complications, Sialeeds and Haswar vowed never to get married or to have children.

Arshtat would create massive reform upon her ascension to the throne. With her husband Ferid by her side, she would disband Nether Gate. A political genius, Arshtat would handle the negotiations to end war with the [New Armes Kingdom]. She would also reform the gladiators of Stormfist, making it illegal to physically abuse the gladiators. Blessed with two children, a son first, and then a daughter, Arshtat was much beloved by her people and seen as one of the greatest Queens of Falena.

In the Solar year 445, the East Palace was attacked, and one of the treasures of Falena, the Dawn Rune, was stolen. It was the people of Lordlake who attacked the palace, although Queen Arshtat suspected that the Barows family was somehow behind it. Arshtat became worried about the Godwins and the Sun Rune. The Godwin family had always believed in aggressively using the power of the Rune to benefit Falena, and this current discord would only create more reason for them to clamor for it. Lord Godwin's tactician, Lady Lucretia Merces, betrayed her master and advised Arshtat to bear the Sun Rune herself to keep it from Lord Godwin's clutches. Arshtat followed the tactician's advice. However, when she bore it, the Sun Rune briefly took over her mind and she used it against the people of Lordlake, drying up their water and destroying most of their vegetation.

Arshtat knew of the legend behind the Sun Rune, that it seduced the soul of the person who bore it. However, she couldn't afford to worry about it, she needed to protect the rune. Arshtat would later have sporadic fits of insanity that could only be calmed by Ferid's voice. These fits were caused by the Sun Rune taking over her mind, making her believe she is a goddess

After she recieved the rune, Arshtat felt like a horrible mother to her son. She had sent him to Lordlake to tour the area, then proceeded to have her insane fits upon his return, angrily saying scathing words to him when he sympathized with the people there. After the Godwin victory at the Sacred Games, Arshtat realizes that Gizel, Lymsleia's future husband, will be making his move to depose her soon enough. She plans for his assault, all the while ostensibly, pretending nothing is wrong. She does not protest Gizel's victory in the Sacred Games, and Lym goes through all of the engagement proceedings. Just before the assault though, Arshtat gets her final affairs in order in case things go wrong. She calls in her son, and lets him know that he is so proud of him.

That night, the trap is sprung, but Arshtat is ready. The battle is going quite well for her side, Ferid's swordsmanship making quick work of their foes. However, a crossbowman attempts to snipe him. To save her husband, Arshtat taps into the Sun Rune and vaporizes the sniper into particles. The Sun Rune takes over her mind, and she goes into her divine right speech. When Ferid tries to calm her, the rune turns on Ferid and vaporizes him. Before he dies, he tells Arshtat he loves her. In grief, Arshtat collapses to the floor. When assassins attempt to take advantage of this, she vaporizes them again. Arshtat's grief and mania fuel the Sun Rune, stating she will bring the fate of Lordlake to the entire country. But Georg Prime sneaks up behind Arshtat and stabs her through the stomach. As she lies dying, she thanks Georg for doing that, and asks him to watch over the Prince and Lym.

Arshtat's legacy lived on in her children. Her daughter used all of the knowledge her mother taught her to politically outmanuever her husband. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)