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Star: Chizou

Origin: Middleport

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Interior Designer

Born: IS 259

Death: N/A

An interior designer, Pecola started a massive trend while she lived in Middleport, even publishing a book on interior design. However, after she left Middleport, the people lost interest and turned their attention to cultivating herbs instead. However, after the atelier Warlock left his home, Pecola returned to Middleport and took a look at his empty house wondering how to decorate it. Lazlo stopped by, and when Pecola saw he had her book, she joined and began decorating his ship. After the war, she traveled south to learn of more design trends. - Matt620

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: After recruiting Warlock, speak with the woman beside the inn in Middleport to receive an Interior Book. Then visit the abandoned house there.