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Star: N/A

Origin: Gregminster

Events: Succession War, Scarlet Moon-Jowston War, Gate Rune Wars


Born: IS 415

Death: IS 457

Teo McDohl is one of Barbarossa Rugner's Six Great Generals. He is also known as the General of One-Hundred Victories and is highly respected by Barbarossa and the citizens of the Empire. He became famous during the Succession War when he helped defeat Barbarossa's enemies by using his Armored Cavalry mounted on Gal-Horses. He lost his wife shortly after she gave birth to his son, Tir McDohl. Tir was abducted during the Succession Wars by Geil Rugner's forces. Geil's forces required that Teo remove the armor from his armored cavalry if he wished to see his son again. However, Gremio managed to rescue Tir and Teo easily defeated Geil's forces led by General Schmidt. Since then, he continued to serve Barbarossa, even after Barbarossa started to neglect his duty to his nation.

During the Scarlet Moon-Jowston War, he found a child wandering in the battlefield. He brought this child Ted home and allowed him to stay with them, although Ted chose to actually sleep in a nearby house, but would spend most of his time with the McDohls. When Sonya Schulen took over as head of the naval forces, Teo would assist her with whatever she needed. She appreciated him greatly and her feelings for him turned into something more than friends. Slowly he began to come around to her, and they became lovers.

In the early part of the Gate Rune Wars, Teo was sent north by Barbarossa to keep an eye on Jowston forces. While he was gone, his son Tir joined Odessa Silverberg's Liberation Army. What was worse was that Tir became their leader after Odessa Silverberg died. This forced Teo to make the decision to fight against his own son. The inevitable came after Tir defeated Milich Oppenheimer's forces. Teo attacked the [Toran Lake Fortress] swiftly with his Armored Cavalry. The Liberation Army counter-attacked but was decimated by the Armored Cavalry. The Liberation Army manages to retreat with the help of Pahn, but was cornered in their fortress.

However, when Teo attacked the Liberation Army again, they come out armed with Fire Spears, which annihilated Teo's Armored Cavalry. After the battle, Teo challenged Tir to a duel. After a hard match, Teo was bested. In his final breath he told his subordinates Alen and Grenseal to help Tir and told Tir that he is proud of him and that it is a great joy to be surpassed by his own son. - Blue Moon