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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Second Fire Bringer War

Position: Special Ops

Born: IS 430

Death: N/A

Wang is a martial artist who is a special ops agent for the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force. He is senior to Nash Latkje and often forced Nash to drink with him. He considers Nash to be a surrogate younger brother, although he tends to make fun of him most of the time. He attacks with his fists while holding iron massage balls to increase the force of his punches.

When Nash was arrested at Kaleria, Wang was ordered by [Parge] to guard Nash's equipment. Nash escapes and encountered Wang guarding his equipment. After a brief battle, it became clear that there was no way Nash could defeat Wang without his equipment.

However, when dawn arrived Wang suddenly stopped attacking and told him that his job was done. Apparently he was ordered to leave for another mission in the Grasslands, so he no longer needed to guard Nash's equipment. After taking his equipment back, Nash realized that his gunpower had been replenished, knives resharpened and his spring gun oiled. Wang bashfully told Nash to take care and departed towards the Grasslands. Wang himself is an outcast from his own nation and told Nash that he has no place to return. That is why he works for the HSFDF.

He joined the Twelfth Unit of the HSFDF under Geddoe, and changed his name to Joker as a disguise. He was among the first in the unit to notice Geddoe acting strangely during the Second Fire Bringer War and his name being mentioned in records from the First Fire Bringer War, which led to it finally being revealed that their leader was one-hundred and twelve years old and the bearer of the True Lightning Rune. - KoRnholio