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Star: Chikai

Origin: Island Nations

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Lottery Ticket Vendor

Born: IS 244

Death: N/A

Bang operated the lottery in the kobold settlement of Nay Island, but was not having much success. Business was poor, and he found he was allergic to his clientele. However, opportunity struck when Lazlo came through town, and Bang was able to open a shop on board his ship. After the war, he returned to Nay, this time to open a shop in the human settlement.

When not fixing the lottery game, he wonders how Jeane doesn't catch a cold from wearing her skimpy clothes. - KoRnholio

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: After your headquarters is launched into the sea, speak with him at the raffle shop in the Nay Island Kobold Settlement.