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Project with sprites

Postby alvercaine » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:40 pm

Hello people.

first , presentation,

i'm 32 and been a suikoden fan since i was 12/14 and did the main games a lot of times.
a friend of me had this project idea (since he was into programming) to make a suikoden game remake on pc, with net connectivity
allowing you to play viktor or gremio while your friend was playing mcdohl. (like a mashup of pokemmo/ff9 muliplayer battle system)

since i was in pixel art a bit i offered to do some mashup of characters to create custom classes lore firendly with their evolutions,
it looked more fun to play another mcdohl bodyguard for the main quest and have multiplayer content with your own created character.
we had like a ton of ideas with the system, mainly pvp duels, wars, dice games, food duels, group up for optional dongeons, endgame quests for equipement and respawning bosses, endgame loot with more useless bath new decorations. my friend wanted to implement a housing system too.

we worked on it like 2 months, before the guy just got bored and dropped the idea.

i was quite annoyed since i worked my share of nights on the sprites, and i continued even after to train myself.

SO. sorry for the paragraph, that what i got today

5 of the 6 bases clases with 4 color swap each.
1 of the 12 evolved classes with 4 color swap each
the chart about all the custom classes and branching evolutions
all the players characters, npc sprites and objects sprites
all the sounds (extracted from the win 95 chinese game)
the ost.
the maps 1/1 size (ty videogame atlas).

i already contacted some youtube guys doing big rpg makers projects and some suikoden lovers youtubers but when they saw a sample and say"i'm very interested, can you show me more of your work?" i ask them for an email or discord, and never get another answer (the yt channel are often abandonned, same for the rpg maker games)

today i just want to know if someone have been able to extract the sprites from the ps1 game, or modify them ,and put them back into the game.
just modding characters my my own custom would be enough for me.

thanks for reading all that and heres a link of the teaser i made for the classes. more to come if people are interested. ... sxHpgaFb76

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