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Ideal 108

Postby etnaroclude » Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:58 am

Yesterday I was watching on youtube a short framed-serie about Suikoden and in the serie there was sasarai turning evil again, Luc resurrecting but much more than these things, a lot of characters from I, II and III were all mixed up together, and I, in fact, didn't like the first two episodes at least, because you could effectively see there was a great gap between evil and un-evil forces.
I didn't like some people having an important role in the story, too, but never mind. The creator made just 5 episodes. That made me think about how better and stronger could have been a group made of other people. Here I ask an opinion from all of you.
Well, what kind of gang would you make up, if you had all the people from the suikoden?" Please, don't list all the 108 charachters, I don't remember all of them at all :wink: :mrgreen: Just, for example
Hero's Friend:
Hero's Girl/Man:
King/Politician helping the hero:
Trio group:
Magician(even a few):
Gay guy:

Well, for example, for me it would be:
Tactician: Elenor, alcohlist :D Hero: Laszlo; Hero's friend: Nanami <3 Hero's Girl: None, I don't like much Luserina, Eilie neither and I don't remember anyone else in this kind of group...well maybe Aila Hero's man: Gremio (rainbow couple :D) Politician: Teresa, woman with guts, more or less
Trio Group: Oboro, Shigure and Sagiri Ninja: Kasumi Magician: Jeane for obvious reasons and Zerase, cause she kicks ass Engineer: Idk, Adlai Gay guy: Schtolteheim reinbach III (choc finding him after telling in the other games you were Schtolteheim :mrgreen: )

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Re: Ideal 108

Postby Rockland » Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:27 am

Tactician: Mathiu, Shu ( they are both so brilliant that I wouldn't want to change them )

Hero: My ideal Suikoden would be from a Female perspective, I would choose Valeria.
A summary of her plot would be starting from her as a kid, the experiences she has living in the small village of the Great Forest, how she studied the Falcon Style Fencing under master Roundier Haia in [Kanakan] and perfected the style, subsequently rebelling against the wicked General Kwanda Rosman. After his defeat, she started the Liberation army and starts to gather the 108 stars.
I would also love to have Suikoden 2 been from the Jowy perspective, like a redemption story for himself as he fall, then learning from his mistakes and raise up to be the hero again. He can also recruit 108 Stars of destiny for himself, as he secretly plot to overthrow Luca Blight, which many would follow after ( Culgan and Seed ).

Hero's Friend: Valeria's friend would be Kasumi during her journey, with Anita being her Nemesis at first but eventually teaming up with her to fight Barbarosa/ Luca Blight.
Jowy's friend would be Culgan and Seed. His family of course are Riou and Nanami, Pilika and Jullia Blight.

Hero's Girl/Man: Valeria to me is opened to her sexuality and could be in love with Kasumi too. But I think a romance with Kahn Marley during the Neclord act would be interesting too.

King/Politician helping the hero: Leknaat for both. Teresa as a mentor would seem great as well.

Trio group: Bolgan, Ellie, Rina ( Wanderlust, fun and adventure. Need I say more? )

Ninja: Kage, Kasumi

Magician(even a few): Luc shall bestow you with his presence. Jeane for her beauty and eccentricity.

Engineer: Mad Scientist - Adlai, Sergei for less dangerous experiments.

Gay guy: Vincent De Boule, Milich Oppenheimer ( If I have to pick... )

My party of 6 would be
Valeria ( Top left ) , Victor ( Top middle ), Flik ( Top right )
Kasumi ( Bottom left ) , Luc ( Bottom middle ) , Jeane ( Bottom right )

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