[Guide] What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

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[Guide] What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby Oliopro » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:33 am

So I searched across the googles for anything that would tell me who could equip what equipment in this fine game so my obsessive self could plan out what my characters would aim for in advance. Alas no one seems to have done this so I put myself to the task and I thought I'd share it here. I also included which runes could be equipped by whom even though this is more common knowledge.

I think this info needs to be on the gameplay guides page myself so I would like to know what needs to happen for that to be the case.

Each character has a bunch of attributes which determine what items they can equip some of which you are probably aware of.
Race: There are 5 races (Human, Duck, Lizard, Kobold and Animal). Most characters are Human, even those who aren't (ie. Elves, Dwarves and Wingers) are for these purposes. The animals are the mounts, the dogs and Gadget Z. Animals cannot equip any item except consumables and the also cannot use the Sword of Magic Runes. They also do not have most of the following attributes or if they do there is no way to tell.
Class: There are 5 Classes which I have given the names Warrior, Rogue, Knight, Mage and Soldier. The Class of the character only determines which headgear and armor they can wear and says nothing else about the character nor should it be used as a means of describing the character in anything but the broadest terms.
Sex: Male, Female and Augustine. Yes Augustine has his own sex as best I can tell which is shown by the fact that in recruiting Nadir and Gordon he is treated differently from all other humans and he can use both the male and female specific items.
Age: Only Child and Adult. It effects a few accessories and is used in recruiting Nadir.
Weapon: This is used to determine certain whether a character can use the weapon specific runes. The categories used by the weapon growth guide should not be used as they are misleading.
Shield: Nice and simple, this allows the character to use shields.
Caster: Not all characters can cast the basic magic spells. If a character is not a caster they will not be able to equip the fire, wind, water, earth, lightning or shield runes or their upgrades. They will be able to equip the Sword of Magic Runes however. An exception to this is the dogs, each of whom has access to one of the five elemental runes but none of the other 5 types of runes.
Pale Gate: Allows the character to equip the Pale Gate Rune provided they have a Head Rune slot free. Some characters (ie. Sarah) may have this attribute but do not gain access to a free Head Rune slot so there may be a few missing.
Jongleur: Allows the character to equip the Jongleur Rune provided they have a Rune slot free.

The Characters

Ace: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Sai/Caster/Jongleur
Aila: Human/Rogue/Female/Child/Wp:Arrow/Caster/Jongleur
Alanis: Human/Rogue/Female/Child/Wp:Cane/Caster/Pale Gate/Jongleur
Augustine: Human/Warrior or Rogue/Augustine/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Caster
Ayame: Human/Rogue/Female/Adult/Wp:Other(Dart)/Caster
Bazba: Lizard/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Glide/Not Caster(Has Cyclone permanently equipped however)
Beecham: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Caster
Belle: Human/Warrior/Female/Child/Wp:Other/Caster
Borus: Human/Knight/Male/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Not Caster
Bright: Animal/Caster
Cecile: Human/Knight/Female/Child/Wp:Spear/Shield/Not Caster
Chris: Human/Knight (Warrior in Ch 3)/Female/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster
Connie: Animal/Not Caster (Can equip Water Runes)/Pale Gate
Duke: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:2H Sword/Caster
Dupa: Lizard/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Glide/Not Caster
Edge: Human/Warrior/Male/Child/Wp:Other/Caster
Elaine: Human/Warrior/Female/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Caster
Emily: Human/Rogue/Female/Child/Wp:Claw/Caster/Jongleur
Estella: Human/Mage/Female/Adult/Wp:Magic/Caster/Pale Gate
Franz: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:Spear/Caster
Fred: Human/Soldier/Male/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Shield/Not Caster
Fubar: Animal/Caster
Futch: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:2H Sword/Caster
Gadget Z: Animal/Not Caster
Gau: Kobold/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Spear/Caster
Geddoe: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster
Hallec: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Other/Not Caster
Hugo: Human/Rogue/Male/Child/Wp:Other/Caster
Jacques: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Arrow/Caster
Jimba: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Caster
Joker: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:Claw/Caster/Pale Gate
Juan: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:Claw/Caster
Kenji: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:Claw/Caster (Note: No Jongleur despite his skills)
Kogoro: Animal/Not Caster (Can equip Wind Runes)
Koichi: Animal/Not Caster (Can equip Lightning Runes)
Koroku: Animal/Not Caster (Can equip Fire Runes)
Kosanji: Animal/Not Caster (Can equip Earth Runes)
Landis: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Scythe/Caster
Leo: Human/Knight/Male/Adult/Wp:Axe/Not Caster
Lilly: Human/Warrior/Female/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster
Luc: Human/Mage/Male/Adult/Wp:Magic/Caster/Pale Gate
Lucia: Human/Rogue/Female/Adult/Wp:Whip/Caster
Lulu: Human/Rogue/Male/Child/Wp:1H Sword/Caster
Mel: Human/Warrior/Female/Child/Wp:Other/Caster/Pale Gate/Jongleur
Melville: Human/Warrior/Child/Wp:1H Sword/Caster
Mua: Human/Knight/Male/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Shield/Caster
Nash: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Other (Dart)/Caster
Nei: Human/Rogue/Female/Adult/Wp:Claw/Caster/Jongleur
Nicolas: Human/Knight/Male/Adult/Wp:Axe/Shield/Not Caster
Percival: Human/Knight/Male/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Caster/Jongleur
Piccolo: Human/Mage/Male/Adult/Wp:Cane/Caster/Pale Gate
Queen: Human/Warrior/Female/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Caster/Jongleur
Reed: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Caster/Jongleur
Rhett: Duck/Soldier/Male/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster/Jongleur
Rico: Human/Warrior/Female/Child/Wp:Other/Caster
Rody: Human/Mage/Male/Child/Wp:Cane/Caster/Pale Gate
Roland: Human/Soldier/Male/Adult/Wp:Arrow/Caster
Ruby: Animal/Caster
Salome: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Mace/Caster/Pale Gate
Samus: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:1H Sword/Caster
Sanae Y: Human/Warrior/Female/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster
Sarah: Human/Mage/Female/Adult/Wp:Cane/Caster (Note: Probably has Pale Gate but as her Head Slot is permanently filled couldn't confirm.)
Sasarai: Human/Mage/Male/Adult/Wp:Magic/Caster/Pale Gate
Sgt. Joe (Jordi): Duck/Soldier/Male/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster (Note: No Jongleur despite skills)
Shabon: Human/Rogue/Female/Child/Wp:Claw/Caster/Jongleur
Sharon: Human/Warrior/Female/Child/Wp:Spear/Caster
Shiba: Lizard/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Glide/Not Caster
Thomas: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster (I thought he'd be a child but he isn't)
Toppo: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:Other (Dart)/Caster/Jongleur
Twaikin: Human/Knight/Male/Adult/Wp:Shovel/Caster
Viki: Human/Mage/Female/Adult/Wp:Cane/Caster/Pale Gate
Viki (Young): Human/Mage/Female/Child/Wp:Cane/Caster/Pale Gate
Wan Fu: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Pole/Not Caster
Watari: Human/Rogue/Male/Adult/Wp:Other (Dart)/Caster
Wilder: Duck/Soldier/Male/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster
Yuber: Human/Warrior/Male/Adult/Wp:Other/Caster/Pale Gate
Yuiri: Human/Rogue/Female/Adult/Wp:Arrow/Caster/Jongleur
Yumi: Human/Rogue/Female/Adult/Wp:Arror/Caster/Jongleur

Alright, now to get to what determines what you get to wear.
The gear categories will be underlined and will have what most items in that category can be equipped to immediately after.
Any exceptions will be put immediately after either without quotation marks if it's a one off or with quotation marks if it's a group with the same equip conditions.
In all cases assume that Animals cannot equip said item unless otherwise stated.

- Casques - Everyone may equip
- Helms - Knights and Soldiers may equip
- Hats - Warriors, Rogues and Mages may equip
> Chief's Hat - Everyone may equip

- Armor - Knights may equip
> Blood Armor - Warriors, Knights and Soldiers may equip
- Chain Mail - Warrior, Knights and Soldiers may equip
> Earth Chain Mail - Warriors, Rogues, Knights and Soldiers may equip
> "Rogue Mail" - Warriors, Rogues and Soldiers may equip
+ True Byakko Chain Mail
+ Dragon Scale
- Leather - Warriors, Rogues and Soldiers may equip
> Patched Leather - Warriors, Rogues, Knights and Soldiers may equip
> Master Garb - Rogues and Mages may equip
- Robe - Rogues and Mages may equip
> "Mage Robe" - Mages may equip
+ Robe of Mist
+ Dream Robe
- Tunic - Everyone may equip
> "Unknightly" - Warriors, Rogues, Mages and Soldiers may equip
+ Old Turtle Tunic
+ Turtle Tunic
+ Black Warrior Tunic
+ Tunic of Prosperity
> "Robelike" - Rogues and Mages may equip
+ Ninja Suit
+ Taikyoku Tunic

Anyone who has Shield may equip Shields

- Consumables - Everyone, Including Animals, can equip
- Food - Everyone, Including Animals, can equip
- Footwear
> Wooden Shoes - Everyone may equip
> Sandals - Everyone except Kobolds may equip
> Boots - Everyone may equip
> Leather Pumps - Everyone but Males may equip (The reason for this wording is it allows Augustine to equip the item, which he can. Same reason in following items too)
> Winged Boots - Everyone but Lizards may equip
> Iron Boots - Everyone but Females and Ducks may equip
> Iron Heel Shoes - Everyone but Males may equip
- Rings - Everyone but Ducks may equip
- Gloves - Everyone may equip
> Gauntlet - Everyone but Ducks may equip
> Engraved Gauntlet - Only Humans may equip
> Iron Fist - Everyone but Females, Ducks and Lizards may equip
- Misc Accessories
> Star Pierce - Everyone but Ducks and Lizards may equip
> "Badge" - Only Kids and Ducks may equip
+ Sun Badge
+ Fish Badge
> Universal Accessories - Everyone may equip
+ Belt of Strength
+ Water Amulet
+ Wind Amulet
+ Lightning Amulet
+ Pale Moon Necklace
+ Flame Amulet
+ Yellow Scarf
> Gold Emblem - Only Human and Lizard Male Adults and Augustine and equip
> "Female Accessories" - Everyone but Males may Equip
+ Feather Earrings
+ Blue Ribbon
> Lion God Ring - Only Kobolds may equip
> "Beaks" - Only Ducks may equip
+ Silver Beak
+ Gold Beak
> "Tail Ornaments" - Only Lizards may equip
+ Blade Tail Ornament
+ Dragon Tail Ornament
> "Brooch" - Only Augustine may equip (I believe this is determined by his unique sex attribute rather than merely being directly referenced to his character. If someone skilled at hacking ps2 games was so inclined it could be tested by changing another characters sex to "Augustine". Although my readings thus far lead me to believe no one has identified how to modify the sex of characters at all)
+ Rose Brooch
+ White Rose Brooch

And finally the runes. The Runes can be equipped to Animals, unlike the equipment. I'm not going to cover the True Runes or the Unique Command Runes here for obvious reasons. Also, obiously, the character must have a spare rune slot to equip any of these.
Magic Runes (Fire, Rage, Lightning, Thunder, Wind, Cyclone, Water, Flowing, Earth, Mother Earth, Shield)
The character must have the Caster Attribute. The exceptions of the 5 dogs and Bazba exist and are explained in the character list.

Sword of Magic Runes (Sword of Rage/Thunder/Cyclone)
Everyone except Animals can equip these runes.

Blinking Runes
Everyone can equip these runes

Pale Gate Runes
Anyone with the Pale Gate Attribute can equip this Rune. This Rune can only be equipped to a Head Rune Slot.

Anyone with the Jongleur Attribute can equip this Rune.

Command Runes
Viper - Anyone wielding a 1H Sword
Titan - Anyone wielding a 2H Sword
Unicorn - Anyone wielding a Spear
Goss - Anyone wielding an Axe
Lion - Anyone wielding a Claw
Great Hawk - Anyone who shoots Arrows
Kite - Anyone who throws Other (Dart)

Effect Runes
Anyone can equip any Effect Rune. The one exception to this is the Drain Rune which has to be equipped in the R Hand Rune Slot which counts out some characters.

Edit: Thought I'd add lists of the classes and who can use which Sets for quick Reference

Warrior: (28/29)
Ace, Augustine (Could also be a Rogue or Mage), Bazba, Belle, Chris (Grassland), Duke, Dupa, Edge, Elaine, Futch, Gau, Geddoe, Hallec, Jacques, Landis, Lilly, Mel, Melville, Nash, Queen, Reed, Rico, Salome, Samus, Sanae Y, Sharon, Shiba, Wan Fu, Yuber

Rogue: (20/21)
Aila, Alanis, Augustine (Could also be a Warrior or Mage), Ayame, Beecham, Emily, Franz, Hugo, Jimba, Joker, Juan, Kenji, Lucia, Lulu, Nei, Shabon, Thomas, Toppo, Watari, Yuiri, Yumi

Knight: (8)
Borus, Cecile, Chris, Leo, Mua, Nicolas, Percival, Twaikin

Mage: (8/9)
Augustine (Could also be a Warrior or Rogue), Estella, Luc, Piccolo, Rody, Sarah, Sasarai, Viki, Viki (Young)

Soldier: (5)
Fred, Rhett, Roland, Sgt. Joe, Wilder

Destiny Set: Rogues & Mages
Crown of Destiny: Warriors, Rogues & Mages
Robe of Destiny: Rogues & Mages
Gloves of Destiny: Any

Guardian Set: Cecile, Fred, Mua, Sharon, Twaikin
Guardian Casque: Any
Guardian Chainmail: Warriors, Knights and Soldiers
Guardian Shield: Shield (Not Nicolas as his Earth Shield is a Permanent Equip)

Mole Set: Cecile, Mua, Twaikin
Mole Helm: Knights and Soldiers
Mole Armor: Knights
Mole Shield: Shield (Not Nicolas)
Mole Gloves: Any

Pale Moon Set: Warriors, Rogues and Soldiers
Pale Moon Casque: Any
Pale Moon Leather: Warriors, Rogues and Soldiers
Pale Moon Necklace: Any

Prosperity Set: Any but Ducks
Prosperity Hat: Any
Prosperity Tunic: Any
Prosperity Ring: Any but Ducks
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Re: What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby eldrasidar » Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:22 pm

For items that can only be equipped by a single type of character, it's clearer to simply state the category that can use it than the ones it doesn't work for example:
Iron Heeled Boots: Females and Augustine only, rather than Iron Heeled Boots: everyone but males may equip

You do this sometimes, but it's not consistent. This can be confusing to new players, who may not realize for example, that all of the female fighters in the game are human. I understand this is often because Augustine is androgynous, or for the purposes of items, he is both male and female. You don't really need to make a separate gender for him for the purposes of this guide. Simply adding a * or putting in his name will suffice for the handful of exceptions he has to the normal rules.

Gold Emblem: I'm not positive on this, but I think there's more restrictions on this than simply being an adult male human.

Gau is the only Kobold in the game that equips stuff. As far as I know, he only has 3 exceptions to the normal human, being unable to wear sandals or gold emblems, and having the lion god ring all to himself. not sure it's worth making a category for him alone. Is clearer to just say all human males, except Gau, or Gau only.

The Caster distinction is wrong. The only restriction on who can equip elemental runes is whether the character has a free rune slot. Certain characters you have listed as not casters actually are casters, but have removable runes equipped to begin with, such as Borus or Fred. You needn't also have a free skill slot to equip an elemental rune(I don't need fire magic to equip the fire rune). Obviously, it is dumb to equip a rune to someone with no skill in it, but there's no game restriction from doing so.

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Re: What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby Celes » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:47 pm

Great work!

Augustine beeing the only member of a "narcissist" category doesn't surprise me. Suikoden 1 and 2 use this category as well.

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Re: What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby wataru14 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:18 pm

As far as I remember, there IS a caster distinction. Certain characters cannot equip magic runes other than the Blinking Rune. Their available Rune slots will be grayed out if you try. The non-casters are Borus, Fred, Leo, and Wan Fu. Bazba can also only use his Cyclone Rune and cannot equip any other spell runes.

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Re: What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby Oliopro » Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:25 am

eldrasidar - I put down the categories down as I believe they would've been done by the developer's of the game. What you say about making the Kobold distinction not being worth it may be true for a guide, but as far as I can tell that seems to be the way they did it. I used codebreaker to get access to a lot of this stuff and there appears to be statistics for support characters as well. Whilst there were no codes showing how to get those characters into your party I'm sure Muto would also probably be classified as a kobold if you could.

About Gold Emblem, I forgot to include Augustine in that list. The complete list of people who can wear the gold emblem and cannot is.
Wear - Ace, Augustine, Bazba, Beecham, Borus, Duke, Dupa, Franz, Fred, Futch, Geddoe, Jacques, Jimba, Juan, Kenji, Landis, Leo, Luc, Mua, Nash, Nicolas, Percival, Piccolo, Rody, Roland, Salome, Samus, Sasarai, Shiba, Thomas, Toppo, Twaikin, Wan Fu, Watari, Yuber

Not Wear - Aila, Alanis, Ayame, Belle, Cecile, Chris, Chris (Grassland), Edge, Elaine, Emily, Estella, Gau, Hugo, Lilly, Lucia, Lulu, Mel, Melville, Nei, Queen, Rhett, Rico, Rody, Sanae Y, Sarah, Sgt Joe, Shabon, Sharon, Viki, Viki(Young), Wilder, Yuiri, Yumi

Typing that in I noticed that I missed Lizards in the count so you are right, but everything else seems correct. Apart from including the Ducks in with badges I'm fairly sure that the accessories were determined by who cannot wear the items not by who can. If you weren't in the not included list you can wear. The instances where I said they can equip amongst the accessories was wear the list of not wears was large so it was easier to say who could wear and the badges where the ducks needed to be included.

The evidence I have about the caster distinction is true. Bazba, Borus, Fred, Leo and Wan Fu cannot equip any elemental rune or the shield rune, sans sword of magic as stated. The dogs can only equip one type of elemental rune apiece. I wouldn't have added the category if I didn't have evidence for it.

Wataru14 - Non-Casters are those you mentioned, and the dogs with the exceptions listed. Everyone else I listed as not caster was because they never have any free rune slots.

I anyone wants the original spreadsheet I'll be happy to put it up.

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Re: What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby Oliopro » Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:37 am

Sorry for the double post. Just Edited the original post to have a quick reference section for the classes and who can use which sets.

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Re: What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby Jocky » Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:24 pm

This is a very comprehensive FAQ you have written Oliopro. Well done! I'm sure with some tweaking of the classifications and such so that it more resembles the guide we have for S2, then I see no reason why it couldn't be included!

The concise Suikosource S2 Equipment FAQ can be found here.

If it was edited to be similar to the FAQ we have for 2 could it be included here Raww, Celes?

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Re: What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby SuikoMJM » Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:30 am

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Here's an exhaustive list of all armor and accessories in the game, down to the junk items not found in shops, if anybody wants to use it to make a list in the same vain as Suikoden II. The only effort I put into the Acquire section was point of no return accessibility, or ease of access, so it's not fully comprehensive of where items can be found unless the item is rare or limited.

In order to have a complete castle shop list, the only shops you need to make note of are the Karaya and VdZ Guild Hall shops. Hugo and Geddoe must check the Karaya shop as soon as possible. If Chris isn't your Flame Champion, then you must check the Guild Hall shop as soon as you control her in Chapter 5. All other shops always maintain their inventories, adding better items as you progress, so neglecting to check those isn't a big deal.

The groupings aren't perfect and may need fine tuning (Armor, Chainmail, Leather, Tunic, Robe, and so on).

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Re: What Characters can equip what? A Complete List

Postby laclongquan » Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:54 am

Excellent job~

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