Community project (Soundtracks)

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Community project (Soundtracks)

Postby WichitaQ » Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:25 pm

uhm, basically, since the site is already governing a huge part (dare i say 99%) of suikoden, could it be possible to start a soundtrack project?

basically, i got this idea when i wanted to tag my first two suikoden OST's correctly, only to find myself running into dozens of variations on track titles. this way, we might have a soundtrack entry on Suikosource for each Suikoden game, with the titles in original, and translated to English.
(i'd finally like to have proper track titles on my Suikoden tunes :D).

who knows, maybe after all that is done, it can be expanded by community driven projects like writing sheet music for some tunes, or linking every song to a youtube stream so people can listen to the songs from the games.

sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but this seemed as the most logical place to put my entry in.

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Re: Community project (Soundtracks)

Postby thcrock » Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:28 pm

It's a good idea, and one I've considered before. I've always been a fan of Suikoden music, and detailing the soundtracks would be a great thing to start off a music section. It all comes down to time - I just haven't been able to find enough to do it. But it is something I'm seriously considering, and it probably just moved up a few slots now that I know there's other people who want it.

Are there any other ideas for a music section? Keep in mind we have to stay within legal bounds. Obviously hosting the soundtracks or publishing any officially released sheet music would be illegal, but I'm not sure about stuff like fan transcriptions.

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Re: Community project (Soundtracks)

Postby Antimatzist » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:30 am

Well, I've dealed with most Soundtracks on my website, it's in the following format.

Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack
(here are pictures of the OST but I won't post them ;))

Katalog Nr. KICA-7696/7
Label: King Records
Composer(s): Miki Higashino, Tappi Iwase, Hiroshi Tamawari, Hirofumi Taniguchi (1-20, 1-28, 1-29), Mayuko Kagesita (1-22)
Arrangement: Tappy Iwase
Released: 5. April 1996
Recording Studio: STUDIO YOU
CDs: 2
Lyrics: See down




01 - Into a World of Illusions (Title)
02 - Beginning Theme (Name Entry Screen )

Chapter 1: Audience

03 - Royal Palace Consultation (Gregminster Castle)
04 - Eternal Empire (Event "The Emperor Grants You Audience")
05 - Beautiful Golden City (Gregminster)
06 - Main Theme Arrange ~ Guitar Version (Event "Returned Home")

Chapter 2: First Work

07 - Fly, Black! (Event "Black Takes Flight")
08 - Black Forest (Leeknaat's Mansion)
09 - Touching Theme (Event "Leeknaat's Oracle")
10 - Tiny Characters in a Huge World (Field)
11 - Distant Mountain (Mountain)
12 - Penpe (Dungeon 2)
13 - Confrontation with Monsters (Battle
14 - Victory Theme (Battle Victory)

Chapter 3: Collapse

15 - Rock Rockland (Lenankamp / Rockland)
16 - Theme of Tension ~ Ensemble Version (Event "Attack on the Liberation Army's Hideout")
17 - Theme of Sadness ~ Ensemble Version (Event "Odessa's Death")

Chapter 4: As Destiny Leads

18 - Eternal Flow (Seika)
19 - Joy Joy Time (Sub-Game)
20 - Intrusion (Dungeon)
21 - Mysterious Forest (Elves' Village)
22 - People of Great Pride (Dwarves' Village)
23 - Theme of Despair (Event "Burning of the Elves' Village")
24 - Peaceful People (Antei)
25 - Rising Tide (Teien)
26 - Strange Theme (Event "Watch Out Flik! Kimberley's Temptation")
27 - This Sweetie is the Town Treasure (Event "Mina's Dance")
28 - Narcy's Theme (Event "Vansan, Milich's Speech")
29 - Gorgeous Scarleticia (Scarleticia Castle)
30 - Dancing Girl (Kirov)


60m 21s



Chapter 5: War

01 - Collision! (War)
02 - Victory March (War2)
03 - Tense Crisis (Single Combat)
04 - Theme of Sadness ~ Guitar Version (Event "Teo's Death")

Chapter 6: The Explained Puzzle

05 - Inside the Silence (Qlon Temple)
06 - Gathering of Warriors (Warriors' Village)
07 - Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version (Event "Neclord Appears")
08 - This is Just a Rumor (Event "Zorak's Speech")
09 - Forgotten Days (Village of the Secret Crest)
10 - Passacaglia (Neclord's Castle)
11 - Main Theme Arranged ~ Ensemble Version (Event "Hix the Hero")
12 - Island Fortress (Liberation Army Headquarters1)
13 - Glorious Island Fortress (Liberation Army Headquarters2)
14 - Blue Oceans, Blue Skies (Field2)
15 - An Old Irish Song (Dragon Knights' Fortress)
16 - Gate (Moravia Castle / Checkpoint)

Chapter 7: Last Fight

17 - Theme of a Moonlit Night (Event "The Night Before the Decisive Battle")
18 - Theme of the Advancing Army (War3)
19 - Echoes of the Changed Past (Gregminster in Ruins)
20 - Ultimate Enemy (Boss Enemy)
21 - Theme of Tension ~ Tama-dator (Event "Escape")
22 - REQUIEM (Ending)
23 - Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao ~After the Battle~ (Ending)

Bonus Tracks

24 - Tropical Bath ~ FURO-mix (Bath3)
25 - Cursed Bath "Long Steam Baths are Taboo" (Bath4)
26 - Theme of Thoughtlessness (Player Defeat)
27 - Gakkuri (Jingle 1)
28 - Fanfare (Jingle 2)


59m 32s


Avertuneiro antes lance mao

Avertuneiro antes lance mao
Nossa vida que e Bom nao cal
Ese um die ele cai ir Bem
De corre antes avertuneiro
Mas assim lassemo

We also have a small review for every OST, but that won't help you since it's German, haha.

But if you want these basic information above, I could easily provide it for you, I've got details on these soundtracks:
* Genso Suikoden OST
* Suikoden II OST Complete
* Genso Suikoden II Orrizonte
* Genso Suikoden III OST
* Genso Suikoden III Rustling of the Wind
* Genso Suikoden IV OST
* Genso Suikoden IV Another World
* Genso Suikoden V OST
* Genso Suikoden V Genso New World
* Asian Collection
* Celtic Collection
* Celtic Collection 2
* Celtic Collection III
* Orgel Collection
* Piano Collection ~Avertunerio Antes Lance Mao~
* Piano Collection 2
* Music Collection (Hiroyuki Nanba)
* Music Collection (Kentarou Haneda)
* Vocal Collection - La Passione Commuove la Storia -
* Vocal Collection ~Faraway Star Echoes of Love~

I think only some SUikogaiden stuff and the Tierkreis OST are missing but I'm not entirely sure.

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Re: Community project (Soundtracks)

Postby Raww Le Klueze » Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:02 am

Obviously hosting the soundtracks or publishing any officially released sheet music would be illegal, but I'm not sure about stuff like fan transcriptions.

Equally illegal. There used to be a site that provided guitar chords, transcribed as heard by fans that got shut down for copyright infringement.

You could liken it to buying an audio book and transcribing it.
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Re: Community project (Soundtracks)

Postby alcide_RoP » Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:03 am

hello everyone, greeting im new face here, but i've using this guide since i play suikoden I til suikoden V, so i already exprience this game,
now, here i want to ask, anyone know this BGM "The Sound of a Flute in the Moonlit Night (From "The Night Before the Decisive Battle" Event)" ????...
i know too, its a romantic sound, the question is, did anyone know this soundtracks tab?? if yes, let me know,
it mean a lot to me... thanks :D

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