Maximum damage (single attack) part II!

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Re: Maximum damage (single attack) part II!

Postby DeusX » Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:28 pm

Hi there!
First time user, long time browser as they say. ^^

I was replaying this game for the nth time and once I got to end-game I got curious about maximizing damage output and which characters might be best for this.
So I looked up the necessary conditions for dealing the most damage and like most people I assumed Killey or Valeria with a critical Falcon would be the top contenders.

Then I read about Bob and his rune. Now I'd never given Bob a fair chance up until this point and hadn't even bothered looking into what his rune actually does. At first glance he doesn't have much potential: 1 free rune slot, really low base stats and fairly poor growth rates.

So I set about maxing his stats. Grinded rope climbing to get his STR to 255, slapped a Power Ring and two Fire Emblems on him, gave him an Exertion rune and a Violence rune and proceeded to hunting my spider victim in Ryube Forest.

This is the resulting screenshot I got:

A 17k healing number.
Now after reading through this thread I think someone came to the conclusion that the highest white damage number you can see is somewhere around 32k. So I think it's safe to assume that had the game allowed it my Bob would've hit for 50 766 damage there (his non crits were hovering around 16900).

So to summarize my Bob had:
255 clean STR
Power Ring and 2 Fire Emblems
Violence Rune
Exertion Rune
Enemy status = Sleep

I realize this thread is 14 years old and so I don't expect anyone to really come across this :')
But even so I wanted to add my own contribution~~

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Re: Maximum damage (single attack) part II!

Postby Pyriel » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:47 pm

Assuming that it's a 16-bit integer that's rolling over, max would be 32,767, and that hit would have been 47,550. The problem is that it may not be simply rolling over. All they have to do is store an intermediate results in unexpected ways, or change types seemingly arbitrarily.

There's also a good possibility that what's happening is akin to the Forgiver Sign glitch. That occurs because the 2,000ish HP pool is all devoted to healing, and nothing is left to use as damage. The routine that calculates the damage returns -1 (although I think any negative was considered an error), so the game actually stops doing any further work, and leaves rubbish data in the buffer used for displaying damage. This typically results in Forgiver Sign appearing to heal the enemy by a large amount, but the actual value shown is just arbitrary data unrelated to any damage/healing calculation. The enemies HP doesn't actually change because the "error" bypasses that bit. For whatever reason they just didn't think to pass that along to the logic that draws all the battle events to the screen.

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