Warriors Attack and Exertion Rune

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Warriors Attack and Exertion Rune

Postby wataru14 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:19 am

We all know that Hix takes damage from this Unite, but how much exactly? No guides say this (just "a portion"), so I tried to figure it out.

Unites normally take the damage each character would do to the enemy individually and multiply it by the Unite's modifier. Warriors Attack is x2.

Hix's Attack was 270 (Exertion Rune's +20% in round 1 made it 324)
Tengaar's Attack was 243

Against Killer Bee (0 PRO) it did 1130 damage ( [ {324-0} + {243-0} ] *2]
Against Copper Sun (150 PRO) it did 528 damage ( [ {324-150} + {243-150} ] *2]

Damage checks out

This also means the Exertion Rune increases base ATK, not damage after enemy PRO is taken into account - it's the only way the numbers would work. If it affected damage after enemy PRO is subtracted, the attack would have done 474 damage to Copper Sun instead.

After taking off all of Hix's armor (since I knew from past experience it reduced the damage he took), he had a PRO of 124.
He took the same damage against both enemies (120 dmg), so what he takes isn't based on damage dealt to the enemy.

Tengaar's ATK of 243 minus Hix's PRO of 124 is 119

So it looks like Hix doesn't take a percentage of the damage dealt, he takes damage as if Tengaar hit him with her normal weapon attack.

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Re: Warriors Attack and Exertion Rune

Postby Antimatzist » Thu Nov 21, 2019 3:27 am

Wow! Great way to figure that out. Thanks for your efforts.

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