Turn Order Calculations

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Re: Turn Order Calculations

Postby Omnigamer » Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:09 pm

I wanted to revisit this topic now that I've seen some new confusing mechanics in play. Essentially, there is some other logic in play that governs actions to/from a given entity. These mechanics most significantly affect enemies that get multiple actions in a round, but may impact even single action entities.

The test scenario I'm working from is Luca. I am artificially manipulating the SPD stat of every party member to be whatever value I'd like, and I've forced Luca's SPD to 20 to allow for easier RNG range control.

Based on what I've seen so far, I think that every consecutive action has a 15% penalty applied to what I'll call the "Base" SPD. Additionally, each distinct action gets its own RNG rolls for SPD range, but the range is judged against the original SPD. For our Luca test case here, that means:

Attack 1 Base: 20
Range: 20*.1 = +-2 (18-22)

Attack 2 Base: (20 - (20*.15)) = 17
Range: +-2 (15-19)

Attack 3 Base: (17 - (17*.15)) = 15
Range: +-2 (13-17)

However, for every action that occurs before the action, their calculated SPD gets a boost of 5% of the original speed, up to 10% above your original speed. This is calculated dynamically, and is essentially how tiebreakers are enforced when many characters have the same SPD. This means though that if your SPD is at the upper limit of the enemy's range, you will always go before them regardless of anything that's happened. If you're just under it though, additional actions before that character's action could push the enemy's SPD to its max even if it didn't roll that high.

if Luca rolls a 15 SPD second attack and you've got 3 party members with 16 SPD who are set to attack, 2 will go before Luca, and 1 will go after..

Calc 1:
Char SPD 16
Luca SPD 15
16>=15? Yes, thus Char goes first.
Add (20*.05) to Luca SPD

Calc 2:
Char SPD 16
Luca SPD 16
16>=16? Yes, thus Char goes first.
Add (20*.05) to Luca SPD

Calc 3:
Char SPD 16
Luca SPD 17
16>=17? No, so Luca goes first.

I'm still working out some of the other caveats, but so far this is in line with empirical testing. It's a mess, but doesn't come up often. I'm trying to determine the absolute limits of the ranges now and will update with more as I find it. Note that this probably also applies to Double Beat.

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