[Codes] Gameshark codes

If you are stuck in the Dunan Unification Wars; or wish for more details on the gameplay systems, this is the place.
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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:47 pm

The codes should work on any PS2 gameshark as far as I know.

Has anyone had any luck adding "Iron Boots" into the inventory? I've tried every code I found on this site and all any of them do is freeze the game (music keeps playing but controls are unresponsive). I tried putting them in inventory, or on equipped Other Slot 1 for Hero, nothing works. As soon as I get to a screen where it tries to read/display the iron boots, it freezes.

I'm trying to rectify the horrible RNG I was served when I grinded for four hours and did not get a single iron boot drop >:( I crunched the numbers and it was less than a percent chance of happening, siiiigh.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Pyriel » Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:10 pm

Item codes like that are best used when you load a save game.

The game caches item data for things in your inventory when it loads (between zones, saves, new game, etc.), and if, as you play, you plug in something it had no reason to cache, it will crash when it tries to get stats and the description for the item. There are possible ways around that. Like I think you could plug anything into the storage inventory, as long as you're not in the menu at the time, and I believe you can poke an item into your character or party inventory and then do something that causes the game to reload, like swapping characters in the tavern. However, when in doubt, use the codes and load a save.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:20 pm

Thanks! I'll give it a shot. Normally I don't use gameshark, I just edit the memory directly and then return the save back to memory card. I'm hoping the storage will work for me.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:52 pm

Time to pay back this community for helping me! Well, I hope this hasn't been discussed too much, at least I couldn't find it in the search.

Some people were looking for a code to change the statue on the 4th floor, or in other words, the kill count each character has with physical attacks.

I found the values for that to be the last two bytes of the characters (unsigned 16-bit integer).

Starting with Riou, it would be this in memory...
800698B4 - Riou
800698D8 - Flik
On and on, every 24 bytes for the 83 playable characters.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby KCMac » Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:41 pm

Yeah, so I ordered an action replay max and it said it doesn't read ps1 games. So it doesn't work on all GameSharks. If anyone who is playing on a ps2 got GameShark Codes for this game to work, let me know what device you used. Thanks.
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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Pyriel » Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:41 pm

You have to use a disc-based cheat system made for the PS1. PS2 software won't work, because the console reconfigures into PS1 mode when you load a PS1 disc and purges the cheat engine as a result.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:14 pm

Pretty close to figuring out some gameshark codes for replaying the cooking contest. There are a couple flags that I'm worried about because I don't know what the other values on them should be. I was testing by blanking out a whole block of flags and then modifying them.

8006af6b = 02
the flag 02 must be set for the events to trigger. This could just be a "castle ready" or time based flag.

8006af1f != 04,0C
I believe this flag cannot have 04 or 08 turned on, as these are set once you're done with the last contest. Skip unless you can't trigger
8006af14 != 40
Another flag that may have to be turned off as it signifies the end of the contests

8006af6f - flag to set for whom you enter the contest
01 = Yu Kum
02 = Goetsu
04 = Shiki
08 = Ryuki
10 = Bashok
20 = Ryuko
40 = Antonio
80 = Gyokuran
8006af70 - second flag to set after first 8 are complete
01 = Retso
02 = Lester
04 = Retso
08 = Jinkai
10 = Turn on flag 0x10 skips the intro to each cook. It's the "wait Hai Yo..." flag when the hero has to leave and come back before starting.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:36 am

Got a couple more. Farmland crops and Suggestion box flags!

I was able to finally fix my broken save that got cheated out of Spinach #1!
01 = cabbage
02 = cabbage 2
04 = cabbage 3
08 = potatoes
10 = potatoes 2
20 = potatoes 3
40 = spinach
80 = spinach 2
01 = spinach 3
02 = tomatoes
04 = tomatoes 2
08 = tomatoes 3
10 = chick
20 = chick
40 = chick
80 = pig
01 = pig
02 = piglet
04 = sheep
08 = sheep
10 = sheep
20 = sheep
40 = cow
80 = cow
01 = calf

* These two values should be set to zero in order to find suggestions in the box*
8006A934 = 0

* The below flags are set when you've read the accompanying message. If you want to read it again, subtract the value or set it to zero. The suggestions will come up randomly (and sometimes empty) so keep trying. Notice they are not normal flags, kinda weird and dumb how they did this but oh well *
8006ADD6 (40)
40 - How ya doing? (Viktor)
8006ADD7 (8F)
01 - Hi there (Viki)
01 - Sorry (Viki)
01 - I really messed up (Viki)
04 - Suggestion (Sheena)
04 - What about it? (Sheena)
04 - What about Leona? (Sheena)
40 - I don't think (Hix)
40 - Warrior (Hix)
8006ADD8 (47)
01 - Please (Tengaar)
01 - That boy! (Tengaar)
01 - My plans (Tengaar)
04 - Thanks (futch)
40 - How goes it? (georg)
8006ADD9 (10)
10 - Tell me (lorelai)
8006ADDA (B5)
01 - the best (rikimaru)
04 - Please (Tomo)
10 - Hey! (Nanami)
20 - Home (Nanami)
40 - Come by sometime (Eilie)
40 - Please come by #2 (Eilie)
8006ADDB (1C)
04 - Picnic (Bolgan)
04 - Love! (Bolgan)
04 - Studying hard (Bolgan)
10 - my dream (tuta)
8006ADDC (CF)
01 - Bonaparte (Millie)
01 - I don't get it (Millie)
01 - Amazing trick! (Millie)
04 - Is it really okay (Karen)
04 - I'm waiting (Karen)
04 - Kobold dance (Karen)
40 - A fantastic letter (Zamza)
40 - My second great letter (Zamza)
40 - Fantastic letter #3 (Zamza)
8006ADDD (4F)
01 - Are you good? (Gengen)
01 - Slow down (captain gengen)
01 - You strong (Captain Gengen)
04 - Great captain (gabocha)
04 - Great captain #2 (gabocha)
04 - Great captain #3 (gabocha)
40 - Straighten him out! (shilo)
8006ADDE (C1)
01 - My opinion... (Miklotov)
40 - My thoughts (freed)
40 - My thoughts #2 (freed)
40 - My thoughts #3 (freed)
8006ADDF (44)
04 - Come on by (amada)
40 - Hee hee hee... (anita)
8006ADE0 (1C)
04 - Busted again (Meg)
04 - That's weird... (Meg)
04 - Meg's dream (Meg)
10 - ERRORERROR... (Gadget)
8006ADE1 (54)
04 - Strange mortals (Sierra)
10 - Girls in trouble (Oulan)
40 - Strike with your mind (Genshu)
8006ADE2 (03)
01 - MU-MU-MU!!!
01 - Mu-Mu!!!
01 - Mu-Mu!!
8006ADE3 (E1)
01 - House in Ryube (tsai)
10 - This place rules!!! (chaco)
10 - Help... (chaco)
40 - How does this sound? (nina)
40 - Okay, how about this? (nina)
40 - Then how's this? (nina)
8006ADE4 (46)
01 - HE HE HE!!! (sid)
01 - Ha ha ha ha ha.... (sid)
04 - So nice (yoshino)
40 - Needs exercise (koyu)
8006ADE5 (45)
01 - Please (lo wen)
04 - Important request (mazus)
40 - I miss my futon..... (mondo)
8006ADE6 (5E)
01 - My dear friend (vincent)
01 - My dear friend #2 (vincent)
04 - My dear friend #3 (vincent)
04 - My dearest friend... (simone)
04 - My dearest friend #2... (simone)
10 - Please come!!! (hai yo)
40 - Best of the best!!! (stallion)
8006ADE7 (8F)
01 - Today's lesson (wakaba)
01 - Today's lesson #2 (wakaba)
01 - Today's lesson #3 (wakaba)
04 - Life lesson! (long chan-chan)
04 - Life lesson #2 (long chan-chan)
04 - Life lesson #3 (long chan-chan)
40 - Hey bro (hoi)
40 - Clean up, bro (hoi)
8006ADE8 (C4)
04 - I beg of you (kasumi)
40 - Mu-Mu-Mu....
40 - Mu-Mu-Mu.... (shorter)
40 - MUMUMU!!!
8006ADE9 (3F)
01 - Mu-Mu-Mu....
01 - Mu-Mu-Mu....
01 - MUMUMU!!!
04 - Mu-Mu-Mu....
04 - Mu-Mu-Mu....
04 - MUMUMU!!!
10 - MUMUMU!!!
10 - Mu-Mu-Mu....
10 - Mu-Mu-Mu....
8006ADEA (00)
8006ADEB (14)
04 - Thank you (apple)
10 - Please do something (templton)
8006ADEC (11)
01 - A vacation? (fitcher)
10 - Young kids these days... (tetsu)
8006ADED (51)
01 - Health warning (Huan)
10 - Please visit us (Hilda)
40 - Exciting news... (alex)
8006ADEE (57)
01 - Library (emilia)
01 - Encourage him (emilia)
01 - Library #2 (emilia)
04 - Windows Set (tenkou)
10 - Rats (barbara)
40 - Richmond investigations (richmond)
8006ADEF (29)
01 - Let's get together... (yam koo)
04 - decision (teresa)
04 - I'm so embarrassed... (teresa)
10 - I'm happy! (yuzu)
10 - I want one! (yuzu)
8006ADF0 (09)
01 - Moles (tony)
04 - thankless work (adlai)
04 - Really strange... (adlai)
8006ADF1 (57)
01 - My father (connell)
01 - In Radat Town... (connell)
01 - My mistake (connell)
04 - My thanks (lebrante)
10 - My soul (tessai)
40 - Extra crystals (raura the scribe)
8006ADF2 (15)
04 - Thank you (pico)
01 - Thanks (annallee)
10 - Come by sometime (alberto)
8006ADF3 (54)
04 - Training (ridley)
10 - Weird... (klaus)
40 - A knight's pledge (maximillian)
8006ADF4 (0A)
01 - Chronicles (marlowe)
01 - Title of Chronicles (marlowe)
04 - My dearest family (Gilbert)
04 - Forgive me (gilbert)

* NOTE: I figured out how these work. They are not 'flags' nor used like them. They are additive values since usually a numerical value is tied to a person
01 - Nanami
01 - Nanami
01 - Nanami
04 - Flik
04 - Flik
Like in this fake sample, Nanami's value is 1 and she has three messages that can be in the suggestion box. These appear to always go in order, so the game knows from values 1,2, or 3 how many of Nanami's messages you've read. Then Flik's value is 4, and two messages, so his can have 4 or 8 and the game will know if you've read his first or second messages.

The only odd one is Nanami's 0x20 value up there but that could have been a mistake by me : /

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:08 am

Found the warp locations and compared them to what codetwinks had which I think there was a couple errors on the order. Some of them are funny, there are two forest villages but both work the same. The Army Post Remains warps you back and starts the beginning of the game events in the tent which is hilarious 'cause you have to kick out your Lvl60 heroes for young Jowy to join your party hah. Also, not sure why there's a "kazah village" but it warps to the same army post with the beginning of the game events.

Went around the world and listed every rare find I could find, but feel I might've missed one.

Warp Locations - 8006ae90 , 1 byte each. 80 = on, 40 = off, c0 = blocked
army post remains (beginning of game events still trigger, NG+? :D )
kyaro town
forest village
forest path (greenhill-matilda)
muse city
white deer inn
muse-greenhill border
coronet town
kuskus town
south window city
radat town
cave of the wind
greenhill city
crom village
drakemouth village
tigermouth village
toto village
banner village
tinto city
kazah village (bugged, sends you to army post remains)
ryube village
north sparrow pass
mercenary fortress
two river city
lakewest town
kobold village
rakutei mountain
rockaxe castle
muse-matilda border
muse-highland border
forest village

Rare Finds - first two bytes are last access time in minutes of game time, and then 4 quantities of items which I list out here. Items that you can only get one of will switch to 'FF'.

8006a502 = ryube item: mega medicine, flaming arrows
8006a508 = toto item: antitoxin, feathered hat
8006a50e = kyaro item: angry blow, winged boots
8006a514 = merc fort item: mega medicine, guantlet
8006a51a = muse item #1: leggings, flaming arrows, sun badge
8006a520 = ryube burned item: antitoxin, fish badge
8006a526 = white deer inn item: sacrificial jizo, belt of strength
8006a52c = muse item #2: leggings, flaming arrows, sun badge
8006a532 = coronet item: tunic, karate uniform
8006a538 = kuskus item: mega medicine, sacrificial jizo, recipe #11
8006a53e = south window item: old book vol. 3
8006a544 = radat item: speed ring, sound set #5, magic robe, recipe #18
8006a54a = lakewest item: antitoxin, head gear, * earth
8006a550 = two river item: guard ring, recipe #23
8006a556 = kobold item: gold emblem, heavy necklace, recipe #31
8006a55c = ??
8006a562 = ??
8006a568 = highway village item: rabbit plans #2, thunder amulet, protect mist, recipes #26
8006a56e =
8006a574 =
8006a57a = banner village item: rose brooch, rabbit plans #3, full plate, tomato seedling
8006a580 = gregminister item: winged boots, recipe #28
8006a586 = tinto item: skill ring, fire wall
8006a58c = crom item: magic ring
8006a592 = greenhill item: window set #6, rabbit plans #4, recipe #25
8006a598 = rockaxe item: nothing! ?
8006a59e = muse item #3: leggings, flaming arrows, sun badge, recipe #35 (26)
8006a5a4 = sajah item: golden hammer, horned helmet, windspun armor, lamb
8006a5aa =
8006a5b0 = two river winger item: wing ornament
8006a5b6 = two river kobold item: nothing! ?
8006a5bc =
8006a5c2 =
8006a5c8 = ryube armor: leather coat, brass armor
8006a5ce = muse armor #1: pointed hat, guard robe, circuret
8006a5d4 = muse armor #2: pointed hat, guard robe, circuret
8006a5da = south window armor #1: tunic, half plate, kite shield
8006a5e0 = two river armor: silver hat, leather coat
8006a5e6 = forest village armor: scale mail
8006a5ec = ??
8006a5f2 = gregminister armor: mangosh
8006a5f8 = tinto armor: wind hat, tunic, taikyoku wear
8006a5fe = rockaxe armor: brass armor, thunder god garb, robe of mist, goldlet
8006a604 = muse armor #3: earth armor
8006a60a = south window armor: tunic, half plate, kite shield, crimson cape
8006a610 =
8006a616 =
8006a61c = muse rune #1: water, fury/gregminister rune 2: mother earth, flowing
8006a622 = muse rune #2: water, fury
8006a628 = south window rune #1: water
8006a62e = two river rune: wizard, warrior
8006a634 = ??
8006a63a = ??
8006a640 = south window rune: water
8006a646 = greenhill rune: draining
8006a64c = rockaxe rune:
8006a652 = muse rune #3: water, fury
8006a658 =
8006a65e = sajah rune: blue gate, phero, star earrings, power ring (what? equipment in a rune shop? ok..)
8006a664 = white deer inn rune: nothing!
8006a66a = gregminister rune: mother earth, flowing
8006a670 =
8006a676 =
8006a67c =

(Trade Posts)
8006a682 = south window trade #1
salt, mayonnaise, crystal ball, candle, wooden amulet, fur, native costume, chinese dish, flower painting persian lamp, blue dragon urn, peeing boy, coral
8006a688 = ??
8006a68e = ??
8006a694 =

muse #1 is before white deer inn
muse #2 is after white deer inn
muse #3 is end-game

* Edit : added missing kyaro and end game sajah shops. Distinguished between unused and shops that are unknown.
* Edit: added missing merc fort item shop, and found 1st version of muse shops
* Edit: added white deer inn merchants, and 2nd version of Muse city shops
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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:21 am

Bah, I missed Kyaro's item shop and the extra rune shop that opens up in Sajah at the end of the game. Outside of that, looking at my save with all the timers, it seems there are 19 shops that I don't have accounted for that my save has some access times on. I can't imagine there's that many missing shops that have different versions of themselves based on how far you are in the story. Hrm, lots of work left for that one. Wish there was a faq with listings of the rare finds by shop to help.

Seem to be missing...
7 Item shops (one is kyaro)
3 armor shops
9 rune shops (one is sajah village)

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Omnigamer » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:31 pm

Note that there are effectively 2 Gregminster rune shops, one accessed by speaking to the owner behind the counter. Also remember various temporary shops, such as the runemaster at the White Deer Inn during the Sindar Ruins arc. I don't think the temporary shops typically had rare finds, but they might have a timer assigned to them all the same.

It's also quite possible that many of the timers are placeholders and were abandoned at some point or another in development.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:06 pm

Ha, I remember reading about the behind the counter shop, but I couldn't remember what town. So in most towns I checked that but obviously missed gregminister :(

Hrm, so only way around this is to play through the game again or gather up saves and hope to find all those shops. Poo.

And you're right, I have better notes at home and know that some of them are always zero. About 12 of them are unused from what I can tell.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Pyriel » Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:13 pm

The "second" Gregminster shop is at 0x8006A61C, if you're not using the latest patch, or have that particular fix ticked to off. I went into some detail about it in the bug fix thread, but it boils down to the script that opens the shop menu passing in 0 for the timer/finds index.

Edit: Looking at the script commands involved, I don't think I'd be too successful in parsing the disc to find them all right now. I don't have enough details about the arguments on some of them to narrow it down enough without making it too narrow. On a Q&D pass, I think I identified perhaps 7 areas with shops, and about 25 scripts related to them. That's just Rune Shops, mind.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:28 pm

Ah, thanks for looking. But don't go to too much trouble, I plan on finding out anyway. Outside of ones you would not encounter in the game, I don't see a point in having you debug and follow all that code. I myself am avoiding that so far haha, due to time constraints and laziness. So far I've not needed to breakpoint or debug assembly code yet. I haven't patched my game at all either, but maybe I will on the next playthrough.

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Re: [Codes] Gameshark codes

Postby Metsu » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:26 am

Yep, followed assembly and each shop has it's own timer alright.

Ryube Item and Armor shop both are 11 minutes.

Also, not sure if it was mentioned yet, but found the memory address for the intro battles to do the color beginning.
800622b0 006C - this would set it to 108. The game does not actually increase it higher than that.

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