[Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Sasarai10 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:01 pm

Personally,exept Viktor and Flik who are non-optional,i have used the Experts team (Clive,Pesmerga and Mace) the first time i beat the game,with 108 stars. Just because Experts are my favorite group in S1.

I made Mace a mage using him a Flowing Rune,to do the healing,and equipped the other characters with Mega Medicines,in order to heal a player from the earth attack,which causes damage to a single enemy.

Although the final boss,is VERY easy...it doesn't matter which character you have in your final party...you can use even crap characters like Sansuke or Sergei.

If your characters are around level 60,your weapons are over level 10-12,and one of your characters is attached with flowing rune,and the others have mega medicines in their inventory,this boss will be totally easy.

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby wataru14 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:48 pm

My final party setup is:

Flik: Silver Hat, Dragon Armor, Earth Shield, Cape of Darkness, Guard Ring - Lightning Rune
Valeria: Silver Hat, Dragon Armor, Earth Shield, Wing Boots, Guard Ring - Falcon Rune
Viktor: Silver Hat, Dragon Armor, Cape of Darkness, Guard Ring - Killer Rune
Kai: Silver Hat, Master Robe, Cape of Darkness, Guard Ring - Hazy Rune
Tir: Silver Hat, Master Garb, Crimson Cape, Earth Boots - Soul Eater Rune
Camille: Silver Hat, Dragon Armor, Wing Boots, Guard Ring - Water Rune

My reasons for using people are a little odd. I MUST have the dialogue scenes at game's end be consistent and make sense or I can't finish the game. I don't use any of the generals because they will be missing from the scene with Barbarosa if I do (and that's a shame because I would definitely use Milich or Sonya if I could). I don't use anyone who has lines in the last scene after Tir escapes the castle. The scene makes no sense to me if someone who went into the castle with Tir is suddenly standing outside the castle wondering where he is and if he will come out. This is a tough one since it eliminates Pahn, Cleo, Tengaar, Kirkis, Humphrey, Lepant ... all strong choices. I also don't use Gremio since it makes no sense if he is both in your party and in the Soul Eater animation at the same time. It irks me when the story scenes have inconsistencies. I also tend not to use legendary equipment in RPGs. I prefer to use purchasable items only since it creates a bit of a challenge for me.

This team can use Tir/Kai and Flik's Rainstorm spell to cut through random encounters. Valeria dishes out heavy melee damage every turn, no drawback. Camille has the MP to group heal when needed. Her melee damage is decent enough to hold her own if she doesn't need to heal anyone, but not so high that she handicaps the party by taking a turn to heal and not attack. Plus, these three become Great Generals after the war, so it makes sense to me to use them here to take down the emperor.

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby sticky-runes » Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:16 pm

I thought if you took any generals to the final battle, they just step out, have their dialogue, and step in again when it's time to go? Or is that just with Kasim, because he has to get zapped by Windy.

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby wataru14 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:49 pm

I think it's just with Kasim. Kasim is the only one of the five who must be recruited, so he will still be there. All the others will leave a blank space in the formation and their dialogue is not there.

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby BrucePrintscreen » Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:08 am

Last time I played, my final party was Tir/Viktor/Flik and Tengaar/Kai/Crowley. Honestly, the last time I played the game I made my way through ALL of the game with the unite attack of Tir and Kai. No enemy practically had the time to attack me once.

During the rest of the game, I always kept Tir & Kai, but also Viktor & Flik as much as I could, not only because I like them as characters but because I knew I needed to level them up for the final boss. ANd honestly, they're very decent characters in terms of gameplay.

My two other characters were, in the beginning, Valeria & Luc, then I switched them with Kasumi & Lotte, and finally, Tengaar & Crowley. I tried to keep one attacker and one magician. These ones seemed like a decent balance, and not one that would make me cringe in terms of personality as well.

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Virande » Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:51 am

Here's my theory about the final member for final boss (entering Gregminster)

I see many people will take Flik-Alen-Grenseal or The Elves unites, and Pesmerga or Crowley or Luc or Sonya because their own status, or Kai because helps you a lot in random battles. But I like to take people who's make sense according to the stories, rather than personal bias or their power/skill/unites...

Here are all people you can take to Gregminster :

I will eliminate all the Scarlet General, since the 4 of them show up at the dialogue with Barbarossa
Sonya, Milich, Kasim, Kwanda

Then i'll eliminate all the optional recruitment which you can recruit or not (because they wouldn't be at the "official" final battle if they only optional stars)
Mace, Sheena, Meg, Gon, Kage, Quincy, Rubi, Lotte, Mina, Clive, Crowley, Kessler, Lorelai, Lester, Moose, Maas, Fuma, Anji, Meese, Sarah, Blackman, Sansuke, Kanak, Kai, Antonio, Hellion, Pesmerga, Sergei, Leonardo, Kirke, Kreutz, Eikei, Fu Su Lu, Morgan

Some people will automatically joins you for some purpose, so i will exclude them, because their part for the war may "only" for that
Tai Ho, Yam Koo : For sail to Toran Castle
Pahn : For battle against Teo
Liukan : To save the Dragons
Kirkis, Kuromimi, Sylvina, Stallion : Saving Great Forest area from Kwanda's Burning Mirror
Gen, Kamandol : For cross the rapids
Griffith : To enter Moravia Castle
Hix, Tengaar : To fill Viktor's absent while he's go to NorthWindow
Mose, Ronnie Bell : To retrieve the Fire Spears for defeating Teo's Cavalry
Krin : To enter Lepant's mansion
Kimberly : For making a fake order to enter Soniere Prison
Fukien : To retrieve the Star Dragon Sword for defeating Neclord
Futch : Ordered by Joshua since he's abandoned from the Dragon's Fortress
Eileen, Juppo : Just follow Lepant wherever he goes
Camille : Join the Army because Gremio owed her money
Kasumi : She comes to Toran asking for help because Rokkaku destruction by Teo's forces
Valeria : Volunteered to fight against the will of her general, Kwanda
Varkas and Sydonia : As a bandit leader and the border guard

We know that Viktor and Flik is a fixed member alongside with Tir, so they are already on the list.

There are Windspun Armor and Hornet Helmet from Gregminster's Treasure Chest, so there must be someone who able to use that for in your party, why would that equipment at the final dungeon chest if no one that you suppose to bring can't wear it.
From the list above only Humphrey able to wear both of them, and Alen, Cleo, Grenseal, Milia can use Hornet Helmet...

So in my opinion, Humphrey must be the final party, and the fact that he is also the original member of the Odessa's Liberation Army makes him a perfect option to fill the first spot alongside with the other original member Flik and Viktor.

We already have 3 S-Range in party. I don't think another S-Range will be fit in "official" final party, even we can put Alen and Grenseal at the backline and use unite with Flik, but it doesn't seems right for me to have 5 S-Range at the party, so i will eliminate the S-Range from the rest (Lepant, Alen, Grenseal). Luc is staff-magic user and people usually put him on back line.

So the final 2 spot for the final party are : Cleo L, Gremio M, Luc S*, Milia M, Warren M
Let's review their "role" on S1..
Cleo : As Tir's guardian as Leknaat said at Magical Islands at the beginning of the game
Gremio : Follow Tir wherever he go, "Revived" by Leknaat just before the final battle
Luc : Leknaat's apprentice. Join the army by Leknaat's command
Milia : Join the army after Tir and Liukan helps to cure the dragon
Warren : A nobleman rescued from Moravia alongside with Viktor

It's time to decide who is the 2 out of 5 from the list... i will eliminate Milia and Warren because their part was not strong enough to be the "official" final party... that leave us with Cleo, Gremio and Luc.
These 3 are strong option since Leknaat is the one who guide Tir from the beginning until the end of S1, and those 3 have a role connected with Leknaat's command. 2 out of 3, pretty much easier to pick rather than 3 out of 73

So in conclusion the final party for my Suikoden I : Viktor - Humphrey - Flik - Gremio - Tir - Cleo

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Swordsman » Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:25 am

i prefer not to use those high attack but low in skill, what's the point if 50% of the time they are missing..

Characters like Viktor (no choice have to use him in the final boss battle), Pesemerga.

I like characters like Valeria.. 100% hit using her falcon rune and the damage is not bad..some more don't have unbalanced status..

I don't like to use pure mage, once their mp has finished, they are useless.

still experimenting the best setup...
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Postby Swordsman » Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:27 am

Faust wrote:Heh yeah, the problem with choosing characters in Suikoden 1 is that it's mostly statistic based - too many characters are very VERY similar. Flik, Alen and Grenseal for example. I used to use all three in my final party for the "Pretty boy attack", but then they just bore me after a while.


McDohl: Obvious as he HAS to be taken (as he's effectively you). Not too much to say about this guy. He's a powerhouse, but you can't customise him in any way shape or form.

Now, if we're speaking of the FINAL battle party (in which Viktor and Flik MUST be taken) then the other three slots of mine are usually occupied by Luc, Clive and Kai.

Clive is a decent Long range attacker. Not much to say about the guy really, but with a double beat rune he has two attacks. Bam bam! I don't think I've actually tried him with this rune before though - I usually just give him a flowing rune for very minor healing.

Kai may not seem to be as good as McDohl - he actually isn't at all - but he's a GREAT auxillary character. Double damage to all enemies with no chance of missing...it's like an orgasm waiting to happen.

Luc major magic user of the group. Armed with a cyclone rune, or a Rage/Thunder rune (basically whatever high level rune I've acquired that isn't mother earth or flowing).

I don't use crowley even if he may be better at magic due to the fact that I get Luc early on. Therefore you can build Luc up and grow with him, making the final battle all that much sweeter.

A GREAT alternative instead of Clive (if you don't want a generic bam bam attacker) is Fukien. He has a, for all intents and purposes, unique room in the game, with healing spells, attack spells and even a resurrection spell. His Exorcism rune is pretty cool, and good if you fancy a spot of variety.

I put spark rune on Clive.. and everyone gets to act first before enemies..

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