Question about EPSXE

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Question about EPSXE

Postby Malkoto » Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:22 pm

So I have this weird glitch using EPSXE with Suikoden 1, for some reason the shadows/reflections are not connected to the characters, and sometimes characters and objects in the screen like slide out of the spot they're supposed to be in when you're moving around. does anyone know how to fix this? these are my video settings:

PeteOpenGL2Tweaks 2.3
Window Mode 1366x768 (16x9 resolution)
Color depth 32 bit
Internal X and Y resolution both on Very High
Stretching mode set to full window size (standard)
Render Mode: use framebuffer object (fastest mode if supported)
Texture filtering: standard + smoothed sprites
Hi res textures: none (this is set to none because when it is NOT, i can't see the new game/continue game screen at all)
gfx card vram autodetect
use pixel shader is checked
use fps limit checked
fps limit set to 65
off screen drawing set to extended
framebuffer effects set to none
framebuffer upload set to full
screen filtering checked (doesn't matter as i am not playing in full screen)
MDEC filter checked
disable screensaver checked

soft plugin
window size 1366x768
internal resolution x4
brightness original
stretching mode set to stretch
blit mode opengl v2
threading mode 1-thread (accurate)
use fps limit checked
set custom fps 65
full screen filters again don't matter, as i'm not playing in full screen
overscan checked.

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Re: Question about EPSXE

Postby Fu Su Lu » Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:42 am

Cant help you but I can suggest a couple of things: download a diferent Suikoden iso, if the problem is still there, try a different bios (check the iso-bios compatibility also). If you still have the same problem try reseting epsxe to default settings.
I have been using epsxe to play suikoden for a few years (whenever nostalgia and free time shake hands) and havent had any problems beyond the 99 level for Hoi and a few others.
Hope it helps :)

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Re: Question about EPSXE

Postby AthenaCat » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:44 pm

You may want to try Mednafen, which is much more accurate than EPSXE. It's a command-line program, but there are plenty of Windows GUIs, as well as one (Mednaffe) that works on both Windows and Linux. It also requires a specific BIOS, and a bin/cue dump rather than an ISO.

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