Off With Their Heads!!!

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Off With Their Heads!!!

Postby sticky-runes » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:56 pm

What characters in Suikoden games have been beheaded? Or, nearly beheaded? Threats count as well.

Cannon Beheadings

Solon Jhee chopped his head off and nailed it to the door of Southwindow city hall.

Solon Jhee
Luca Blight ordered his soldiers to cut his head off after he failed to capture Nothwindow.

Maha Sparna
I think she was beheaded after she returned home to Armes. Not sure if this was mentioned in the game, or only in other sources.

Daisy (phantom)
Possibly the only beheading we actually see on screen in a Suikoden game. Neclord summons an apparition of her to try to convince Viktor to hand over the Star Dragon Sword, but Viktor sees through the trick and slices her head off.

Optional Beheadings

Snowe Vingerhut
You can choose to chop his head off if you don't want to banish him or invite him to join.

I assume he gets beheaded if you don't get him to win the duel with Teo McDohl. Alen or Grenseal offers to cut his head off if you do beat Teo.

You can execute him if you choose not to recruit him (I assume he gets beheaded, I've never not chosen to recruit him)

Near Beheadings

She gives herself up to the Imperials so you can escape, and says she hopes you'll come rescue her before they cut her head off.

Teo McDohl
When Teo challenges Tir to a duel, Mathiu tries to prevent it and tells Viktor to cut off his head (instead Tir just beats his dad to death with a stick)

When he gets cast adrift, Katarina says you should consider yourself lucky you aren't to be beheaded.

You can choose to have him beheaded, but Mathiu insists on recruiting him.

Kiba and Klaus
You can choose to have them beheaded, but Shu insists on recruiting them.

Mathiu Silverberg
If you keep telling him it's impossible to prepare 500 boats in one night, he gives you permission to cut his head off if he fails.

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