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Suikoden Customized Save

Postby ZaruenVoresu » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:12 am

Reddit Post ... stom_save/

Well I have created an interesting and quite unique save, i basically just used codes i found off the internet but i customized them in such a way that I created a very interesting save file.

Official Location in the Story Is right before meeting up with Flik in Kaku where he forms an "alliance" with your liberation army.
Ted & Odessa are in your party. (yes i know this code is very basic.) (Both characters Are at level 1 however, while this is somewhat easy for ted, to do so for Odessa required a little hacking.)

All characters Enabled ( yes I know another basic code) (however they all contain level 1 stats, even the characters who joined before this point in the game, where they should be at defautl levels like lepant and eileen and luc, and camille, and viktor, they are all level 1 with base stats mirrroring their stat growth rates.)

Castle Shops contain all Buyable items excluding those you get at gregminster 2 (when you revist at the end of the game.)
I used coordinate codes to reach warriors village and kirov far earlier in the game than you are supposed to... it didnt work for gregminster because theres a flag that tells you whether its gregminster from the beginning of the game or at the end of the game and i do not know how to find this flag and change it so I could not add in gregminster shops.

As I used the coordinate codes to get the shop items, you are also able to travel to kirov/kalekka/secret factory/warriors village far earlier than you are supposed to. ( I could not figure out how to pass the rock blocking dragons den with this code so unfortunately that is the one location that I could not add in.. you can reach dragons den entrance but its blocked by the rock until another flag in the game is changed.

Finally Each save slot has EVERY SINGLE PERSON equipped with a a rune.. one save slot has them equipped with fortune runes for the power levelers. Another save has them equipped with double beats for the power house lovers, other saves contain gale/sunbeam/killer runes.. so you could pick and choose what you want everyone to be equipped with...
the very first slot has everyone equipped with no Runes so if you prefer to put whatever rune you want on characters, you can too..

The reason I created this customized save was to allow myself to roleplay my own personal story , (travel the world with my customized team and have fun in a very different way than the game intends.. .
when you are ready to continue to play the main game ... ADD VIKTOR into your party before going to kaku otherwise the game WILL freeze when trying to talk to Flik.... This happens with any event when you use gameshark to remove forced characters from your party..


also if anyone wants to learn how to add ted/odessa to their own party I can explain.. or if you want to just use ted/odessa code to remove forced characters from your team, i can explain that too.. just make sure to add the forced characters back when you want to continue the story (whichever characters are forced at whichever point of the story you are at.) , for my save as an example as i already stated... the forced character is viktor so he must be added back before continuing the story.

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Re: Suikoden Customized Save

Postby ZaruenVoresu » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:14 am

The Save file is in .mcr format because i used ePSXe to create this save, if you want to use it on a console you will have to find a way to convert it properly and this is something I can not help you with. Sorry but google should answer that for you. ... m_Save.mcr

Please feel free to Comment if you decide to use this save..
I would love to hear from anyone who likes to play suikoden my way.

I would also like to promote the following Hard Mode Patch
Combining this with my new game plus hack really gives the game some MUCH NEEDED flavour.

oh yes, one last thing, the reason why i chose to allocate this save point at that exact location of the story is simple.... the warp locations for anything past the eastern continent, (anything beyond dwarf village will not show up or be added to the list of possible warp locations until after you defeat kwanda rosman...... trust me i tried everything i could, but it must be tied to a flag

V1.01 will be released soon, all characters weapons level will be brought down to level 1 to further enhance the feeling of a fresh new game.
I will also release an optional v1.02 immediately afterwards for people who are interested in the hard mode version released by Dune. I felt the enemies did a bit too much damage to my liking so I added 9 fire rune pieces to each person to enhance their damage

I have to do this manually and individually, and there is a bug that slows down scrolling speed while in the warehouse so it gets really tedious ... so i can not do this with all rune pieces to allow people to choose... i am doing fire simply because i plan on equipping everyone with 9 fire rune pieces for use myself anyways.

v1.01 will also include a codelist.inf for anyone wanting to use these codes on their own file........ however the only way to utilize this list efficiently is using the emulator with PEC.... there are over 1000 lines of code and i highly doubt your going to want to manually add these on a console 1 by 1... it would take weeks.

v1.01 ---> All Character Weapons Level 1
Save 1 - No Runes , Save 2 - Fortune Rune, Save 3, Double-Beat, Save 4, Soul Eater, Save 5 Sunbeam, Save 6, Gale, Save 7, Killer ... _v1.01.mcr
codelist.inf for Playstation Emulation Cheater contaiining all Suikoden Codes I customized to use with my save file that can be used with your own saves if you prefer doing it this way.. ... delist.inf
but you will not have access to the towns nor will the shops in your castle contain the items from those towns.. you will have to utilize the coordinates code on different maps..

I can try and explain how to access the maps much earlier than supposed to but it might get a little confusing. I will do my best for those who really want to customize their own save file ... but I will explain later in another post, i can explain the ted/odessa code for now though.
Instructions on how to use ted/odessa Code

Add 5 Characters to your Team (does not matter who.)
Turn Ted/Odessa Code On.
Switch Character 1 with Character 2 , (I always make sure mcdohl is in the first slot before I do this just in case, I am not sure if it matters or not though.)
Save The Game.
Turn the code off.
Reset & Load Save File.
Ted & Odessa Should replace characters 4 and 5
123 456

If you are using this code to remove forced characters from your party, make sure those characters are located in Positions 4 and 5, if you have more than 2 forced characters, you will have to do this more than once.

also sometimes ted and odessa appear in a different slot for some reason, sometimes only 1 of them appears... so it may take a few tries before it works.. but eventually it will succeed and this allows you to remove forced characters from your party and/or add ted/odessa to your party.
they can be removed without issues but you will have to use the code to readd them as they do not appear in your party selecetion roster unfortunately.
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Re: Suikoden Customized Save

Postby ZaruenVoresu » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:15 am

Coordinate Codes to bypass Boundaries

Outdoors (World Map)
8016F298 00??
8016F29A 00??

Indoors (Close Up Maps)
8017BD74 ????

The Instructions to bypass the boundaries are as follows. A few things to note first off, the towns on the western continent, moravia castle, kalekka, kirov, neclords castle, warriors village, qlon temple, will NOT be added to your list of warps with Viki until AFTER you defeat kwanda rosman and return to the castle and let 3 months pass (as part of the story). The former liberation army reunites but Flik and his Brigade will disband temporarily as he is shocked by Odessas Death, When he says he will be at the inn of Kaku and Viktor Forces himself into your party to go talk to Flik at Kaku, is when all the towns can be added to your warp list

the towns located north of kwaba , gregminster and lenankamp, etc. These will not appear until the end of the game , at which point no codes are really needed to travel there anyways since its where you must go... atleast this is what I believe, I will continue to check throughout the game, its possible gregminster changes before the end of the game, I will let you know.)

Garan (Enter from East Side, Turn Code On. Your character will warp to the other side, turn code off and exit screen from west side, you will now be located on the Western Continent , you can visit all three towns but do not leave by boat, head back to garan and simply head back, the guards will yell at you but you will be allowed to cross, only works when going back to eastern continent. Alternatively use blinking mirror on world map to instantly return back to castle, if you have the item.)

8017BD74 1500

Northern Checkpoint (enter from southern side of western continent, turn code on, watch character warp to the northern exit, dont worry about griffith, he wont bother you, now turn code off and exit north.)
Allows Access to northern Continent including moravia castle, VERY POWERFUL monsters here, BE CAREFUL.)

8017BD74 0721

Kwaba Fortress (enter from southern side, ENTER SECOND SCREEN before using the code, the map with the soldiers on it, not the map where you would recruit chandler, turn code on, watch character warp to northern exit, turn code off, proceed to exit north.)
Allows Access to Gregminster (First Version) at any point in the game, you will fight weak monsters here, not the ones at the end of the game, but the ones at the beginning, red ants and bonbons, boars and crows.)

8017BD74 0520

Lorimar (Enter from northern side of western continent, turn code on, watch character warp to southern exit, turn code off and proceed to exit south.)
Allows access to Warriors Village, Neclords Castle, Qlon Temple

8017BD74 0520

To Access Kirov, Kalekka and Secret Factory is a bit different because you have to acess the town from the world map only and therefore must use the outdoor code which behaves quite differently than the indoor one... firstly you MUST be located on the toran lake map, with any boat, therefore it is impossible to access these maps until you acquire your castle.

so first head on your boat, than turn the following code on,DO NOT MOVE and turn it off immediately afterwards , move up until you are teleported to Kirov, turn the code off now, now you can travel to kalekka, and secret factory as well.

8016F298 0030
8016F29A 0010

I hope this was quite clear enough, i apologize for all the double posting and walls of text.. i tried to be as clear and specific as possible.

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Re: Suikoden Customized Save

Postby ZaruenVoresu » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:07 pm

All Characters Equipped with 2 Power Rings + 9 Fire Rune Pieces Each, this boosts their attack power quite a lot,

I reccomend using this with the hardcore mod, which i did not include in my mediafire downloads as it does not belong to me, i did post the link to the hardcore mod page where you CAN download it though in one of my earlier posts.

I did this to make the hardcore mod slightly easier, you will still take alot of damage but the enemies will be easier to kill because you will also do alot of damage.

Save 1 - No Rune Save 2 - Fortune Rune Save 3 - Double beat Rune Save 4 - Sunbeam Save 5 - Gale Rune Save 6 - Soul eater Save 7 - Killer ... _v1.02.mcr

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