A Huge Thank You to the Suikosource Community

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A Huge Thank You to the Suikosource Community

Postby Preston_C » Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:31 am

Hey folks, I just finished Suikoden 2 for the first time today. This was a hugely emotional event for me… my best friend passed away in December, and Suikoden 2 was his favorite video game.

After he passed I received his old copy of the game, and playing his favorite game has been a powerful way to remember him. Even though we were best friends for 22 years I never ended up playing Suikoden 2 before now and doing so gave me the wonderful experience of seeing where so many of his creative sensibilities came from. I talked to him a lot while I played. I could see him all over this game and, retrospectively, this game all over him.

In life he always spoke very highly of Suikosource, so y’all were the ones I came to when trying to figure out how to find all 108 Stars of Destiny and get the true ending. For that, I’m incredibly grateful. I know people have different endings they prefer, and that’s fine, but right now an ending that focuses on friendship was exactly what I needed.

I plan to spend a lot more time in the world of Suikoden over the coming years; finding ways to add my own fan content to the fantastic library you’ve all made together, but for now I just want to say thanks to those who contribute to this site and helped me see this story end the way I needed it to.


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Re: A Huge Thank You to the Suikosource Community

Postby Wolkendrache » Wed Feb 17, 2021 10:02 am

Sorry for your loss. Your best friend will now watch you grow and flourish like a suikoden castle before reuniting someday. Give your best!

Welcome to the Suikosource community!
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Re: A Huge Thank You to the Suikosource Community

Postby wataru14 » Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:45 pm

Welcome aboard!

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Re: A Huge Thank You to the Suikosource Community

Postby Antimatzist » Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:04 am

That's a really touching story and I am really sorry for your loss. I hope you'll be able to enjoy the game(s) as much as your friend did.

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