Initial fan discussion (Canon or not canon?)

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Re: Initial fan discussion (Canon or not canon?)

Postby Ness the Mess » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:21 pm

JiggleBiscuits wrote:
Rooks wrote:
Rachael wrote:I wish all systems were region free. I'm sure there's some good reason for region-locking, but it's a pain in the ass buying two complete systems.

Well, technically, they do not want people to import systems or games from Gambia -where they are sold at a discount because of the local economy- to the US or Japan, where people pay full price. But, this has been largely disproven, because of import fees, restrictions, shipping cost, etc. They still only hold onto these older regional systems when they are forced to make games on major media formats, ie the DVD or the Blu-Ray. This explains why the PSP (UMD-based) and the VITA (some kind of SD card-like system) are not region-restricted.

Companies have no business telling us what we can or can't do with our money.

There's no excuse for region locking.

The actual reason there's region-locking is that companies are given distribution rights, and they don't want those distribution rights impeded upon.

When a company like Atlus buy the rights to publish a game in North America, it is with the knowledge that they will have a monopoly on that game in that region, and as such the price of the liscensing goes up. If there was no such guarantee, then companies would be far less likely to localize.

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Re: Initial fan discussion (Canon or not canon?)

Postby Antimatzist » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:36 pm

But if they don't localize a game in my region (Europe), I will never be able to play the game (normally). Really, region locking is a terrible thing and should be banned forever.

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Re: Initial fan discussion (Canon or not canon?)

Postby Raou » Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:12 pm

I see a lot of different opinions but I think this needs to be said...

Are you people reading what you're saying? Have you learned nothing from the Suikoden games? If you were to fully analyze the storylines as much as the site claims to and still not see what needs to be done then I think someone failed.

Suikoden could teach a meager person that they can draw strength from others and, in large numbers, can make a difference. Economics aside, Tierkreis wasn't that great a game. True. But did you see the main series making leaps and bounds aside from being a storyline set in a time period that moved forward? If people want to see a sixth game then instead of pleading with them, POINT OUT what you'd like to see! They could make a sixth game and STILL not wrap it up but merely open up more questions!

Hell, there's room for improvement for the main series. But if fans are merely going to yap on about how they want a sixth title to main line of games, then what good are you truly doing? Being vague isn't going to help. The makers and writers aren't mind readers--tell them what you want in the new game. But be objective about it! Don't submit ideas that're complete fan service and only that! Because if you only appeal to the fans then no one new will want to try it, and the series won't ever grow.

So come on people, instead of merely speculating, why not do as the main characters did, as the WRITERS had them do--learn from the characters and band together to become a stronger machine to push the ideal that Suikoden VI must be made and for good reasons. In another thread I said I was going to buy the next Suikoden as fan support but it's merely to see if there's even a glimmer of hope that they'll go back to the original series.

Now come on...buying the new Suikoden to give it a chance is harmless, but...try this: If the game doesn't meet up to the standards of the main series then give Konami a FIERCE backlash of negativity that might rattle the developers to continue the main series. :P That'd give 'em a little insight.

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