[Shameless promotion] Castle of the Underdogs

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[Shameless promotion] Castle of the Underdogs

Postby KakCAT2 » Tue Jan 28, 2020 3:51 pm

Hi! I'd like to present you a project I've been working in the last 2 years that is starting to crystallize : Castle of the Underdogs (Steam link)

The game draws lots of features from Suikoden: it has a castle, it has an extensive cast and has 6 member turn-based party battles, so I though some of you may be interested, despite not being a Suikoden game. However the game's main argument is not the classic Suikoden political strife (or at least, not as pronounced) but more of an absurd comedy game trying to get some laughs, and references to the 80s/90s culture.

Of course it's not a Suikoden game nor related to it in any way other than inspiration/tribute. That would be illegal, stupid, and I am experienced enough to know I couldn't hold a candle to Murayama's work. My intention is just doing something that feels similar to the way I felt when I played my favourite suikodens, before I'm too old to keep doing games :lol:

If you're interested, I leave you my twitter too. I try to post something every week and there's some material of the progress of the game, but more on the development side of things. Castle of the underdogs (twitter)

Or just ask here if you have any questions ;)

Thanks for your time!

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