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Spiderman games

Postby gildedtalon » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:36 pm

I've only ever played Spiderman 2 and really enjoyed it despite being very difficult for me. Some missions I always barely got through it :? The race challenges is where the fun truly begins, it tests your worthiness of becoming a spiderman. You need to perform a trick at a certain spot then do another trick at another spot sometimes it's on the very same spot instead, repeat until you are finished, it is easy enough if you are only planning to beat the normal record. The mega time is where the frustration truly begins, you need to be very precise, fail a lot to find the exact timing for certain moves, and see what the surroundings look like. Btw, there are videos made by a guy who managed to beat all the mega times so it's not so bad maybe
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Re: Spiderman games

Postby TMan » Sun May 05, 2013 2:13 pm

Spiderman 2 was a great game. The others aren't quite as good. The Spidey 3 game was decent, but not quite the same. Ultimate Spiderman for Xbox was good but far too short.

Amazing Spiderman was through and through a VERY unfinished game- I think they ran out of time. Some of the animations look a bit quirky, the camera goes wonky sometimes, etc. But the swinging was lots and lots of fun, even if it annoyed me that you could attach web to empty sky.
I can't overstate the swinging enough though. Gathering up those comic book pages was a blast.

Friend and Foe was not good. Decent combat, wonky swinging, bad pacing.

Shattered Dimensions is quite different, but apparently decent..
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