Question about a scene in Chrono Cross

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Question about a scene in Chrono Cross

Postby Punkaiser » Fri Apr 05, 2013 8:29 pm

There're some ***spoilers*** here:
I posted the same question on gamefaqs but had no answer(took me 11years to post this question) not sure if they think i'm trolling or is this a very FAQ so no one bothers to reply anymore.

"I'm talking about the scene after Serge got his body back, bring Nikki + Fargo to Fargo's ship(Another world) then talk to the sailor in a certain cabin(can't remember which) that let you rest.
Upon accepting, the scene between Nikki and Fargo will be triggered, but my game always freezes after a few dialogues, same thing happen when I was playing on emulator as well. So I wonder if anyone can confirm if that was a bug from game, otherwise, tell me what they were talking about."

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