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Best characters?

Postby Angsthyrkh » Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:54 pm

I was just wondering if anyone might have an opinion on which characters might be the best ones in the game, as in most useful in battle?

I've come to the conclusion myself that pretty much anyone that can dual-wield is just deadly enough to do some serious fighting, actually, overshadowing most characters that can't. Any comments on this?

And then to specific characters. I don't think that anyone really stands out individually very much, so it's hard to know whom might be better than someone similar. In other Suikoden games there have been some truly, clearly epic characters that I've always found powerful (not to mention, many of them extremely cool as well), such as Pesmerga, Mazus, Zerase, Valeria, Miklotov, Geddoe - you know the type, the ones that just jump out as if screaming, "Use me, I'm strong as hell!". And I'm not only speaking of whom can do the most damage, I just want to know the useful characters in Tierkreis.

So far I've been using the Hero, Chrodechild, Asad and Vaslof as my main party. I'm just about to finish the game within an hour or so and I'm confident my party will have nothing to be worried of, but being the type that will probably replay, I'd like to know other suggestions for strong parties.

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Re: Best characters?

Postby patapi » Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:57 pm

Since this topic sounds like the recommended party members discussion, I'll be merging the two.

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