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Re: [Guide] Recruitment Guide

Postby StvNash » Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:17 pm

Antimatzist wrote:Maybe it depends on how often you've talked to him or how many entries are in his book...

Ok, then what should I do or go after I get the letter from Shams? I don't have any clue at all..


Re: [Guide] Recruitment Guide

Postby Achilley » Mon Feb 08, 2010 9:44 am

Problem! The quest "the other marica's world" doesn't pop up so I can't get lubberkin. what to do?
*UPDATE* it is fixed, it turned out that I had to do wahie's quest about the infinity *UPDATE*

And you can get misrach BEFORE getting the chronicle of endless travels, not 100% sure if it's directly after the desert shows up or just after you "capture" diadora and put her in the infirmary.

*UPDATE* what to do when you try gilliam's quest about beating up the monsters that attack grayridge and they weren't neccesary? can't seem to get the quest to pop up again, have a save before assaulting Fort Arc again. Capture Fort Arc and then talk to Gilliam? help please *UPDATE*

*THE UPDATE UPDATED* Nvm this, it turns out that you need to unlock rarohenga first and then defend the town again, I've got him now. *THE UPDATE UPDATED*
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Re: [Guide] Recruitment Guide

Postby Achilley » Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:26 am

scurker wrote:
Belcoot4 wrote:Everytime I've recruited him I had a totaly empty party maybe try that or let the story progress another step and try again. Tsaubern never seemed to be a character who had recruiting difficulty. You might have to wait until you have recovered The Fierce Regalia Chronicle, but if you're that far I think you should have done that already.

There has to be something I missed because Tsaubern will not show up in Salsabil. I've tried every opportunity to visit with different parties (Yula in party, no members in party, etc.) up to recruiting Sophia, and he just will not show up. Is he related to the Maestro event that happens in the port of Salsabil? Several sites suggest he shows up after that, but I never saw him after that event was triggered.

I know I've had bad luck in the past, as I've managed to miss Clive of all people somehow in Suikoden II, so it wouldn't surprise me if I missed something so simple here that has made it impossible to recruit.

Take Geschuts along, he is neccesary for tsaubern to appear. You don't need anyone else

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