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s5 mod opinions

Postby Limlight » Sat Aug 24, 2019 2:05 am

with s5 modding a actual reality now (ty to everyone involved!) i'm looking at a basic mod to the game and would like to entertain some thoughts from the community. at first i was thinking about a simple 25-50% increase to stats+hp (potentially more with hp) and wanted some input. i love s5 but we all know how overly easy it is. i've played the s1 and s2 hard mods (s1 in particular was great) but the hm for s2 was way over the top imo. level one enemies giving status effects and being forced to go with magic turned me off and i did not want that with s5. I wanted to focus on major buffs to bosses and minor one's to regular enemies. thoughts?

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