[Guide] Armor Compatibility

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[Guide] Armor Compatibility

Postby Enigma » Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:25 pm

I have created a guide to show which characters can equip which pieces of armor. It is similar in layout to the guides on this site of this type for I and II. I have emailed Celes for assistance in uploading the file, since I get an error when I try to do so myself.

How the guide works:
Each character is in one of five equipment classes for body gear, and one of three classes for head/hand/foot gear. A character can equip any piece of equipment in that class, as well as anything in any lighter class.

The classes (listed in order from lightest to heaviest):
For Body Gear:
R - Robe
C - Clothes
L - Light
M - Chain Mail
H - Heavy

For Head/Hand/Foot Gear:
L - Light
M - Medium
H - Heavy

* NOTE - The item "Dress" that you get near the beginning of the game is currently blank, as I must have sold it in the file I used to test all of this. I know the Prince can equip it. Can anyone confirm if all characters can equip it, or let me know which cannot, so I can complete that entry?

This is my first post, so please excuse my newness.

*EDIT - I replaced the original file with an updated one. Changes made are those listed below.
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Re: [Guide] Armor Compatibility

Postby Celes » Sat Jan 17, 2015 6:57 am

Thank you for this contribution!

- You should change the "price" into something like "value", because almost every item has potch data. Price equals buying value and selling is half of that in other games. So in order to determine the value of items which are not soled anywhere, try to sell them and double that amount.
- Corruption Shell 350+ HP, 100+ Kills. The game checks current HP or max HP? What is a "kill"?
- Saint's Cloak 300+ HP, <30 Kills. What happens when the kill counter reaches 30?

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Re: [Guide] Armor Compatibility

Postby Enigma » Sat Jan 17, 2015 1:19 pm

Thanks for the help! I have made some additions and attached the updated file.

Some notes:
- The list of equipment and most of the descriptions came from the guide on this site. A lot of the potch values for items that cannot be bought are blank. That's why I left them that way originally. I have gone back and checked the sell price for most of the items and doubled that to come up with potch value.
The only items that now have no value listed are:
Dress - explained above
Armband of Destiny
Fish Head - I spent two hours fishing and was unable to catch a single one. I'll try again later.
Note that the Sun Set items cannot be sold

Corruption Shell and Saints Cloak - the game checks the MAX HP of characters to see if these can be equipped. I tested this today.
The Saint's Cloak requires fewer than 30 kills to be equipped. A kill means that character deals the finishing blow to any enemy. I'm fairly certain that kills by unite attacks and formation skills do not count for any character, but I have not extensively tested this. When a character has a Saint's Cloak equipped and kills enough enemies to where they would not be able to equip the Saint's Cloak, it remains equipped to that character, but if it is unequipped it cannot be put back on. I did not come up with this on my own; I read it somewhere years ago, but I'm certain this is how it works.

Again, I want to stress that the item list and MOST of the descriptions are directly from the guide on this site. I checked the exact amount of HP drain on the Blood Scale Mail and added that, and made the above additions to the "Potch" column. I am not trying to take credit away from anyone. My main contribution was acquiring the items, making lists of which characters can and can't equip each of them, and analyzing these lists to come up with all the armor classes.

If anyone can acquire a Dress and see who can/can't equip it, and check the sell prices for the Dress, Fish Head, and Armband of Destiny, this guide will then be complete. I hope some of you find it useful. I have done similar work for the other games as well, and will be posting them shortly.

*EDIT - moved updated file to original post

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Re: [Guide] Armor Compatibility

Postby Ra-kun » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:06 pm

Sorry, Enigma that attachments you have is error, i can't open it. thanks.

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