[FAQ] Co-op attack: critical and multi-strike chances count

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[FAQ] Co-op attack: critical and multi-strike chances count

Postby Punkaiser » Thu May 10, 2012 10:34 am

Hoping nobody will overlook unite attacks in S5 anymore, here I go with 2 tests to prove existence of critical hits and multi strikes from the unite's participants

- Test 1 : How does critical get counted?
Characters: Urda and Isato. Both characters only have 1 swing so multi strikes is out of question.
Pause this video at 0:27
In same one attack this unite output 3 different amounts of damage to 3 targets with not too much gap of defence.
3k4 on Sunri -> this is their real base damage
6k5 on LightS -> both urda and Isato critical hits for double damage or one of the two hit 1x and the other double critical hits.
8k6 on HeatS -> one of the two critical hits and the other double critical hits.

Conclusion : Critical hits get counted in unites as well as double critical hits

- Test 2 : Does multi strike get counted?
Characters: Prince and Lyon. both are equipped with multistrike + killer rune. Prince is set with RoyalP SS, UntoldC A ; Lyon is set with TripleH S and AllOS SS. Both characters could multihits and critical hits quite often. This unite is optimized with max Lyon point so it provides solid 1.5 damage modifier.

<Note: the ideal test for this should be an unite with participants got really low tech+luck but very high speed so they will more likely to multistrike while critical hits much less but there're no characters fit these requirements so i just test with those who have really high chance to cri and multi hits to check what kind of maximum multiplier they could produce>

Now please observe this video http://youtu.be/uwlaxY4IFHg
Let me sum up : prince normal hits on the Ulses for 570 damage, Lyon... 530 dmg
During the progress, note that minimum damage dealt is 1500 which fit for (lyon+prince)*1.5
and the maximum amount dealt is showing in video as 7200 with Lyon in fury state.

***Theory: Let's suppose that only critical hits get counted in unite and multi strikes DO NOT
Lyon in fury state should deal : 530 * 1.5= 795
Base unite damage = (prince+lyon)*1.5= (570+795)*1.5 = 2048

The max possible critical chance must be that both prince and lyon double cri for triple damage
-> maximum damage possible= 2048*3= 6144
but in real test there exists a number 7200 > 6144 which is supposed to be maximum damage possible
=> the theory above is wrong

Conlusion : multi strikes DO get counted in unite.

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Re: Co-op attack:Do critical hits and multi strikes get coun

Postby KFCrispy » Thu May 10, 2012 2:04 pm

thanks for providing this info! i think most of us ignored unites because they tried them (like i did) before really developing the characters. unites are always one of the first things i try when i start using untrained characters, and the numbers were always unimpressive. i'm very happy that i can expect them to be valuable late game :)

that gives Killer and Multi-Strike Runes more value.. especially Killer since they don't have any negative effects.

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