Best character by Classes.

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Postby Oppenheimer » Mon Jan 09, 2006 9:19 am

She "smash"es almost every time I use her and she can equip heavy armour. I think that makes her pretty useful.

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Postby KFCrispy » Mon Jan 09, 2006 9:26 am

well, Rita's strength (and only option) lies in her high Skill and Luck (hmm, in killey's stats, Rita's skill is average at 56 but in mine it's 63), which helps her connect normal attacks and use Critical and Smash skills. Nalleo would probably beat her in this category for Smash and Critical rate, but he also gets the godly Gozz Rune and tons of spell points so i rarely use normal attacks with him -_-

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Postby Silent-Lake » Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:42 am

I use Rita because she has pretty nice stats. Another reason would be that I got her very early in the game, so I can't be bothered to raise Nalleo.

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Re: Best character by Classes.

Postby KFCrispy » Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:27 am

I've been evaluating the 1-handed sword characters some more and still end up with Millay having the most utility--so I would. She, Paula, and Ameria are very similar in "features" (pipe down, I'm not talking about looks!): high SKL growth (3 rune slots by max level, high MP, good accuracy), high base MOV (all 6), Extra Move, Godspeed (all MOV=7 with Godspeed and 10 on a Kangacorn w/Godspeed), Bull's Eye for even better accuracy

-Millay can use a shield, which generally gives superior defense and some stat bonus (STR or SPD)
-Millay has a STR growth of A while Ameria and Paula have B
-Millay is in 2 unites. The Obel Soldiers attack involves Jeremy and Trishtan, and by the time you get Jeremy and Millay, you've probably been enjoying Trishtan's great early-game stats, and both Trishtan and Jeremy are pretty good early to mid-game. Her other unite is the Nymph Attack with Corselia and Rita. Rita is not very useful, but you can switch her in when you want the unite (although they take a long time to recharge). Paula has 1 unite but requires the Razril gang Keneth, Tal, and Jewel, so that's a lot of commitment to the roster and forces you to make space for 3 other 1-handed sword users--it's very impractical, and Tal and Jewel are definitely lacking in usefulness. Ameria has no unites--she's so lonely..
-Millay has more element options, mainly because there's the useful Wing Mail, and there isn't any equipment to change someone to Fire.
-Millay and Ameria have the Critical Hit skill while Paula doesn't

-Ameria has significantly more HP with a growth of A, while Millay and Paula have C. early on this could be an issue, but you're given plenty of equipment and the Switch ability to avoid bad situations for low HP characters.
-Ameria and Paula have better MAG, but it has limited use on fighters-- only extra flat damage on Magic Sword.

I still think Snowe is one of the best with his turn frequency (SS in Speed Growth with extra growth after lv 30, A in STR, S in SKL), but because he doesn't have Extra Move, he has limitations. You can't start from a distance away on a Kangacorn, ram through the target and retreat safely with him, so he needs more thought into how he can be used safely.

The other male 1-h sword users worth noting are Trishtan, Jeremy, and Keneth, but they're hardly on the levels of the other 4 characters mentioned above.
Trishtan is extremely useful early and still useful mid-game, but his poor stat growth in SKL and his SPD tapers off, leaving him somewhat average mid-game and easily below average late game, when he simply doesn't have anything going for him besides being tanky.
Jeremy and Keneth are pretty similar: Jeremy edges out Keneth with superior SKL (Keneth is not likely to get 3 rune slots) and MOV, but early on they are about equal, and Keneth's ability to equip shields gives him a marginal advantage. Late game, you might prefer Jeremy's 3 rune slots and higher MP, but he's kind of slow. Keneth's unite with Katarina is also more useful than the Obel Soldier Unite (Jeremy, Millay, Trishtan) simply because you can use Katarina, a mobile mage, instead of 2 other 1-handed swordsmen.

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Re: Best character by Classes.

Postby gildedtalon » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:06 pm

^Is there a reason you're leaving Jewel out of this?
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Re: Best character by Classes.

Postby KFCrispy » Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:26 pm

I basically ignored the characters who can't get a 3rd rune slot in my analysis except for Trishtan because of his unique advantage early game (even if you get even more characters such as Jewel this early, Trishtan still stands out at low levels). At the highest levels, the 2-rune vs 3-rune difference is pretty big in my opinion--choose between using Magic Sword, Kangacorn, Warrior, Gale, and possibly other things like Great Owl, Killer, and Violence-- being able to choose 3 instead of 2 gives the character far more versatility and damage potential.

I would place Jewel as the 4th top female 1h sword user, so around 5th overall for 1h swords. Jewel's better stats are her EVA, SPD, and MOV. She does have Extra Move and Godspeed and her lower SKL don't make her appealing to me (stuck with 2 rune slots)
+Her SPD growth is S, but so are Millay and Ameria.
+Her STR growth is A like Millay
+Base MOV of 6 plus Extra Move and Godspeed like the 3 other ladies give these characters big range
-The major downfall is her SKL growth is only B while the other 3 have A or S.

I think just using her SPD, STR, and movement skills, she makes a good Kangacorn user, but I would favor Ameria since she will be more viable offensively while not mounted.
The high EVA suggests she should use a Great Owl to stay untouchable, but better damage comes from using a Kangacorn (which pretty much removes her evasion feature).

The 1-handed swordsmen suffer from having limited damage potential overall: The best damage comes from being mounted on a Kangacorn but only when using the Kangacorn Rune, meaning most of these characters dedicate a slot to the Kangacorn. But being mounted drops your evasion stat significantly, so you want good defense and can't rely on evasion stat/skills during this time. While not mounted, the level 3 Magic Sword attack followed by regular attacks are pretty much the best option, but getting that 3rd MP, hit rate when doing regular attacks, and bonus damage from crits rely so much from having high SKL.

Ameria pretty much does what Jewel can but with extra MP and accuracy for regular attacks: yes Jewel has higher base damage, but Ameria's Magic Sword state can more than make up that difference with her huge MAG. Jewel should use Warrior and Kangacorn, while Ameria has Warrior, Kangacorn, Magic Sword. Now Jewel can try using Magic Sword because of how useful it is (change enemy's terrain and then always be on your terrain for damage bonus, auto-heal, and reduced damage) but she'd have to give up Warrior Rune, and now Ameria's base STR is worse than Ameria's and her Magic Sword state's extra damage doesn't cut it. Giving up Kangacorn doesn't make sense because her accuracy isn't very good, and Ameria would be superior since she can move all over plus use Kangacorn Rush while using Warrior and Magic Sword.

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Re: Best character by Classes.

Postby KFCrispy » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:09 am

Looking at the claw users, I don't know why I rated Akaghi so high and mostly ignored Nalkul. Nalkul has the highest SKL out of the claw users and SPD close to Wendel, so he'll have the earliest access to Sword of Magic and be able to spam the Lion Rune's 2nd skill more. Nalkul also can use Hand of God.
Out of the 3 Hand of God users, Akaghi is likely going to be limited to 2 rune slots, so he is only 3rd best for potential damage output, behind Champo and Nalkul.

in a comparison between Champo and Nalkul, Nalkul's higher SPD and SKL place him over Champo in overall usefulness. Nalkul even has better EVA, but don't rely on it. Champo is a little stronger, but he's missing Bull's Eye, so his accuracy may suffer when using regular attacks. However, in terms of regular attacks, Champo trades accuracy for the Critical Hit skill, so he is built to do more damage and you just need to give him accessories that boost SKL. Nalkul doesn't have the Critical Hit skill (but has Bull's Eye), but his higher SKL means he should focus on using rune skills instead, and the Lion Rune has wonderful attacks. Nalkul is also a good character to keep around Kyril when they're both using their natural Fire affinity.

Wendel also stands out until you get spoiled by Hand of God. She has great overall stats, including extremely high SPD. Her massive MAG stat makes her very effective with Sword of Magic.

I would rank them as Nalkul > Champo > Wendel > Akaghi > Mizuki

The claw users are all great characters, all having above average SPD, Extra Move, and Godspeed, above average EVA, as well as access to a great weapon rune attack, the Lion Rune's lv 2 Shredding Claw skill. All of them except Akaghi have good SKL stats, meaning they eventually get 3 rune slots, plenty of MP, and are pretty accurate for normal attacks.

Even though I rank Mizuki the lowest out of the claw users, she is still impressive with her evasion, high SKL and SPD. Unfortunately her permanent Shrike Rune is inferior to the Lion Rune (they are practically the same except that Lion Rune's 2nd spell hits 3 tiles while the Shrike Rune is completely single-target) and her base STR is pretty low, so she ends up being a pseudo tank to distract enemies rather than a killer ninja.

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Re: Best character by Classes.

Postby Wolkendrache » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:06 pm

I remember this was a subject in this topic: ... 40&t=14182
It contains a character evaluator. All those 5 claw users were in my top ten: Nalkul 3rd, Champo 5th, Akaghi 6th, Mizuki 9th, Wendel 10th. Nalkul was behind Lalacle and Nalleo, and above Kika! Due to their special progression Lalacle and Nalleo fall back a little at earlier levels, so maybe…
Try to get a Goblin Overcoat (is that the correct name?) at Obel 5a for Nalkul/Champo.
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