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Music Update:
Power Resembling the Sun

The legend about sun and great rivers, and the most pronounced form of beauty in Falena is expressed in the Sun Palace. The Falena Royal Family's family's tradition flows through the court music.

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Character Update:
Born of a bloodline who has been serving in the military for generations. Sius holds great respect for law and order. However, he is a frank, good-humored man.

11/15 King Blog Entry

Is 2 or 5 Stronger?

I wrote about my friend’s wedding ceremony in the last entry. I received baked cheese cake as a souvenir. The cheese cake had been under a frozen state for a while. Slicing it into pieces with a warm knife, I partook in a small portion after breakfast.

Hello all, sweets-loving King here.

Since it was morning, I only ate a little and looked forward to more scrumptiousness after work. It was very tasty.

With that pretense as the focus, let’s get into the main driving force of Suikoden V. In the Suikoden series, there’s a character who eats three cheesecakes in one go. As for me, I had 0.5.

Today’s talk is about George Prime. He was my third choice character in last week's blog. Being my top third character doesn’t necessarily mean I like or hate him. It just means I’m putting the most time and effort contemplating on ideas for the character, so please don’t misunderstand.

Anyhow, since he’s a character many fans are zealously looking forward to; in the development staff, we call him a “super member” and prudently think of many ideas.

Queen’s Knights a conventional [?] atop their head, but George, who’s been at Falena for only a few days, has short hair and can’t tie it. (The main guy’s argument is more persuasive, but…)
Originally, I designed his unique eye patch to express his role as a Queen’s Knight. But there are many in the Suikoden series with eye patches, so I wanted a design inferior to none, a unique design not resembling anyone else.

George’s blade, meant for battou-jutsu, is likely a custom blade. The black and yellow representing heaven and earth on the Queen’s Knight outfit is also relatively simple. Although His chest is a bit worn…

George’s fighting style stems from his nickname “George For Whom the Second Sword Stroke is Unnecessary," so he uses battou-jutsu.
Battou-jutsu is a sword style where the sword is kept in it’s sheath until the opponent attacks with a drawn sword, then the sword is drawn instantly for victory. I’ve been researching the awesome-looking battou-jutsu and am making it look much more like the real thing than it did in Suikoden 2. You can tell from the pose that George is concentrating his entire body’s nerves to draw his blade at an instant’s notice. He keeps the pose above when getting ready to draw his sword.

The problem is George’s Suikoden 2 stance was simply standing still…there are many people in modern times researching how to draw the blade instantly from a normal standing stance…so just in the case of those experts with a clear and serene mind, Suikoden 2’s Geroge sure is strong, eh! If not, it’d sure be strange, I persuaded myself.
Battou-jutsu. George. Truly the ultimate martial art!
A new skill “point above navel” that raises the critical rate, he fits in nicely as a Suikoden V character.

George keeps up the momentum stagnating! New! Deep! Awesome! With this as the George’s theme, I worked hard in clearing many obstacles. Look forward to his greatness in the game.

That may not be enough info, but I took a break from work to write this, so I’d better stop here.

Today’s final message,
I’ve been reading everyone’s comments and mail. Of course, the rest of the staff is also watching these comments. Honestly, I’d like to represent everyone and respond to the comments, but I’m still in the midst of finishing up Suikoden V here, so please understand.

The fan requests are numerous. I’d also like to respond to the the inside story about the staff, guests, and making of characters. My time is coming to an end here, so forgive me! As an apology, I talked about Georg today. (The preface about cheesecake is a true story though.)

I’ve read all the post card messages. The incredibly enthusiastic support everyone has been showing has made me shed many tears, so much so that I’ve gained renewed determination to do my best!

-Congratulations if it’s your birthday today. I’d like to celebrate, but how about buying Suikoden V?
-Thanks for pointing out the misprint. The meaning of the comment has become indecipherable now, so we can’t change the main text.
-Although Suikoden V is rated CERO12(for ages 12 or greater), I talked about alcohol anyway. That was quite unappropriate on my part! The private matter is indeed interesting though.
- Those I met at TGS, let’s meet again sometime.
- Overseas fans, thank you from far away.

Thank you so much everyone! (Whew, it sure has getting hot here!)

Well then, take care. Many thanks today.
P.S. Back to work!
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11/16 King Blog

I'm Entrapped Here! Really! & Movie Commentary

In this world, I want to go somewhere with a beautiful view, but if this blog’s contents get too thick, I may have to suffer someone’s “fit of rage.”

Hello, King here.

Today’s discussion is about the promotion movie.

We created the promotion movie for a grand showing at TGS2K5. The 3 minute opening combined with the 7 minute drama for a total of 10 minutes. I recall the staff’s great joy when the completed movie was shown to them. Just seeing their wide smiles made me happy. Those who haven’t seen it, please check it out at the download corner. However, the 3-minute opening of the movie on the official site and the DVD that came with the game magazine are being edited again for North America, it may become an entirely different thing. The true full version has been revealed only at TGS2K5.

Now, let’s move on to a cut of the promotion movie.

We decided for the movie to begin at the outset with a character(not yet revealed) speaking and subtitles appearing under the dark stagelights.
We wanted to casually tease everyone, and express in one shot that the “Queendom of Falena” possesses a mysterious charm. Following the applause, the movie jumped into Toriyama Yuuji’s intro music, evoking a charming, attractive feeling. We were greatly satisfied.

We goofed up with Rionne’s words. We have an exclamation mark instead of an ellipsis at the end of her statement. Those who didn’t notice, watch it again.(laughs)
And laugh to your heart’s content. Sorry! We put in way too much effort with the end of Rionne’s words.

That’s all for today. I think I’ll continue the discussion another day! Sorry for not taking enough of your time.

Well then, take care. Many Thanks.

P.S. Yesterday, I received a splendid gift from the staff. I thought of expressing my jubilation publicly here with photos of the incredibly cute… In fact, it’s so cute you’ve never seen anything like it, but it had been projected on the main site, so I’ll hold off on it. But I’ll definitely reveal it. It’s a promise!

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Soldier who is a close aide of Sius. Her facial expression rarely changes making it seem like he possesses a cold demeanor; but she's actually very sensitive.
11/17 King Blog

Double, please!

Hello, King here.
The title is not about sake.

Speaking of characters, there’s a lot to do. One of those is “voice performance.” We contentrated heavily on this point for Suikoden V.

The first step was auditioning. In Suikoden V’s case, we analyzed heaps of material such as voice samples, photos, and personal histories. Out of over 100 candidate, we picked the best people who could project the character images well.

The auditioning stage was extravagant. I may have many chances to check out auditions with this kind of job, but there are so many characters we’re concentrating on for Suikoden V, so of course there are even some splendid candidates we can’t pick.

So I think the voice acting will be superb, but I want to picked voice actors who can get into the role best. Well, that’s only natural of course. Now that I think about it, it was a good exchange of opinion(more like a battle).

In the midst of concerning many people, I believe bearing the character’s “final concave” is the voice actor, giving in wasn’t possible at first. While battling over opinions and looking at other candidates, we ended up choosing the most appropriate voice actors. Origasa Ai, who plays Syaries, is a good example of such.

The following also happened to Origasa Ai.

“She’s good for Syaries, but maybe should also do this male role?”

And like that, we have hired many voice actors for double castings. We tried to fit the double castings perfectly so that unless the gamers are major fans of the voice actor, they would not notice. This unexpected double casting can be thought of as one of Suikoden V’s interesting points. After all, the scenes with voice acting are all depicted below.

Whoa, it’s time already!

I’ll tell you about the recording sessions of the announced actors next time. I’m ending it here today.

Well then, take care.

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Beautiful woman clothed in a black robe who appears near the Queendom of Falenia's runes. She hides terrifying magic power. The respect for her every action is unparalleled.

11/18 King Blog

Simple and Plain Creations

That’s right…
This week, the character section was updated.
The black-robed babe! Dzerassa…right?
No…there were two more before her.

Sius and Lelei…a simple combination of soldiers.

Uh oh, I nearly forgot.

Hello, King here.

There are times when I can be forgetful too, so they’re the strongest, unrivaled, plain pair.
Tehehe, just kidding.

Today’s talk is about the two.

It’s quite pitiable. Each of the Queen’s Knights who protect Queen Arshetat Falenas and the people of the Falena Queendom are the glory of the genius strategist.
It looks like they will become buried in the shadows… Somehow my body remembers this sensation…I, I love these two!
Go go go! Do your best! Sius, Lelei! I believe I am not the only one cheering for them so zealously.
Now check out their portraits.

Cheekboned Sius… His illustration really expresses a “Damn! The rogues have come this far!” kind of face. That’s what he said in the promotion movie. Do you get it everyone? If you watch carefully, it also looks like he’s leading someone. In his character profile, it says he holds great respect for law and order… I’m worried It’s not that has no sense of belonging, but because he simply likes people.
The calm and composed Lelei…from her pose, no doubt she’s saying “You’re not getting through here!”
This is her promotion movie dialogue, for those who don’t know.
What kind of action will Lelei show in this tale?
Please look forward to it.

Is what I’d like to say, but since they are both wearing uniforms, one might lose sight of them amidst their colleagues.

Let’s finish with a large close-up.
Remember their faces well.
And…until the release date, please don’t forget them.

Yes that! That’s it for today.

I realized that when I look at the two, I become very sentimental. I wonder why. Surely, it’s not because I spent much effort in making them.
Besides, Dzerrasa was added today, so I wanted to end the discussion on the two this week. Analysis of her attractive design and character will be at some other time.

Well then take care.
Look forward to next week’s blog update.

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King Blog 11/19
Secret Appearance

Hello, I’m Sakiyama, director of Suikoden V.
I’ve been watching King’s struggle to update the King Blog from the seat next to him, but please allow me the chance to intrude on this weekend.

Without proper introductions, let’s talk about when Suikoden V’s development first began.

At the time, I considered some side story(gaiden) projects.
Then producer Matsukawa(currently in charge) appeared, suddenly asking “why don’t we try Suikoden V?”
That’s when I discarded side story plans and became Suikoden V’s director.
…It sure was a rapid development.

The next day, we decided on the essentials of the scenario:
-Setting is Queendom of Falena
-Appearance of the Sun Rune
-Protagonist is Prince who can’t succeed the throne
-Appearance of Queen’s Knight George Prime

Having decided on the draft of these basic elements, the long, ambitious project began…

As Suikoden V’s director, the first thing I thought of was “what is it that makes Suikoden, Suikoden?”

Then I thought(hey, I really want to touch on this subject.)
And the cornerstone of a new tale in the Suikoden series was born, we’ve been paying great attention to the main scenario, free scenario, and the characters.

About the reaction to our announcement on 9/5…
While I’m sorry for the long lines at TGS2K5, it made me fully realize the great anticipation for Suikoden V. The final effort to surpass those expectations continues.
We are halfway to the finish line.

Please look forward to Suikoden V.

Concept art at the time.(pic)

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King Blog 11/20
Sound Theater of Love ~Third Stage~

Hello. I’m Miura, the enthusiastic King summoned me here.
It’s a few more months until the release date, isn’t it? How are going to spend your time during this wait, everyone? Thinking back, I’ve been spending the past few years deeply engrossed in Suikoden 4, Rhapsodia, Suikoden 5…(heartily)

Well, I’ll discuss my job for my first entry in King’s Blog.
They put me in charge of Suikoden V’s sound.
Also this time, I’ve been given the important role of sound producer.
As the scope of the project expands, the content I need to create also increases, so the sound staff was re-organized.
Other than me, the rest of the sound staff is working on the Suikoden series for the first time. I’m in charge of steering the direction in which the music goes.

For Suikoden IV and Rhapsodia, you could say I produced all the music myself. This time, in producing all the music; I keep in mind to “maintain the theme of the Suikoden series while creating new pieces.”
In producing the main music, the melody and arrange, I focused too much on the fantasy idea.

Now that I realize it, the number of songs is the greatest in the series.
The in-game BGM went through many versions before completion. (the number of discarded versions is also the greatest)

I’ll have to take another opportunity to discuss the game music; well, there’s my message concerning the limited edition.
Currently, “that thing” to be included in the limited edition is still earnestly in production. A few unexpected people are also helping to make “that thing.”
This limited edition is going to be real fancy.
For greater details, we must wait for King’s signal. So please wait a bit longer. (I really want to tell you, but I’ve no choice here)

I must go now.
I’ll post again if called upon. Thank you for your continued cooperation.
About sound or music, don’t hesitate to give us opinions or requests.
Because user feedback of Suikoden fans is our greatest encouragement.

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Chief of the Beaver Clan, whose members are known for their sincerity and gentleness. He detests war and lives quietly at Faytus River.
King Blog 11/21

Main Visuals

Weber(W) / King(K)

W: Aaaaaaaa, waaaaaaiiii~! K,kiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg~! P, please tell me about the main visuals!
K: …What did you say!? Where did you hear about that!?
W: N, no use hiding it from me! I have proof!
K: Damn you! (Even though I was crying the other day!)

Seeing that Weber came here breathing heavily, he likely came here heaving read publication V-Jump.
Info about the main visual was officially released in an article.

Hello, King here.

Today’s discussion is about the main visuals.

Main visuals probably isn’t a term you hear very often. Hmm, to put it simply, “the game title’s sign illustration,” such as the package illustration or perhaps I should use the expression “package art.” Considering this is a blog, I’ll try using the same esoteric vocabulary we use in-house.

Since the main visual is an extremely important highlight to overcome for both Suikoden V and Art Director King, so I have deep feelings for the official revealing.
With those deep feelings aside, preparing for tomorrow’s reservation campaign, that illustration is flying all over Konami’s offices. We’re trying to place it in as many places as possible for public exposure.

Sorry, but we can only put up a small picture here.

Representing the world of Suikoden V is a difficult task.
While assembling all these different elements, I also wanted to make it easy to understand in a mere glance.
Suikoden V’s main visual consists of the Sun’s radiance and the Queen, the flow of the great rivers and thoughts of various important characters who share close bonds,
To express all of that, I borrowed the strength of many.
In the blog, some commented that the number of characters should resemble what’s typictureal in Suikoden. And that came to be the case.

Also, the picture you see before and after beating the game will be different.

Those with a sharp instinct may have already seen it.
I challenge everyone with this main visual.
I think there are still many unaware of Suikoden.
If you know anyone who doesn’t know about Suikoden V, please show them this main visual.
It’s for them that I created this picture.
This is a picture I have borne all these years.

And there are still many secrets in this picture.
The full particulars are not clear yet. So look forward to updates about that.

Forgive me poor scribbling here in the midst of my excitement.

That’s all for today.
Take care. Tomorrow’s the day!

P.S. Blog updates have become more intense. Whew! Thanks for the weekend update! Sakiyama! Miura! I’m grateful!
Please make another entry sometime.
So tomorrow is the day before we lift the ban on the reservation campaign info. Everyone involved is moving around frantically. It’s become so grave our hands are shaking.

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King Blog 11/22


At long last, the promised day has come.

Hello, King here.

Today, the limited edition info I’ve been hyping all along shall be revealed.

Moreover, Art Director King’s analysis accompanies it!
Time to give you all a pat on the back.

◆◆◆Suikoden V Limited Edition◆◆◆

Deluxe Creation Data Collection(will be roughly 200 pages front to back)

-Character Illustrations
A scrumptious treat of illustrations that we put our heart and soul into of even yet unannounced characters

- Creation Data Collection
Over 150 characters and a countless number of beautiful art boards and storyboards; you’ll be able to see it all bare! A tightly packed collection originally meant for game production use

-Game Recording Score
Specially arranged so that it be played easily instruments such as a piano.
Piano players will love it.

Fitting for a limited edition, packed with exclusive info you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s just that excess spoilers will no doubt be included as well, so I encourage you to view it only after having completed the game once.

Original Soundtrack(Picture Label)

New arrange version of Suikoden V music, a Suikoden V tribute album with bonus tracks!

Now to introduce one of them.
Responsible for the music in rhythmical action game OZ, popular even overseas…let’s welcome the great Yamane Mitchell! Say that title!

“Finale Dedicated to Noble Souls ~Piano and Orchestra~”

The incredible concertos of Mitchell, who is both a composer and pianist, can even cure King’s sicknesses instantly!
In a previous blog entry, I wrote about a “certain thing” curing my stomachache; well that “certain thing” is this.

I wrote about it discreetly, but I actually cried out loud.(true story)
Knowing the whole drama behind Suikoden V, and understanding all the major connecting points of the story, I could not stop my flooding tears.
“Crying in the company, as an employee…isn’t right…,” I thought.
I’ll reflect on it.

Anyway, I’m sorry for hyping it everytime.
Just trying to put a lid on my mouth was very painful, and possibly damaging to my health.

And also, sound guy Miura who showed up on Saturday naturally, gathered the composers of famous Konami titles, and arranged 7 pieces just for this limited edition.

And for it to worthy of the “tribute” title, unused tracks meant for the main game will be included, for a grand total 10 tracks.

-Deluxe Art Board(Connected Triple Illustration) (Including the package art, 3 deluxe sides, can be used as a stand

I wrote yesterday that there are secrets in the package art.
I’m in the mood to spoil now, but I can’t give away much!

Main Game(Clear Case and Reversible Jacket Design)

We’re still ruminating on what illustration to use. What would you be happy with?

OH! OH MY! An incredible package, isn’t it?

Although this may be abrupt, most of the staff including me will be sure to reserve at the store this software we created ourselves.

Lining up in the store and following everyone else, while watching everyone from the shadows lay their hands on it, and laying my own hands on this game I gave my all for…
Ahh, such a wonderful feeling.
I think of that as my final task.
I’m worried if I can even get a copy of Suikoden V for myself.
I’d better reserve it quick!
Go to a store with this poster at the front! I’ll be there too!

Take care for now.

PS: I must officially emphasize, everyone who reserves, regardless of the limited or standard edition, will receive the special content DVD.
Oh! Check out the special DVD package too!

Contents may change.
Copies are limited, so please reserve early.

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Full credit goes to jainsafel for this translation

Opening Movie Production

2005.11.23 Wednesday

Hi, I’m Tsuchiya, but everyone calls me “Tsuchi~.” Nice to meet you!

This time it’s me, the one who produced the opening movie, who will be talking with you. My happiness knows no bounds because already it seems that there are a lot of people who have seen the opening movie (hereafter called the OP).

Well, the Gensou Suikoden Series’ OPs I’ve been in charge of are Suikoden IV, Rhapsodia, and now the one for Suikoden V. In this one, while hearing “Wind of Phantom,” the song written for the OP, the first image to arise is a full view of Falena from a high place. The kindly rays of the sun pouring onto fertile land; the murmuring of a small brook bathed by warm light falling amidst the surrounding trees; the stream of the river of dawn awaiting daybreak – these and other scenes spring into the mind, giving rise to an indescribable need to have them materialize soon.

Originally, I produced a lot of scenery CG, and so I tend to emphasize the beauty of the mise en scene however I can. And actually, King’s request from the beginning was for “lots of beautiful scenery.”

That said, the the appeal of Gensou Suikoden is in the introduction of its various characters, so steadily completed illustrations kept appearing at a lavish rate. The main thing was to decide “in what kind of scenery can we have them stand that will have them shine the most?” It’s normal, though, for anyone’s eye to tend to be drawn to the characters first, but to bring the characters even more to life, the existance of the mise en scene is essential. If the the producer works with his whole heart, then of course the characters will have a soul. However, if in a mise en scene the very air (including the temperature and the humidity) cannot be sensed, then the characters so painstakingly invested with a soul will suffocate. The characters and the mise en scene have an inseperable relationship.

Why not try giving that kind of ‘power behind the scenes’ mise en scene some special thought every so often?

What with one thing and another, the advance order campaign has been launched.
The contents of the limited edition and the special advance premium DVD were released at the same time. We were concerned not only about all the fans, but also the completion of the main work, you know? King has already mentioned this, but what is currently released to the public has different music than in the Suikoden OP that reached everyone via the North American promotion movie. The music used in this edition of the OP is a wonderfully majestic composition by TORIYAMA Yuuji. Those who haven’t heard it yet, please look forward to it!

Well then, until we meet again,
take care!

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People gathered beside the hero, each for their own reasons, oppose a great force. The hero himself takes up sword and shield, along with the others guided by the stars, to challenge a battle. Starting with a heroic A melody, it develops into a B-C melody to express people’s wishes for peace in Falena.

King’s Comment to Comments 1


I didn’t think we’d receive so many comments on this blog.
It makes me so happy. Everyone in the staff also reading the comments.
Really, thank you so much.

Hello, King here.

Looking through the numerous comments each day makes me think about many things.
Since this comment was a contribution made by Tsuchi, I contemplated over whether or not this would be a good way to respond. I ultimately decided I definitely wanted to write about it. My apologies, Tsuchi.

Kakamaru’s Comment:
As a housewife, my first run through the Suikoden games is always with my children; it feels like we’re all immersed in the journey together. So when one of us says “I wanna check out the scenery there,” we occasionally wind up in a place far off from the flow of the main story and completely forget what we were supposed to do next in order to progress.
In Suikoden IV, I often visited the Solitary Island and Nekobold Village. The scenery along the way was enjoyable; unless it was an absolutely necessity, I avoided Viki’s assistance.
I’m also looking forward this time to closely taste and feel the atmosphere, temperature, and humidity of the land.
This adventure with the 108 stars and my children will be a fun one.

Greetings, Kakamaru.
Thanks for commenting on all the joyful elements.
Even though I read your comment after work, my great rapture could not be expressed in words.
How should I put it…I felt power flowing through my wins, as if I could still fight.
Thank you very much.
Actually, I have two sons myself. My second son was born the day I was assigned to the role of Suikoden V’s Art Director.

It’s often said that truth is stranger than fiction, it makes me recall the events of that day.
My wife’s water broke early in the morning, so I accompanied her to the maternity hospital before heading off to work. It was the same with my first son; luckily, I was present this time too as my baby was delivered. I can still remember gazing at my child’s face, and being filled with the same incredible feeling of overflowing vigor.

Of course, I was very late to work that day, but Matsugawa said with a huge grin,

“It’s fine, take it easy today! Your baby’s been born? Great! Congratulations!”

It made me feel a great sensation unable to express in words.
Again, it’s the exact same feeling I felt in reading Kakamaru’s comment.

To know that you enjoyed Suikoden IV’s scenery together with your children really got to me! It made me really happy!
So it’s possible to enjoy Suikoden in such a manner.
It’s as if I’m being taught about creation here.
I put much thought into my drawings, especially the idea of Suikoden V’s “bond with previous installations.” I never felt before today that there’d be such a great connection
Between Suikoden IV and V.

Just the same, the thought of families embarking together on the journey that is Suikoden V excites me to no end.
I really want you all to play it as soon as possible!
Look forward to the release date!

I want to play Suikoden V at home with my kids too…
I’d like to go on a journey with them together.
The younger one might not understand anything though…
By the way, although Suikoden V is ranked CERO12(for ages 12 and under), as a parent, I’m not telling myself
“I couldn’t possibly show this to my little babies! No way!”
I’ve been concentrating on making it appropriate for all ages.
But Suikoden tradionally has…you know…yea…that…!

Other than that, I wanted to do double time responding to some other interesting comments, but that’s all for today. It’s getting late now so let’s leave the rest for tomorrow.

Well then, take care.

P.S. The photo is of the King Jrs. It’s a memory from the summer. Seeing the expression of marine animals reminds of Suikoden IV.

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Leader of ruined village Lordlake. Two years ago, Duke Rovel’s close aide Talgeyoo was entrusted with the management of Lordlake in his stead.

“King’s Comment to Comments II”
2005.11.25 Friday

The idea for the reversible jacket came to me while my head was still in the clouds.
But I’ll leave that discussion for another time. Look forward to it!

Today is a continuation of yesterday’s response to comments.

Hello, King here.

Thanks again for the comments, Kakamaru.
It made me happy amidst all this work.
Well! I’m gonna try to respond to as many comments as I can today (sorry).
I, King, will comment. Surely, everyone has been awaiting favorable answers.

-Entrance examination takers
The big test is coming up in a year, so it isn’t exactly the time to be playing games. But you can still look forward to Suikoden V!

Logically speaking, the entrance exam takes priority.
I think there should many studying for it here. I took it too many moons ago. To know that you’re balancing the entrance exam and Suikoden V at the same time makes me so excited. If you buy it, don’t even take off the plastic seal and store away Suikoden V. That’s a sure-fire way to score a few extra points.
“Don’t worry! The Prince won’t run away!”

-We want Falena to be a nation we’ll be remember well for many years to come after beating it.

We are all giving our best effort under the mindset that there will be a never be a second opportunity to show the Queendom of Falena ever again.

-Is Syaries’ outfit really ok for Suikoden? Somehow, her bosom seems a bit unnatural, making me think “whoa!” everytime I look at it.

Ugh, is that ok? Well now that you mention it, I suppose there are different answers to that. Syaries underwent numerous character designs, but the Syaries in my head told me “King! This one makes me look really hot!” So that’s how her designed ended up the way it is.

When doing this work, these phenomenons happen from time to time; strange, isn’t it?

-Those anticipating the limited edition
The creation data collection for Suikoden IV was great, so I’m looking forward to this one too.

We were very conscious of the previous limited edition when creating the Suikoden V creation data collection. I remember seeing the smooth, polished, and artwork-filled book and thinking “wow! I’ve never seen anything like this!”

-Everyone who announced they will pre-order or buy the game.
In the old days, we never had the chance to hear customers saying “I’ll buy it!” before the release day. It make me realize how much times have changed. I am too happy!

-I was successful in begging my parents to let me use online shops, but they’re not taking pre-orders anymore.
I fear there may be some with the same problems regarding the limited edition. After some more time, try mail-order shop, and nearby game stores or shopping centers.
I don’t want to say anything irresponsible here, but I’ve encountered a similar situation before, so I know exactly how you feel.
This might ease your mind. I once saw the limited edition(although only one) of a previous at the front of a shop after it went on sale.

But there may still be many who are anxious, you can submit a mail form to us on the left side below the calendar.
-In the special DVD, it’d be nice if the all TV commercial from the past are included.

TV commercials also count as promotion movies! Of course they’re in!
But there might be some minor changes.

-The release date approaches, I’d better find a part-time job soon…
I’m speaking from one who’s working, but I feel exactly the same. As we see these comments, we also think “that just means work will actually be meaningful.”

Umm, the soundtrack to be included is improperly labeled sounddrack.

Splendid work! To commemorate, we will fix it before release! (weeps)

-I’m looking forward to the next blog update(Do your best, but don’t overdo it either).
“I’m looking forward to it!”…I don’t think any creator would overdo it after hearing that. Please, continue to cheer me on from now too!


I’m reaching my limit.
My co-workers are telling me not to do a sloppy job here, but please, let me stop for now.

Thank you very much everyone.

That’s all, take care.

For now, good luck on the entrance exams!(poster statement)
Here’s some fan service!

P.S. We may not be revealing as many characters next week. Sorry!

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Postby dragonmasterx » Sat Nov 26, 2005 12:44 pm

2005.11.26 Saturday

Director Sakiyama here, I’m using this day off to post again.

One of Suikoden V’s themes is bonds.
I’d like to discuss the relationship chart today.

I put in extra effort to avoid spoilers, but I might still reveal certain points in the story. If you’re worried, then I encourage you not to look into it too closely.

For those mentally prepared, read on.

The original drawing is chock full of spoilers, so I had to minimize it and shade out certain parts. I apologize.

This relation chart became the basis of Suikoden V’s tale.
Every character is enclosed and tied by bonds such as family, trust, unrequited love, work, loyalty, hometown, hatred, archenemies, etc.
The individual bonds piled on top of one another became a giant thread, and weave a new history for Falena.
Each line drawn on the relation chart will be incorporated into the game.

The Suikoden series is not the story of a single hero.
Suikoden is about expressing 108 heroes.
I’d like to develop the characters from a side view through substantial events, town conversations, and home base conversations.

I’d like to touch upon this idea of “bonds” again.

Well, that’s all for today.


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Postby dragonmasterx » Sun Nov 27, 2005 8:42 pm

Wind of Phantom (First Part)

2005.11.27 Sunday

Hello, all, I’m Miura.
I’m writing this from Tokyo Bay on my day off.
This time, I’ll talk about the music of the opening movie, which was also discussed in Tsuchi’s entry.
It looks it’ll be quite long, so I split it up into two parts.(laughs)

At TGS2K5 and the official site, it was distributed through streaming. To welcome the 10th anniversary of the series, Toriyama Yuuji was entrusted with the opening music.

Is the music appropriate in adorning Suikoden V’s opening movie?
There’s something we absolutely wanted to express when creating the opening movie.
Thinking back, it wasn’t long after I joined the Suikoden staff… (around Suikoden IV) that I decided on this objective.

That is…the live performance of an orchestra and guitar sound together

Although you may think that the combination of a live orchestral performance and guitar is nothing extraordinary, matching a live orchestra’s pitch with a guitar performance is extremely difficult.
As a guitarist and knowledgeable about orchestral sound, it was Toriyama Yuuji who accomplished the task.
Speaking of guitar sound, you can hear acoustic guitars in the music of previous works. But for some reason, we’ve been staying away from the electric guitar.

This time, we’ve got the guts to feature electric guitars too.
Yes, this is part of why I asked for Toriyama’s help with the music. Toriyama is not only a renowned guitarist drawing attention to Japan from all over the world and plays with a unique charm on the electric guitar.
The electric guitar is fitting for the Suikoden series after all.

It was a trying task, but for new Suikoden music, but I told myself getting the electric guitar part right was key and waited for Toriyama’s drafts of the music.

As I heard the demo tune, and my anxiety was instantly blown away. My body quivered at the birth of this new Suikoden music. In the song, you can hear acoustic guitars, electric guitars, etc., various string instruments from all over the world. A perfect performance from Toriyama here.

(I digress, but the game’s music is also on “a journey.” The hint is in the guitar.)
And as I had hoped for, an orchestra played the string instruments live.
”What!” you ask? Britain’s “Royal Philharmonic.”
To explain briefly, it’s a band that is nearly always busy playing for the British ruling family on various ceremonies.
This is an old story, but they also performed at Crown Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding.
This band has a packed schedule, attending official business year round.
But they are allowed to take on private tasks during a short period from July to August. Under those restricting conditions, Toriyama’s “Wind of Phantom” was recorded at London Studio.

And that’s how Toriyama’s guitar and the royal philharmonic’s fantastic performance resounded across the land of Falena.

Well, I would like to discuss the latter half of this discussion, on the details of how the idea for this opening movie became certain.

Well, see you next time.

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Postby dragonmasterx » Mon Nov 28, 2005 1:43 am

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