Official Suikoden V Info

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Official Suikoden V Info

Postby dragonmasterx » Fri Sep 16, 2005 6:45 pm

Following the example in the Rhapsodia thread:
This topic exists solely to give known facts about Suikoden V, please do not speculate on its contents here; do so in another topic. Also do not ask questions about missing content: if it is known it will be displayed here, if it is not then you'll have to wait or can speculate about possibilities in another topic. However, if you have verifiable information about Suikoden V that is not in this topic then feel free to mention it with its source and we will investigate. Also if you feel that something in this topic is not clear as to its meaning then please ask us to reword it to make it clearer.

Official Suikoden V site located at:
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Postby dragonmasterx » Fri Sep 16, 2005 6:45 pm

Prince of the Queendom of Falena. He is the eldest son of Queen Arshetat Falanas and Falenian Knight Commander Felid. He wields a Falenian royal treasure as his weapon, a connected three-piece rod.

An apprentice Queen’s Knight. She has been assigned the special mission of protecting the Prince. She uses a long polearm with a sword blade.

Arshetat Falanas
The Falenian Queen is well respected by her people. She has been making a great effort to erect a peaceful nation.

TGS Interview
The “deepest entry” in the series draws near!
A direct interview with Producer Matsugawa Tomonori!

Please tell us about your hardships in developing Suikoden V.
Certainly, figuring out how exactly to tell the story and how to resurrect the characters were most trying.

How far along is Suikoden V in development?
Just…a bit more.

What kind of exhibit is planned for TGS2005?
We’re going to show a 10 minute movie exclusively at TGS; and we’ll have a special booth set up, allowing people to play thoroughly through the first 15 minutes of the game. The number of people that may get the chance to play is limited, so we apologize in advance. Certainly do come and check it out.

Are there any specific points you’d like the visitors to notice?
Of course, I’d like them to notice the character designs. But mostly, I want them to get a feel of the personality and way of life of the characters from their dialogue. After all, that is Suikoden V’s focal point.

Lastly, do you have any final words for those eagerly waiting to purchase Suikoden V?
We are aiming for Suikoden V to be the deepest entry in the series. Please look forward to it. The first SRPG in the series, Rhapsodia, and the PSP remakes of the first two games will also be on display, so be sure to check them out too!
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Postby Oppenheimer » Sat Sep 17, 2005 10:43 am

I have created a thread for speculation of information found in this annoucment. Please use it rather than speculating here. Thank you.

Edit: Please note that those who post incorrectly will have their post deleted.
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Postby dragonmasterx » Sat Sep 17, 2005 11:00 am

I don't think this is "official" info, but this guy went to TGS and his impressions are quite informative. I didn't translate unimportant parts.

- Eldest son of Queen Arshetat Falanas and Queen’s Knight Commander Felid.
-Wields a Falenian national treasure as a weapon, a connected three-piece rod.
-Choose voice A, B, or mute.
-In the Queendom of Falena, males do not bear the right of succeeding the throne.
-Generally doesn’t speak.
-I’m worried that he hasn’t been officially announced to be the Tenkai Star.
-Wears an orange outfit, the officially revealed outfit, and a deep red outfit.
-Seems like his skills are “attack” and “agility”(I think).

-Knight apprentice
-Responsible for protecting the prince.
-Undyingly faithful to the prince.
-Since the hero doesn’t talk, she takes his place in developing the story; so hopefully, she will be a likeable character.
-When talking on the field in town, she shows up behind the hero(while other characters don’t) .
-Skills are “agility” and (? I forgot).
-M-range .
-Voice actor is Sendai Eri.

Georg Prime(male)
-Gained entry into the Queen’s Knights through his long-time friend, Knight Commander Felid.
-Dons a black outfit(uniform of the Queen’s Knights), and an eyepatch over his left eye
-At a glance, he seems to be in his 30’s.
-Oses “martial instruction” as a fixed skill, others are “abdomen?”
-Bears a critical attack rune.
-I can’t figure out his weapon, but it seems like a sword .
-Short range.
-Speaks very casually to the hero; requested by Rion “please stay alert in the royal palace.”
- To that, he responds “yea, my job’s to serve the court, but I’ve been doing this for a long time, it’ll be okay.”

-Arshetat Falanas's sister.
-Aunt of the prince, she lives her days at her fancy.
-Golden hair, which covers her left eye.
-Purple outfit, and her apparel within is quite small.
-Skills were something like ”long-something” and “magic.”
-Uses a “sphere” weapon type of the same descent as Akagi’s.
-Long range .
-Voice actor is Orikasa Ai .

Arshetat Falenas (female)
-Well respected by her people.
-Has been making a great effort to erect a peaceful nation, but…
-The Sun Rune seems to be attached to her forehead.
-A scene where she goes mad and loses herself has been spotted.

-Said to be to have a large build.
-In addition to being Arshetat’s wife, he is the Commander of the Queen’s Knights.
-Renowned as the hero who saved the kingdom, for fending off enemy invasions at the front lines.
-Hero’s father.

-Sister of the hero.
-Eldest daughter of Queen Arshetat Falanas and Queen's Knight Commander Felid.
-Chances are that she is the next in line to succeed the throne.
-In addition to golden hair, she wears a necklace on her left ear.
-Short stature, outfit has a very Asian flavor.
-She adoringly and lovingly calls the hero “oniisama.”(brother-honorific)

-A Queen’s Knight.
-Limslair’s personal guard .
-Wields a small two-handed katana.
-Approximately the same age as Rion.

I got to play for around 15-20 minutes, but it felt like it ended in a flash.

Although I did get to ‘play,’ the event scenes where I couldn’t move my character lasted for a while (but don’t get me wrong here, it certainly wasn’t boring). When I was finally able to move around town, they mercilessly tapped me on the shoulder saying “sorry buddy, time’s up.” I wanted to play as fast as possible to get out of town. I don’t think anyone had any enough time to leave town to check out the battle system.

The story begins above a ship. The hero, Rion, George, Syaries are together.

On their way back from Solfarnis, they are introduced through some nonchalant banter.
Upon arriving at the capital, they have an audience with the Queen. The Queen is most affectionate and loving.

As the Queen listens to the report of their observation, a flashback scene begins.

The scene is Lordlake. As the name suggests, it’s said to be a town possessing incredible beauty, which is quite rare within Falenia.. But now, the canal has dried up, people are succumbing to sickness, and the land has degenerated into barren ruins.

It seems like the reason for Lordlake’s deterioration is the rebellion plot of two years past. In order to quell the rebellion, the Queen used her Sun Rune.

Under those circumstances, Duke Rouel of Lordlake and his wife were sentenced to death. Now old men wearing hats with special features called “talgeyu”(spelling?) (many in town can be seen wearing this hat) serve as mediators in the town. Talgeyu-wearing townspeople who act rude are actually prefaced with an apology.

And now, the player can move freely. I immediately checked the stats. Skills and runes work just like I mentioned before. Skills are completely different than anything up until now, I noticed skills like “agility” and “magic defense.” And others like George have “martial intstruction” and “abdomen?,” while Syaries has “longslow” and “magic sword.

-Earned skill points can be placed in the stock for all to share.
-Wonderful, this is epoch-making. SuikodenIII really annoyed me with all those saved up, but unusable skill points earned with Chris. It looks like Konami listened to the fans this time.

Also, it looks like the 6-member parties are back. It looks like the standard three in the front and three in the back from Suikoden 1-2; but from the movie, it looks like some kind of formation change is possible. It reminds me of Romancing Saga 2 of years past.

By the way, this seemingly alterable “formation” is “initial formation” in the beginning.
The Hero, Rion, and George are in the front while Syaries is in the back.

In the settings, it seems like characters’ auto attack patterns can be changed to: attack a particular enemy, attack those with low hp, or attack those with high hp.

For equipment, names like “Queen’s Armor” are common. This naming style is close to Suikoden 3.

Upon completing the status check, I embarked on field exploration. In the melancholy town, the might of the True Rune is very apparent.
It’s so bad that the lady at the clinic even said “the patients’ conditions worsen immediately upon seeing royalty” (She’s likely one of the 108 stars)

At this time, a smiling Konami employee tapped me on the shoulder saying “time’s up."

Director – Sakiyama Takahiro
Art Director – Tanaka Hotsuki
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Postby dragonmasterx » Thu Sep 22, 2005 8:52 pm

Official Site Update:

The short passage about Georg and Felid reveals nothing new. It's pretty much the same thing mentioned above in the TGS impressions.

New info was revealed in the 9/21 issue of VJUMP.

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Postby dragonmasterx » Sun Sep 25, 2005 11:14 pm

The release date for Japanese version is 2006 2/23

Source: ... 99&range=1

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Postby dragonmasterx » Wed Sep 28, 2005 10:34 am

In order, the 3 new characters on the site are Syaries, Limslair, and Miakis. Info about them is the same as what's above in the TGS impressions post.

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Postby dragonmasterx » Tue Oct 18, 2005 5:57 pm

Music Section Update:

Distant Journey
Field theme when moving on the world map. SuikodenV's setting lies on a continent southward of the Island Nations, the flourishing Queendom of Falena. Seeking new chance encounters, the hero's entourage journeys across the vast land. This song is played with the image of the series' traditional top-down view of the world map.

Commentary: Miura Norikazu

Battle Begins
The battle theme used for world map encounters. The hero uses a special convertible weapon passed down among Falenian royalty. As if dancing on the landscape, he employs graceful techniques using his weapon. Starting out by conveying a sense of speed and engaging those who stand in the hero's path...then developing into elegance, being blessed by the sun, rivers, and streams.

Commentary: Miura Norikazu

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Postby dragonmasterx » Tue Oct 25, 2005 9:50 am

Another Music Update:

Despair and Hope
Starting with the harp and flute to play a lonely melody; the hero's , who has been thrust into a dilemma, feelings are expressed. Remembering something important, the hero discovers a faint glimmer of hope amidst despair and grasps it to stand back up. The calm melody's tempo increases and without any pause, the Chinese fiddle intertwines in the song.

Commentary: Miura Norikazu

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Postby dragonmasterx » Mon Oct 31, 2005 7:13 pm

Character Update:

The most elegant of the Queen's Knights. He tends to be seen as superficial, but is actually deep-seated in his beliefs. Kyle is disciplined in a formless sword style; it's impossible to predict his next move from his loose sword stance.

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Postby dragonmasterx » Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:54 am

Character Update:

An old general who's also the eldest among the Queen's knights, he's a stubborn one who considers himself a Queen's Knight before anything else.

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Postby dragonmasterx » Tue Nov 08, 2005 10:39 pm

King's Blog: ... l#comments

King's Introduction


I'm King, Suikoden V's art director.
For those who met me a TGS2005, it's been a while.

From now on, I'd like everyone to just call me "King."

Since there are probably many who have never hard of an "art director," I'll briefly explain their duty.

To put it simply, you could say they put the finishing touches on artwork.
Traditionally, Suikoden is a series requiring Murayama's designs and images. Ruminating from that starting point, my job is to work out ideas and determine what the game's ultimate goal is.

I believe the most critical aspect of that is the characters. Suikoden's number of characters is so great that other games can't catch up; so detailed knowledge of the deep characters are necessary. Especially since Suikoden V is an extremely ambitious project, the value of art direction also naturally skyrockets.

Aiming for the top is also the designer's wish. And that is my main priority for Suikoden V. But since it's called Sukoden, I must absolutely be conscious that I'm handling a series precious to many people. I'm trying my best with that in mind, so please offer me your support.

That's all for now.
What kind of development will ensue...
Is something only the gaming gods know for sure.
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Postby dragonmasterx » Wed Nov 09, 2005 11:35 am

Blog Update: ... .html#more

Suikoden V's Hero

Weber: K, Kiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggg~! Forgive me for being so sudden, but which characters are you putting the most thought into?

King: Everyone, of course!

Weber: No way! Can’t you reveal to me your top 3 characters? Because I need some scoop here!

King: …(What’s up with this site?)

3rd place: George Prime

2nd place: Queen Arshetat Falanas

1st place: The Prince

Weber: I can kind of tell your favorites, but then again…

King: We all have our biases, it’s human nature.

Let’s begin from that pretense, hello again everyone. King here.

Today, I’ll discuss the hidden episode of the development of the character I’m putting the most work into, our hero, the Prince.

Since the prince bears an “important mission for all” at the Queendom of Falena, getting his character right is absolutely critical.

Before I got into that, there were three points I established:

-One who possesses strength no less than previous heroes.
-One who can see “newness” from a mere glance.
-One who somehow commands the respect of many.

From here, putting in order the design took about half a year…
During that time, I drew another completely different red character with “protagonist” written on his back, and had him serve as the Prince.

For quite a while now, I had been feeling attached to the character. But at any rate, Rion, the hero’s guard, was finished a long time ago. I think the staff were considerably irritated…I apologized.

Game Screen

Rion journeys the vast land of Falena while looking on from behind the prince; I wanted to make it more clear the importance of the Prince’s role and Rion’s duty as a personal guard.

The significance of that may be that the Prince’s design was saved by Rion.
Thanks to that, it came to be that the Prince is able muster self-confidence to present himself to everyone…what do you think?

Please come up with a good name for the hero. That is my wish.
(Note: You can use up to 8 spaces for the hero’s name.)

Well then, take care for now.

P.S. There will be many important announcements before the end of the month! Please look forward to them.
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Postby dragonmasterx » Thu Nov 10, 2005 11:45 am

3rd King Blog Entry:

Beware of Spoilers!?

If anyone thought “grr, damn it,” upon reading the title, I offer my condolences. There’s nothing like that really, so read on without any concerns.

In the normal sense, people wouldn’t want to know the “real truth” until buying Suikoden V. But no worries! I’m not spoiling anything!

Hello, Tanaka King here.

Although this is the third day of the King blog, something good regarding the limited edition happened, so I’ve decided to report my excitement. First, just for your ears, there will be a “limited edition” of Suikoden V. And my delight concerns a “certain item” that will be packaged with the limited edition. In any case, I was sooooooo happy that my stomachache was instantly cured. It’s a bit embarrassing to say this for me, who prefers things simple to the point of being pitied, but my tears of joy blowing away my stomachache may be a case of “all illness comes from the mind.” It’s starting to make me think that humans really are truly mysterious creatures.

At the same time, it was the moment I confirmed that a “limited edition” is being prepared.

But even then, that's all I can say for now. The details on the "limited edition" and the "pre-order campaign"will be revealed on the 22nd, please wait for just a bit longer.
Forgive me for being so secretive.

Although I just talked about the limited edition here, but of course, we're still doing our best to make Suikoden V "fun."

Seeing the comments here greatly energizes the staff.
We can feel the vigor flowing within us! Thank you for all the support!

This blog will still continue to be updated.

Well then, until next time.

P.S. I just found out that the pre-order bonus and the purchase of the first shipment bonus will be different. Pay attention, everyone! Many magazines will be on sale tomorrow. Be sure to check them out.

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Postby dragonmasterx » Fri Nov 11, 2005 12:08 pm

A genius strategist, who along with Felid, endeavored to defend Falena. Although always smiling; underneath that mirthful countenance, Lucretia is constantly making decisions composedly.
King Blog Entry#4

Super Stars' Debut!

Today’s Suikoden V mystery concerns a superstar! And that is, the strategist!

Hello, King here.

The Suikoden V official site, has been updated.
Lucretia has been added to the character section.

Lucretia serves the role of strategist; but there might be some people who have no idea what a strategist does, so allow me to explain.

In modern terms, a “strategist” is known as “chief of staff.”
During the game, the strategist’s duty is to serve the Prince, instructing him on matters of warfare. They can be thought of as the “most able supporter” of the war effort. Traditionally in the Suikoden series, “strategists” have always led the hero to victory.

This time in Suikoden V, Lucretia will become the Prince’s strategist and back everyone. Now, what kind of character will Lucretia be like in the game? Please look forward to it.

Great pains were taken to create this strategist, so I’ll talk about Lucretia’s design.

More than depicting our strategist’s role as a significant individual in the Queendom of Falena, I aimed to give Lucretia a suspicious air. I focused on the theme of “myseriousness.”

Lucretia has many special characteristics, but what’s most intriguing are those stylish tabi-like boots. They’re so cute, I want a pair too.

That reminds me, Queen Arshetat…no one’s seen her feet. (Why, you ask? Aww, you’re making me blush…)

A kimono, blond hair, and brown skin may seem like an odd jumble, but no matter how Lucretia looks, the large folding fan immediately indicates “strategist.” Perhaps it’s Lucretia’s essence?

Check out those forelocks, do you notice anything? The hair in front of Lucretia’s left ear is dyed green.

This is certainly hiding a special secret.

As a child, Lucretia ran into some trouble in buying hair dye from a merchant and there are still remnants of that.
You’ll uncover more of this secret as you play the game, so please look forward to it.

Earlier, I mentioned that Lucretia’s concept was focused on being “mysterious.” I think that smile is the most mysterious, what does everyone else think?

Till next time,
Take care all.

See you next week.

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