Speculation Guidelines

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Speculation Guidelines

Postby Shirofan » Wed Jun 15, 2005 1:40 pm

When posting speculation, in existing topics or new ones, then please stick to the following guidelines to keep everything running smoothly:

1. Always base your speculation on known facts and not on what you'd like to see. Because of the fantasy nature of Suikoden then the implausible can happen, but if you are relying on it for your point then it will be not be taken seriously.
A prime example is posting wanting a character not alive during Rhapsodia's timeframe [after Suikoden IV] to appear. Stick to those known to be alive and the ones with unknown ages.

2. Unless there is a confirmed fact to the contrary then no speculation is ever wrong. There may be information suggesting it is incorrect which can be used as a counter argument; but do not blatently claim another must be wrong if you don't have the confirmed facts to back it up.

3. Counter-arguments and replies need to use known facts to back up their cases even more than the topic creator. Feel free to state previously unlinked facts that bolster an argument if that is what you agree with. Not all speculation needs to be shot down as implausible.

3. Do not take it personally if someone posts a complete counter to your speculation; they are trying to provide a balanced argument for people to think over and make up their own mind, they are not trying to attack you.

4. Do not claim to know the answers when speculating, or use language that suggests you do. Stick to words like might, could, likely and apparently instead of must, will, certainly and obviously.
Even if you do speculate correctly for the most part then you're not going to be able to predict everything, so even if early speculation is vindicated then later stuff may not be.

5. Remember it is a game: This title will almost certainly not explain all the entire Suikoden series' outstanding mysteries, show the complete world map or feature a cast of thousands of named characters. A game like that would take so long to finish that it won't be out for several years; so please take into account limitations of the software before making gradiose speculation.
There will end up being limitations on what can be done by the style of the game itself; please do not speculate on the way those gameplay facets must affect the Suikoden series plotwise; especially before you have a chance to play the game.

6. Finally think before you post; people will show your ideas more respect if they are well rounded and thought through, than if they are posted on the spur of the moment.
Similarly check to see if a topic exists with the same or similar speculation before posting a new one; people are liable to get tetchy after ten different topics about how Jeane will return.
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