ST's Simeon as the Tablet Guardian or the Chizen Star?

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ST's Simeon as the Tablet Guardian or the Chizen Star?

Postby ninjaluc79 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:42 am

While I was thinking about a Suikoden story with a female Tenkai, I came across Simeon of Suikoden Tactics, who as a powerful, seemingly ageless sorcerer, had a permanent Flowing Rune in Tactics, kind of like how Sarah, the Chizen Star from S3, had the same, and it was even stated in-story that she had her Flowing Rune since birth.

It is possible to include Simeon in my story since he is supposedly ageless and I am inclined to set my story immediately after S4 and Tactics, as to coincide with the creation or at least the early days of the Feitas Dragon Cavalry in Falena, would he fit as either the Tablet Guardian or the Chizen Star?

From what I gather, the Tablet Guardians (Luc, Ted, and Zerase) almost always automatically join the hero faction, has something to do with whatever the featured rune of each of the games are, and are the most powerful mages in their games; whereas the Chizen Stars (Crowley, Mazus, Sarah, Warlock, and Alhazred) are often difficult to recruit, and are often overshadowed gameplay-wise by the Tablet Guardians anyway.

What are your thoughts about this? Thanks in advance.
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Re: ST's Simeon as the Tablet Guardian or the Chizen Star?

Postby Antimatzist » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:59 am

I think he is more a Chizen Star. Mysterious backstory, great magician - whereas the tablet guardians most often also have some connection to Leknaat (also, Ted was the tablet guardian only in name, Desmond fulfilled that duty in IV) or destiny or whatever. So he could only work as the tablet guardian when he would play a greater (but still mysterious) role in the backstory. (Zenoa in Tierkreis is similarly mysterious and has some connection to the table of promise)

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Re: ST's Simeon as the Tablet Guardian or the Chizen Star?

Postby sticky-runes » Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:26 am

Suikoden 4 did not have a tablet of promise, it just had a board pinned up outside the war room with everyone's name on it that was looked after by Desmond. Also Ted was an optional character. He appears in the intro animation, but he is missable and the game can be completed without him.

Simeon does seem a good choice for a tablet guardian, though. You could give him some sort of connection to Leknaat if you wanted. For example, when you get him those items in Tactics to perform his ritual to try and cure the fish people, he inadvertently summons enemies from a portal he creates. Leknaat possesses the Gate rune which connects different worlds, so maybe she detects this and watches him to make sure he doesn't cause another disaster like Warlock did when he summoned the giant tree, which gave birth to the Rune Cannons and caused all kinds of trouble. Perhaps at some point during Simeon's travels with Corselia to search for Kyrill, he finds a way to open a gate to wherever Kyrill's parents are, and Leknaat confronts him about it, telling him to stop meddling and exposing this world to more chaos and alien threats, and he ends up becoming the tablet guardian in your game as a favor to her.

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