Why wait for suikoden 6...?

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Please justify all speculations with reasons why you think such an event could happen.
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Re: Why wait for suikoden 6...?

Postby ENDmyinitials » Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:02 am

Wolkendrache wrote:One at a time. Finish S4 demake. Then start a chronicles project, and finish it. And so on. :wink:

The problem is i can't work on suikoden IV demake atm... My laptop has been away from me since march of 2015. I have all the resources on the laptop. That's why I've been creating new sprites and working on new ideas until I can get my laptop bask. But that will probably be in the summer of 2016. That's why I created all my sprites.

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Re: Why wait for suikoden 6...?

Postby borjitasstoi » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:08 am

My perfect suikoden 6:
-drop every rune created
-drop every stat stone or rune piece
-return with sharp
-all stars are playable
-relationship system (similar like fire emblem) eixample you put in party or you talk for him = unite more powerful
thats all sorry my english...

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Re: Why wait for suikoden 6...?

Postby Qeo » Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:40 pm

borjitasstoi wrote:My perfect suikoden 6:
-drop every rune created
-drop every stat stone or rune piece
-return with sharp
-all stars are playable
-relationship system (similar like fire emblem) eixample you put in party or you talk for him = unite more powerful
thats all sorry my english...

Your english is fine! :)

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Re: Why wait for suikoden 6...?

Postby Raven » Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:28 am

I want to see falena war againts nagarea for suikoden 6. Because i want to play and see the prince new outfit lol

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Re: Why wait for suikoden 6...?

Postby wataru14 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:36 pm

If a Suikoden VI was ever going to get made, I would like to see it wrap up the big mysteries of the world. I don't mind that the series would be ending (remember Jowy's speech to Pilika at the end of S2: "Enjoy the moments you have together, because nothing lasts forever. Okay?"). Things end. That is how the world works. That being said, I would like the series to go out with a big epic finale, as opposed to just dissolving away into nothing like it's doing now.

So, what I would like to see:
- Set in or around Harmonia so we can find out exactly why Hikusaak wants all 27 True Runes.
- Set after Suikoden III
- Include the 11 True Runes we don't know about (even if it only mentions their names).
- Explain what's going on with Viki, Jeane, Pesmerga/Yuber, the Sindar. Leave no major mysteries unsolved.
- Have the extraneous members of the five-man band be non-stars (we didn't need five mermaid/blacksmith/beaver stars)
- More alternate choices for who embodies which Star. Maybe have a mechanic where recruiting certain people makes others uncrecruitable (or even makes others quit your army entirely), forcing you to turn to alternative choices.
- Expand S5's "Liking Points" system. Maybe go full Dragon Age and have approval be visible and have a real effect on the plot and character interactions.
- Get rid of the "unrequited crush" thing that seems to happen in each game. Either allow for the Tenkai to have a real romance relationship or don't include it at all. Not being allowed to have Riou actually end up with Eilie really bothered me.
- Reins in on the Petting Zoo people. Kobolds and Lizards are cool. Ney-Kobolds are OK. Ducks and Beavers? Are you f***ing kidding me?

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Re: Why wait for suikoden 6...?

Postby blackdrgn2 » Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:51 am

ENDmyinitials wrote:I know it's illegal to make a suikoden game, but let's face it. suikoden is dead. The suikoden team has been disband. But we the fans can make suikoden come back to life. I want to help the series continue. I was curious in knowing everyone's opinion.

Where would you want to see suikoden 6 take place? Should it be in the western continent, nameless lands, or bad lands ?

The sindar people are believed to be traveling south, but south of what? It looks like Harmonia judging from the map. Would the western continent count as being south since on the map it's south from both grassland and harmonia.

Should there be more than one main characters? A main character from the howling voice guild sent on a mission by harmonia. An adventurer who is on a quest to find the secrets of the sindar and the "eternal city". And a nonhunman main character who is runaway kobold slave from harmonia being hunted by the howling voice guild.

What is this new true rune all about? Could it be time, space, or both od maybe something else?

Should the Tenkai Star be from a village that stands over the true rune. Underground there is an ancient sindar ruin that holds the true rune.

If it takes place in the western continent should albert be leading the army of the zelant kingdom onto the western continent? His motives could simply be to gain fame, or he could be a double agent working for harmonia. If harmonia is after the true rune within the western continent ithey would need to ally themselves with the zelant kingdom who is currently trying to unify the whole western continent. In order to gain safe passage, harmonia has lend reinforcement to zelant in order to gain access into the zelant terrority and the western continent. While zelant is busy trying to take over the western continent region, harmonia is sending agents even from the howling voice guild to seek out the true rune, and assassinate anyone who gets in the way.

I am a simple man, I see Suikoden I comment.. if you ever finished with making the game, can you please contact me?? All I need is a closure for this suikoden series, and there is still alot of mysteries yet to be solved right now..

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