Suikoden 1 letter box

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Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby sticky-runes » Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:13 am

I guess this would make a speculation topic, but if you got the chance to add a suggestion box to suikoden 1 like all the sequels have, what letters do you think characters would write to the hero? Feel free to include references to other Suikoden games and even add humour if you like.

Lepant: A Father's Pride
Commander Tir,
It may not be my place to say this, but I truly believe General Teo would be proud of all you've accomplished. You are a natural born leader and a strong example to others, and I am proud to be fighting alongside you.

Eileen: Our son
You may not believe it, but Lepant in his younger days was much like our boy Sheena is now, always off gallivanting and getting into trouble. Sheena's such a lovely young man, really. I hope you and he can become good friends!

Sheena: Kasumi or Valeria?
Both women are hot in their own way. If you had to choose just one, which would you go with? Personally I'd pick Valeria...

Lotte: Mina
So the dancing girl is also named Mina? No wonder people were looking at me funny when I was calling out “Mina! Mina!” while I was searching the castle. If you see my cat, please let me know.

Kamandol: That cat
Please tell Miss Lotte to look after her accursed familiar properly. Twice now that cat has gotten into the laboratory and broken valuable equipment and ruined my experiments. If it happens again, I will not be responsible for my actions.

Yam Koo: Missing fish
Lately all my best catches have been disappearing. Did somebody bring a cat into the castle?

Fu Su Lu: Roar!!!!
I tried to scare off that witch's cat by unleashing a mighty roar that shook the whole castle, but the cat just yawned and curled up on my tiger skin and went back to sleep. Guess I should hone my skills more.

Meg: Uncle Juppo's Project
I saw Uncle Juppo working on something that looked like a barrel with arms attached. I asked what he was building and he told me it was a secret and to mind my own business. What do you think he's making?

Rock: The Dwarves' Vault
Did you see the size of that vault the Dwarves have near their town? It's enormous! I would love to run a place like that someday.

Stallion: Too small
There's hardly any space on this rock to stretch my legs. Next time you head out, be sure to take me along, okay? My speed will definitely be more useful out in the field.

Futch: Black
Commander Tir, Black liked you a lot from the moment we first met in Gregminster. I miss him terribly, but I think he'd be glad I am part of your group now. I will fight my hardest to honour Black's memory.

Futch: Your friend
I heard you lost your friend Ted. I might not have got along well with him, but I now know how it feels to lose someone close. I am sorry if I caused any offence back when we first met.

Lester: Gremio's stews
Master Tir,
I took the liberty of looking into your servant's recipes, and his techniques are simply amazing. You can spend an entire lifetime studying cookery and still make fascinating discoveries in the most unexpected places.

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Re: Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby BrucePrintscreen » Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:38 am

Excellent idea and I like your suggestions! I'll try to find some too :)

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Re: Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby Antimatzist » Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:54 am

Yes, awesome letters! Maybe I can come up with a few as well.

Mathiu: Odessa
I think i now understand why my sister chose you as the new leader. I await your orders.

Mathiu: Apple
Please take care of my student. She may be young, but she is already well-studied in the arts of war.

Mathiu: Leon
His abilities are among the best the E.pire has to offer, but we should keep an eye on him. He would do anything for victory.

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Re: Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby sticky-runes » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:52 am

Here are some more...

Ronnie: Pahn's Fighting style
That Pahn guy is a good fighter, but I'll bet I could upstage him if we fought together.

Kai: Further training
Hey, Tir. You've come a long way since our last training session, and I'm very pleased with your progress. Why don't we go out and take on some bad guys some time? Two stickfighters are better than one, right!

Kai: Fukien and Liukan
Good to see some more old timers among your group. You should let us fight together. I'll bet us old codgers could show you young whippersnappers how to kick butt!

Flik: Alen and Grenseal
Those two knights who worked for your father... They may have been Imperials, but their swordsmanship is remarkable and they're pretty good with runes too. Perhaps I should spar with them some time.

Onil: Private Letters, huh?
I'll bet you're getting all kinds of interesting information in these letters. Too bad all the information is confidential, but if you need juicy gossip, you know where to find me!

Marie: The man from the inn
I see you've recruited that scoundrel who did a hit and run at my inn back in Gregminster. I would hire the debt collector to teach him a lesson, but it seems you need his strength. At least he pays for his drinks now. Just don't let him be a bad influence on you, okay?

Viktor: The Innkeeper
I think Marie's still sore at me for not paying my bill at the inn that day. But if I hadn't done what I did, then we'd all be in trouble now, right? I wish she'd stop looking at me like she wants to skin me alive and mount my head on her wall...

Viktor: Nickname
Ever since Hix called me "Bear-like" back in the Warrior's Village, it seems to be catching on. Now everyone's starting to call me "Bear". Do I really look that much like a bear?

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Re: Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby Wolkendrache » Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:52 pm

Awesome! Let me give it a try...

Krin: Help!
I’m being accused whenever someone’s missing a single coin. Master, I’d only go for the big fish, I don’t care for small fry, trust me!

Sheena: It’s not about me this time…
Father says you must not be harmed, because you’re not only a youth, but also a leader. Mother says you must not be lonely, because you’re not only a leader, but also a youth. PS: Is Cleo single?

Eileen: Dinner
Please come and visit us for dinner whenever your friends are busy. If you have clothes which need sewing just bring them along. Don’t be shy.

Lepant: Big heart
Just in case you wonder about my wife’s motherly attitude towards you: she feels so sorry for a boy in Sheena’s age who already lost his parents. Her heart is so big, it’s easily big enough for tw… never mind. Good night and take care!

Milich: Name suggestion
If only the entire castle looked as lovely as my roof terrace, I’d suggest renaming it into Château des Roses Écarlates. Zen is the most precious jewel around here, in my humble opinion.

Mose: Ronnie
When I was busy forging fire spears day and night at the secret factory, I asked Ronnie to do the housekeeping, fearing she’d beat me up for asking that. Surprisingly she enjoyed and mastered it.

Kirke: Hunting for a job
I see, there’s no need for an executioner here, so I’m currently looking for an alternative occupation. Tell me if you’ve got an idea.

Blackman: Scarecrow
This former executioner offered his help, so I told him I need a scarecrow to protect the fields. At night he came to my house and proudly put 13 crow heads on the table. This guy’s totally nuts!

Clive: A hint
We must get to Rockland as soon as possible…

Crowley: Advice
If my rival shows up in this country, you all better leave it!

Kreutz: Barbarossa
I can’t wait to face the illegitimate emperor. Please take me with you when we storm Gregminster palace.
"Within the four seas, all men are brothers" Shuihu Zhuan

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Re: Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby sticky-runes » Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:02 pm

I knew Wolk would come up with some good ones!

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Re: Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby veriaqa » Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:14 pm

Hi Prince, how are you today?

Hi Commander [hero], I'm sorry I wrote the wrong letter to you.
I've came with an army who loves death like Yours loves live.

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Re: Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby sticky-runes » Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:36 am

Kamandol: Sergei's "Invention"
It's a rather quaint device, don't you think? I don't mean to disrespect the man, but the elevator is actually a very old invention, some say it dates back to an elder race. Convenient as it may be to not have to use stairs, I find it's use very limiting; after all, one cannot travel to the next town or country by moving vertically, can one. No, I believe the future of transport lies in high speed vehicles, which is why I currently spend my time working on boats.

Sheena: Viki
Who needs boats when we can just have Viki teleport us to places instantly, right? Besides, she's a lot cuter than the all sailors we have working here. Even if she is a little kookie.

Quincy: The Red Ninja
What was his name? Fuma? He claims to be a master of stealth, but with that bright red outfit he might as well be sipping tea in the garden with those frilly noblemen, he doesn't exactly blend in any where else, does he.

Kessler: Thieves and Lowlifes
Commander Tir, ever since I came to this castle of yours, I've been surrounded by the lowest types of thieves, bandits, pirates, smugglers, scoundrels, gamblers and con men that this country has to offer. I salute your good taste, sir!

Kessler: Lady Odessa
Commander Tir, I was terribly saddened to hear about Lady Odessa's passing, she was a fine woman and a true heroin. Know that I will honor her memory with every Imperial bastard hewn down by my axe.

Kwanda Rosman: Bandits
Master McDohl, I see you've recruited a lot of bandits and outlaws to your cause. As a former defender of the realm, it may not be my place to say, but those bandits do make remarkable axemen in battle. You could do a lot worse.

Krin: Strategy
Hey, how's it going? Next time you march off to war, why not have me sneak me off to the enemy camp. I might be able to uncover their strategy and use it to our advantage. Or, I might not. Hee hee!

Giovanni: A humble request
Master Tir, I have a humble request - please do not call upon me on the battle field. I'm no fighter, and I feel my skills would be put to better use caring for the quarters of my master Lepant and Miss Eileen.


Ledon: Stealing Victory
Master Tir, I know I swore never to steal from you and yours ever again, but why not employ my thieving skills against the Imperials? I might even be able to pilfer some cash from those bastards!

Kasumi: Trust in me
Master Tir,
I noticed you have surrounded yourself with some unsavory types. I will not judge your decisions, but please know you can trust me on the field of battle. My skills as a ninja are far more effective than those thieves and bandits.

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Re: Suikoden 1 letter box

Postby Roshambeaux » Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:44 pm

I believe that you're doing it all wrong guys. The letters should be written in true Suikoden I fashion: with hilariously bad grammatical errors!
For Example:
Pahn: Thank You
I am a sorry for having betrayed you before. You could've executed me, but decided to forgive me and take me in. Thank you for placing your thrust in me once again.
A raw tomato for the win!

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