Geography of Toran

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Geography of Toran

Postby BrucePrintscreen » Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:16 am

Hello folks,
I had the pleasure recently to read the Suikosource page about the Geography of Toran Republic. I mean this one: ... ation_id=4

I noticed Blue Moon did comments on what the different regions of Toran look like, comparing "Gouran" to far East and "Kunan" as the Western one. I have to say, I agree, and these feelings are obvious.

I had the thought that other regions can also be seen as an in-game emulation of our own world:

The Lorimar region seems North American to me. Remember this is the somewhat stereotypical vision of a Japanese designer, but being European myself I think I can recognize a few North American stereotypes past the fortress of Lorimar: the Warrior's village is made of log cabins, which is how non-American people tend to imagine a traditional American pioneer village, like in Little house in the prairie and such. Tengaar looks a bit like an archetypal Native American girl, she's a Tiger Lily of sorts. And even when you did this time travel to Ted's childhood, which happens while exploring the Lorimar region, the music then becomes sort of reminiscent of Native Americans.
Yeah I know, there's also Neclord's castle there, but only a rich American could build such a tacky imitation of European architecture :P :lol:

THe Dana region is mentioned on your webpage as "difficult to fit in a mold". Really? It seems pretty obvious to me that this region is the Russian one. The name Kirov, the theme song with sort of balalaikas, the sturdy houses in grey that looks like a Siberian place, and Leon "Trotsky" Silverberg dressed like Lenin... to me this region is the Russian Suikoden.

Oh one more thing, you mention Banner mines are only discussed in publications, but I'm pretty sure it is mentioned in-game: when the Empire threatens Mathiu to send a child in forced labor if he refuses to join them, I'm pretty sure they say they would send the infortunate kid to Banner mines.

Well that's just a few thoughts, do whatever you want with it :)

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Re: Geography of Toran

Postby Jocky » Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:42 pm

I agree with your thoughts on this Bruce. I also had an idea as to the region that would best suit Zelant. It said that Erst, Norma, Mueller, Wilhelm and Richard all come from here. To me they all sound Germanic, Belgian or Austrian. That sort of area. And if this is indeed the case then there are a few others that could probably belong to this area as well, such as Kreutz & Eikei(S1), Rody(S3), Konrad, Gretchen, Reinhold & Helga(S4) and Zweig(S5) I'd even hazard a guess as to the origins of the Maximilian Knights. It's said that they are located in the Scarlet Moon empire but nowhere does it say they were created there, (apart from a vague reference about Gary & Ema (S4 & Tactics) heading in the direction of the Scarlet Moon Empire after the Island Nations War) so in my mind it's a possibility that the Knights were a break-away faction from the Zelantian Mercenary Brigades. Even the name Maximilian, although truly Roman in origin is still a heavily poplar name in Austria being the number 2 choice for boys a few years ago. Also with names like Isabel & Mathias it's hard NOT to assume that they have Germanic roots.
Anyway that's my 2 cents. I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Any other thoughts as to the regions of the Suikoverse guys?

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