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Suikoden Speedruns

Postby srd_27 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:33 am

Hey, I've seen speedruns of Suikoden games briefly mentioned throughout the forums before. But it seems most of the regulars here still didn't know that much about this activity.

Speedruns will be interesting for anyone with interest in advanced gameplay of the suikoden games, which I suppose applies to all the readers here. Both the routing and execution involves intense knowledge in the gameplay mechanics, which anyone normally doesn't experience in regular playthroughs.

Recently there have been speedrunning activities done across various Suikoden games, with lots of routing currently being work in progress. Maybe one of you guys here will also be willing to contribute?

Here's a list of some Twitch channels who's been doing Suikoden speedruns recently, hopefully one of you will also participate in the future. :D

- (Done lots of works in Suiko 1 RNG manipulation, currently working on Suiko 4 NG+ routing)
- (Recently done a sub-13 hour run of Suiko5, planning to do Suiko 5 108 Stars run in the near future)
- (Will do Suiko4 NG run soon)
- (Doing various Suiko1 speedruns, and is also exploring Suiko3 speedrun routing)
- (Doing various Suiko1 speedruns)

The runs are also not limited to the main RPG games as well. I recently did a Card Stories NG+ speedrun here, will be glad to have more competition in the future.

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