Selling suikoden figurines for twenty bucks each!

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Selling suikoden figurines for twenty bucks each!

Postby dcebulsk » Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:40 pm

First off, very very sorry if selling is against the rules. I've just had these in my closet and ever since moving in with my girlfriend I've been trying to save some space. I do a lot of selling on amazon and craigslist, but figured this site would be the most interested :)

Here are the figures.

All were purchased around 2004-2005 from gamestop and target. I was a huge fan of the series (still am! Playing through Suikoden II again on my phone). They've been in the package since then, excellent condition. The only mishap was Hugo, the adhesive on his package wore thin and it came apart when I last moved. A few little pieces (his weapon, I think) fell out but I made sure it's all there and complete.

Send me a message at [email protected] or post if you're interested in me shipping these to you. I'm looking for about twenty bucks each. I'm seeing them for 30+ online so it's a pretty good deal I thin.

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