Higheast Province

Questions about the locations mentioned in the series; and those about the backstory not seen in the games.
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Higheast Province

Postby Celvantis » Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:53 pm

Something thats always bothered me is the Higheast Province.

Suikoden is not a black and white game, clearly so and in reality lands and nations are annexed and occupied all the time so Im curious as to what everyone else thinks as we have no real infomation to go on the ultimate fate of the province itself is.

Seeing that the locals are still so unhappy to be in Dunan at all they started (and lost) a cival war over a decade after defeat still being a boiling point issue of that magnititude I dont belive that will never go away truely, nor the locals start becoming Dunan flag waving nationalists. There is no real indication they are even represented and continue having tax and trade filtered of to muse.

A bone of contention for me is Jowy declaring that the region simply cant house both nations which I fully disagree on.
I dont think its the nations that caused the issues but those people on the top of the deck and after the wars the decks on both sides was so truely suffled Darrel and those connected and related to him had gone, and so was the Blight Family. With a clean break of the peoples who -caused- the problems utterly are the victims of it I think it truely is possible in the future both nations could coexist even if they did remain culturally hostile and I can't see Higheast ever giving up to Dunan Nationalism.

Whats the views?

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Re: Higheast Province

Postby KFCrispy » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:12 am

you can easily find examples in our world's history and can then imagine how Higheast's story plays out. If Dunan rules fairly, you can look at something like the United Kingdom's territories.. in 2014 Scotland was asked if it wanted independence, and the No's won by a slight margin. The referendum clearly showed the mixed feelings they have about the UK and Scotland's history.

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Re: Higheast Province

Postby Wolkendrache » Fri Jul 03, 2015 6:09 am

I’ve read this:

It seems that it was just a small riot, and a Harmonian general seized the opportunity to attack Dunan, so it was actually a conflict between Harmonia and Dunan. The riot was probably caused by some Highland reactionists trying to gain back their status. I guess these were former officials and royalists, most of whom have never seen the front. The majority is still tired of war, maybe that’s why it was just a small riot.

The Harmonian general was stupid and rash. Here’s a strategy that works better so far:
- Secretly send snipers into the Higheast and let them shoot both rioters and peaceful citizens to bring the latter against the Higheast leaders.
- Additionally pay and equip unemployed people to stir more trouble.
- The regime is forced to flee to Dunan, and the Harmonian general can install a puppet regime.
- The poor educated and newly recruited Higheast soldiers cry out “kill all the Dunans and Dunan descent scum, long live Highland!” Now, many people in the southern part of former Highland are of Dunan descent. There is also an important Dunan military base in the southern part of Higheast. Dunan pays a huge amount of money annually to lease that site. Now that the south is threatened by the Higheast military, Teresa Wisemail orders a referendum be made in that part. Of course the people vote for being part of Dunan (even though autonomous) instead of getting slaughtered by the Higheast forces. Now Dunan doesn’t need to pay rent to the Higheast.
- The Harmonian general spreads the information that Teresa Wisemail annexed the southern part of Higheast, calling the people from the south “separatists”. Teresa is depicted as a devil who hates democracy and freedom, kills homosexuals, eats children, and who wants to take over the world, even though she hasn’t attacked another country and doesn’t stir trouble in faraway countries. Conquering the Dunan base in the south is actually one of the main goals.
- The leaders of the Grasslands union, in their infinite stupidity, side with Harmonia, and thus risking a war against Dunan which would destroy both countries. They imposed economic sanctions on Dunan, but they suffer more from this than Dunan. The Grassland leaders know that Harmonia spied on them, but they don’t dare complain. Most people of the Grasslands want friendly ties with both Harmonia and Dunan, but they are completely ignored in the name of a so-called democracy. Harmonian officials should still make sure that no one’s overhearing them while they say “F#ck the Grasslands union!”
- Toran is actually the biggest thorn in Harmonia’s flesh because they have the potential to become more influential than Harmonia soon. Toran sides with Dunan, knowing that they’re in trouble as soon as Harmonia controls Dunan.
Sorry for getting lost in reverie again.
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