Zexen Grassland War?

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Zexen Grassland War?

Postby Joel » Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:01 pm

In the beginning of Suikoden III the Grassland Tribes and Zexan were at war, yet it was never explained why. It doesn't appear as if neither side struck first and the Grasslanders appear to be peaceful, and only willing to fight if they were being attacked first. Were the Zexen's on the offensive just for the sake of taking their land or is there something I'm not noticing?
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Re: Zexen Grassland War?

Postby eldrasidar » Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:03 am

Grasslands essentially enjoys the same relationship with its neighbors as Poland did for much of the last 500 years. it is a very weak geo-political area, which is easy to attack, but equally hard to defend, because it's well...grasslands. it is essentially a buffer zone between 3 large powers, occupied by several unorganized small powers. none of the 3 large powers actually want the area, because then they risk war with one another, but they like to regularly send out patrols into the area whenever it is politically expedient to do so, as winning a fight raises morale, and losing a battle convinces people to continue to support the military as clearly more resources must be spent to keep the people safe. Eventually this process has gone on so long, nobody remembers the original reason they were fighting. It's actually a very effective political strategy, although despicable it may also be. By the time of Suikoden 3, the zexens and grasslanders are fighting invariably as a result of one side or the other avenging the previous engagement.

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Re: Zexen Grassland War?

Postby Aerolithe Lion » Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:34 pm

They refer to it as 'border disputes'. Basically squabbling about little sections of land, much like what's happening with Israel and its neighboring countries right now.

So with the information given, they were at peace due to the last flame bringer war and both sides participating to stop Harmonia. Slowly border disputes escalated until they got so bad that battles broke out. Not 'WAR!!!!!' but getting there. So the beginning of the game shows the severity of those disputes with the Captain of the knights kicking the bucket. This is basically a plot point to build up how important the peace treaty they were about to sign was.

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