Succession in a Queendom

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Postby alsatian » Sun Jan 14, 2007 1:46 am

Okay, I'm very curious. It's been mentioned more than once in the game that if Lym's a queen, then the Prince would not be a Prince. So, is this concerning legitimacy of the title (prince seen as a rebel), or if the siblings of a princess ascend to the throne, the sibling will lose its prince/ss title?

I recall Sialeeds was refered to as Lady Sialeeds; I don't think she was ever addressed as your majesty/highness. Same goes to Haswar.

So, is it correct to say that the prince will simply be addressed Lord once his sister ascend to the throne?

On a side note, IIRC in British monarchy, a prince/ss will always be prince/ss except if he/she's become the monarch, correct?

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Postby Chris_Lightfellow » Sun Jan 14, 2007 2:23 am

Sialeeds was called Your Highness several times in the game, but the title of Princess wasn't used. So, in my opinion she kept her status as a member of the royal family, but not the title.
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Re: Succession in a Queendom

Postby ninjaluc79 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:12 pm

Looking back at this, when I think about it, yeah, the royal bloodline MUST continue or else another civil war is going to happen.

It doesn't matter if it's through Lym, Haswar, or the Prince, the bloodline MUST NOT die out.
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Re: Succession in a Queendom

Postby sticky-runes » Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:44 am

I reckon the queen HAS to be somebody of royal blood. So if the prince was the only surviving royal and he married any woman, whether she was a commoner or knight or noble such as Luserina, then his wife would not become queen, but if they had a daughter, then she would become queen. If he only had male heirs, then we would have to wait until one of them was old enough to marry and bear children, and Falena would have to remain without a queen all that time. They might give the prince a title such as lord regent or something, or he might become the Commander of the Queen's Knights by default if he was the only royal left, but I don't think they would allow the title of king.

So if Ferid were to outlive Arshtat, then he would not become king, he would continue as Commander of the Queen's Knights until Lym got married, and then he would have to step down and let Lym's husband take over as Commander.

If Sialeeds were to outlive Arshtat, then she probably could take over as queen, but only if Arshtat had no children. Same with Haswar, I suppose.

But if a male heir were to marry a royal princess from a foreign country, such as Armes or Obel, then that could be interesting. She would end up bearing a daughter that could have a claim to Falena.

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