Falenan Succession Rules

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Falenan Succession Rules

Postby ninjaluc79 » Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:00 am

So it was stated in V that the females of the Falenan royal family are dying out, with Lym being the last one. So Haswar announced that she would be wed. (There's a separate topic on Haswar's possible husbands here.)

Okay, three cases:

1. If Haswar did manage to give birth to a daughter and Lym wasn't able to, would she be named as Lym's successor?

2. If Haswar somehow was not able to bear a daughter (and if Lym wasn't able to as well), the next possible person to give a successor for Lym is the Prince. There's no official statement as of date on the progress of his relationship with Lyon, although the game gives us a fair amount of subtext saying that he treats her as more than just his bodyguard.

So if the Prince somehow had a daughter from Lyon or somebody else (I'm thinking of Luserina, but that was just Salum on crack), would she be named as Lym's successor?

3. If Lym somehow marries and bears a daughter = PROBLEM SOLVED. But should either Haswar or the Prince get a daughter earlier than Lym, then what happens?

What do you think?
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Re: Falenan Succession Rules

Postby Antimatzist » Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:17 am

It's not about earlier I guess, they have time to wait until Lym bears a child.

Well, how is it in the real world? I guess Falena could also have a king in a case of emergency. The UK is a kingdom and has/had some queens in its history. So I guess if neither Lym and Haswa will get a child, but the prince has, his child will beome successor.

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Re: Falenan Succession Rules

Postby Heptade » Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:27 am

1. Most likely, since Haswar's daughter would be the only remaining female from the family.

2. It would most likely result in a civil war, which could be why Haswar decided to withdraw from the no-marriage pact.

3. According to the law, I believe Lym's daughter would be heiress, unless Lym herself says otherwise. BUT, it was a similar situation that created the succession war that ultimately put Arshtat on the throne. Haswar's mother, Shahrewar, war heiress apparent, and Haswar was supposed to be queen after her. But Arshtat's mother, Falzrahm, plotted alongside the Barows and tricked her own elderly, possibly senile, mother into declaring that the next Sacred Games would be fought for Arshtat's hand, so that her line would eventually usurp the throne. It ultimately worked, but all of Falena's noble families decreased in size. And it probably was even worse for the common folk.

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